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  • Geographical location

    Long An Province is adjoining to Ho Chi Minh city and Tay Ninh Province to the East, Kingdom of Cambodia to the North, Dong Thap Province to the West and Tien Giang Province to the South.

  • Alum

    Long An is the alum earth of 208.449 ha, accounting for 69,8 % of area of Dong Thap Muoi and accounting for 46,41 % of the natural area of province.

  • Salt water intrusion

    Intruding salt water source into Long An is mainly from the East Sea through Soai Rap estuary due to the semidiurnal tide regime.

  • Ecological environment

    Environmental reality: Natural environment is valuable resource for activities of creature life. Therefore, the appropriate exploitation and natural environment protection will help stable and sustainable social development.

  • Flood

    Every year flood converges firstly to the Northern districts in Dong Thap Muoi, starting from the beginning or mid August and lasting to November. In this time, the rain has the biggest flow and intensity, causing difficulties for production and life. Flood in Long An province is slow and its level is not deep as upstream but it lasts for longer time.

  • Brackish water and ground water resources

    The large river system of Long An province connecting with Tien river and Vam Co rivers system is important loading ways and drainage for production as well as for daily life of people.

  • Natural condition Characteristics of geological structure in Long An province

    Long An is located in the South Eastern edge of Da Lat zone. This is independent tectonic - metallogenetic zone, with foundation of Precambrian continental crust, subsided in early – middle Jura and experienced epicontinental regime in late Mesozoi.

  • Communication System

    Until the end of 2004, roadways in province was 1.698km, in which asphalt roads were 474km, accounting for 27,9%, gravel roads were 1053km (62%), other kinds of roads were 171km (10,1%) (excluding rural roads).

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