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Businesses strive to stabilize jobs for workers
The global economic recession has caused a decline in orders for many businesses. Despite facing many difficulties and challenges, businesses still strive to find orders, maintain production and create stable jobs for employees.

Due to the economic recession, many businesses have been researching new product lines to increase competitiveness, find new customers, and create jobs for workers

Many bright spots

According to a report from the People's Committee of Long An province, although the global economy is facing many difficulties, the activities of businesses have many bright spots, which are the driving force for the province's economic development. In the first quarter of 2024, the province's industrial production index increased by 4.33% over the same period in 2023, with 32/62 industrial product groups having increased growth rates. In addition, the number of newly established enterprises and enterprises granted investment certificates increased compared to the same period in 2023. Long An is also one of the localities with many industrial parks in operation, attracting many businesses to invest, produce, and do business. Because the number of businesses needing to recruit new workers is increasing, employment exchange plattforms must also strengthen connections in many forms to support businesses in finding labor sources to meet production and business needs.

Din Sen Vietnam Enterprise Company Limited (Din Sen Company, Long Binh hamlet, Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district) has 100% foreign investment capital, specializing in manufacturing and processing of garment products, 100% of products are for export. According to Deputy Director of Human Resources Department of Din Sen Company - Ta Ai Linh, in 2022, the total number of employees of the company was 4,500. Due to the poor consumer market situation leading to a sharp decrease in orders, the company did not recruit to fill vacancies.

In 2023, Din Sen's Board of Directors strived to find many solutions to retain traditional partners as well as find new customers. In 2024, the company is exploiting many new markets and brands. Orders are gradually become abundant, and the production schedule is full for 2024 and the following years.

Currently, Din Sen has more than 2,670 employees, an increase of about 100 employees compared to the end of 2023. With abundant orders, the company is looking to recruit 500 workers including garment workers and general workers to better meet production needs, produce quality products, deliver goods on schedule, and build trust with new customers.

Din Sen Vietnam Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Long Binh hamlet, Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district) has exploited many new markets and brands. Orders are gradually abundant, and the production schedule is full for 2024 and the following years

According to Ms. Ta Ai Linh, employees at the company receive many incentives. Pursuant to Decree No. 38, dated June 12, 2022 of the Government regulating the minimum wage for employees, employees of the company receive a guaranteed basic salary of 5.2 million VND/month. This is the salary level of Region 1, showing the concern of the company's Board of Directors for employees. In addition to the basic salary, the company also implements many regimes to take care of the material life of employees through other regimes such as skill bonuses, diligence bonuses, performance bonuses, working spirit bonuses, housing and child bonuses, allowance, etc. The more products employees produce, the higher their income will be, thereby, the average income of employees reaches 8-10 million VND/month or more.

Besides, employees also receive gifts on holidays and New Year, are given the opportunity to participate in many other fun and entertainment activities. In particular, to attract labor to meet production needs, the company is applying a recruitment plan of rewarding new job seekers and those who introduce new labor with 4 million VND.

Promote solutions to create jobs for workers

La Ma Company Limited (Phuoc Loi commune, Ben Luc district) specializes in producing decorative items made of flour and sugar. 100% of the company's goods are exported, the main product consumption markets are the US, Europe and Arab countries. Because their products are not essential goods, they are still heavily influenced by the world economy.

Chairman of the grassroots Trade Union of La Ma Co. Ltd. - Tran Thi Xuan said that currently, the company has about 220 workers, equal to the labor force in 2023. In 2024, to ensure income and retain workers, in addition to salaries and with existing allowances, employees are supported with additional living expenses, ranging from 200,000 - 5 million VND, depending on position.

In addition, to encourage employees, the company has additional production bonuses, although at this time the monthly export volume has not reached the bonus target. This helps employees be excited and happy with their work and accompany the company during difficult times.

Workers at Din Sen Vietnam Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Long Binh hamlet, Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district)

In order to develop more sustainably, La Ma Co. Ltd. has been researching new product lines to increase competitiveness, diversify goods, expand export opportunities, and generate more revenue, contributing to maintaining jobs for workers.

Although the economy is still difficult and decorative goods are not yet strongly consumed, thanks to applying many solutions including finding new customers, La Ma Co. Ltd. has signed a contract to supply products from now on to many more months in 2024. Currently, the company's sales department is making efforts to find more orders in the near future. With the current number of workers, they can promptly meet the delivery schedule for customers.

Pure Production Trading Company Limited specializes in producing essential oils and cosmetics located in Tan Long commune, Thu Thua district. Director Nguyen Quoc Vu shared that the company's products are supplied to many retailers such as Pharmacity, Con Cung, An Khang, Avakids, Aeon Mall, Bibomart, Kidsplaza, Tiki, Lazada, etc.

However, due to the economic recession and competition between businesses in the same industry, sales volume has decreased by nearly 50% compared to previous years. However, the company still tries to maintain the current number of employees as well as maintain the income level for employees from 7-15 million VND/month, depending on job position.

According to Ministry of Industry and Trade, export and import turnover in the first quarter of 2024 is growing strongly, the global supply chain is gradually being resumed, and orders are beginning to be abundant. However, it is still difficult for businesses that produce and process export goods such as textiles, garments, and footwear, because they use a lot of labor. In the general difficulties of the economy, there are many businesses that still maintain regular production activities, create stable jobs for workers, and avoid layoffs.

State agencies are actively supporting businesses through connecting supply and demand on employment exchanges to provide enough labor that businesses need for the production process. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Department of Industry and Trade also need to strengthen activities connecting supply and demand, promote propaganda, and guide businesses to take advantage of new generation free trade agreements to expand export and import markets, diversify partners and product sources. In particular, priority will be given to export promotion activities for strong, high value-added products and new export items.

With the above solutions, businesses will have many opportunities to cooperate with traditional partners, cooperate comprehensively with large distribution systems in domestic and foreign markets, and create stable jobs for employees./.

Reported by Gia Han 

Translated by NT

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