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Enterprises investing in agriculture and rural areas will be granted with additional incentives in terms of land allocation, vocational training, market expansion, services, scientific and technological applications, and transportation fees. 
Permanent Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng has recently agreed to establish Việt Nam’s first agro-products trading floor in the southern city of Kiên Giang. 
The brain drain and lack of practical education were among the major problems facing the country, students and leading members of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union told HCM City education officials at a conference yesterday. 
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Government gives more incentives for agricultural developmentGovernment gives more incentives for agricultural development
Enterprises investing in agriculture and rural areas will be granted with additional incentives in terms of land allocation, vocational training, market expansion, services, scientific and technological applications, and transportation fees.

The Government lately issued Decree 61/2010/ND-CP, stipulating additional preferences for agricultural and rural development.

The Decree will take effect since July 25, 2010. 

The list of preferential sectors includes cultivation, aquaculture, and development of raw materials for processing zones. 

According to the Decree, the Government will exempt or cut 50-70% of fees for land or water surface leased up to 15 years in maximum for agricultural enterprises.

Those enterprises will be given a cut of 50-100% of vocational training fees, 50-70% of advertisement costs, as well as 50-70% of expenditures for participating in exhibitions. In addition, they will have to pay lower costs, from 50% to 100%, for accessing to information about agricultural production.

As reported by the Vietnam Economic Management Review (VEMR), there are around 39,000 enterprises operating in the agricultural sector and rural areas and accounting for 30% of domestic businesses. The figure is relatively low due to poor competitiveness, high risks of natural disasters, and long-term capital refund.  

Hence, the Decree is expected to lure more inflows of investment in the sector and rural areas, benefit peasants and utilize potentials there. 

The new policy will encourage enterprises to pour more investment in perfecting socio-economic infrastructure in rural areas, spurring production activities and services for job generation, renovation and modernization in the countryside.


Source: Government website

20/08/2014 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Getting overseas students back home Getting overseas students back home
The brain drain and lack of practical education were among the major problems facing the country, students and leading members of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union told HCM City education officials at a conference yesterday.

Students from 130 high schools in the city attended the meeting organised by the municipal Department of Education and Training to discuss improvements to training quality and school programmes.



Their main concern was the brain drain. Pham Thi Yen Nhi, an 11th grader at the elite Le Hong Phong High School, said many students had gone abroad to study in recent years but did not come back to work in Viet Nam.



Not many students had the desire to help build their homeland, she said, adding the Government should work out policies to attract them home.

Another concern the students raised was their school programme’s focus on theory rather than practice.



Nguyen Bich Quynh, an 11th grader at another elite institution, Tran Dai Nghia High School, asked the officials why despite completing such long and arduous courses, many people failed to get good jobs after graduation. Even if they did, employers have to retrain them, she said.



Tran Tien Thinh of Le Thanh Ton High School in District 7 expressed the same opinion, saying education must be more practically-oriented.



Others expressed worries about the bad behaviour and use of obscene language by high school students, saying courses to teach them good behaviour were required from an early age.



Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich of Long Truong High School in District 9 said there should be more sex education at the high-school level.



The changes the city and country are going through, students’ aspirations and the role of young people in the city’s industrialisation and modernisation were also discussed.



Huynh Cong Minh, director of the Department of Education and Training, said the conference provided a good opportunity to listen to students and promised more regular interaction in future.


20/08/2014 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
 WHO declares swine flu outbreak "public health emergency" WHO declares swine flu outbreak "public health emergency"
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday declared the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the United States a "public health emergency of international concern" and urged countries to be alert.

Based on the advice of a WHO emergency committee, Director-general Margaret Chan "has determined that the current events constitute a public health emergency of international concern," the UN agency said in a statement.

The WHO chief is recommending, on the advice of the committee, that all countries intensify surveillance for unusual outbreaks ofinfluenza-like illness and severe pneumonia, the statement added.

However, more information is needed before a decision could be made concerning the appropriateness of the current "phase 3" alert level of a pandemic risk, according to the advice of the committee, which is composed of international experts in a variety of disciplines.

The WHO's pandemic alert includes altogether six phases. "Phase3" means "no or very limited human-to-human transmission."

The emergency committee was established in compliance with the International Health Regulations (2005). It convened its first meeting on Saturday to assess the swine flu situation and advise the WHO chief on appropriate responses.

After reviewing available data on the current situation, committee members identified a number of gaps in knowledge about the clinical features, epidemiology, and virology of reported cases and the appropriate responses, the WHO statement said.

The committee also noted that answers to several specific questions were needed to facilitate its work.

20/08/2014 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Long An opens South Western Vietnam Agriculture-Trade Exhibition and Fair 2018Long An opens South Western Vietnam Agriculture-Trade Exhibition and Fair 2018
In the afternoon of December 18th, in Long An province, the opening ceremony of the South Western Vietnam Agriculture-Trade Exhibition and Fair 2018 was held. Member of Central Standing Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association, Representative of Southern Office - Pham Minh Hung, Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade - Nguyen Anh Viet and representatives of departments and sectors attended the ceremony.

Hội chợ triển lãm Tây nam Bộ20122018.jpg

Delegates were performing the Opening Ceremony Customers were visiting and trying the products

The exhibition and fair is the national trade promotion program in 2018 organized by the Vietnam Farmers' Association (VFA) in coordination with the Department of Trade Promotion (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and the People's Committee of Long An Province. This event is to celebrate the 7th National Congress of the Vietnam Farmers' Association.

sản phẩm trưng bày tại Hội chợ triển lãn nông nghiệp 19122018.jpg

Products displayed at the fair

The exhibition and fair attracts the attention of ministries, sectors, cities/provinces, units, enterprises and investors with more than 1,000 booths of nearly 350 units, organizations and enterprises. In addition, this is also an activity to honor typical models, brands, products and services of farmers and enterprises serving agriculture, fisheries and rural areas; introduce 3-region cuisine; provide technical consultancy, trade promotion for farmers; etc.

The event will take place from 18 to 24 December 2018.

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by Lan Vy​

01/01/2019 4:00 CHĐã ban hành
Long An determines not to let Covid-19 disease occurLong An determines not to let Covid-19 disease occur
On April 3, Long An Provincial People's Committee held an online conference with localities to evaluate the results of implementing the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease, the prevention and fight against smuggling in the past time; simultaneously deploying the key tasks in the coming time.

HN đánh giá công tác phòng chống dịch442020.jpg

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Long An People's Committee - Tran Van Can deliveres a speech at the conference

Long An end-point bridge was held in 3 locations. The number of participants at each bridge point (provincial and district level) must not exceed 20 people and ensure a distance of 2 meters from the attendees.

Over the past time, the Provincial Steering Committee for preventing and fighting Covid-19 epidemic implemented drastically measures to prevent and control diseases such as Communication; disinfecting surfaces; spraying all schools with disinfectant; inspecting and supervising to support localities in implementing preventive measures; allowing students to stay at home; and not allowing people to gather in crowd. At the same time, services were suspended such as restaurant, karaoke; trade, people gathering in large numbers, handling and doing sanction for administrative violations.

Currently, Long An has 5 centers for concentrated isolation. Until the morning of April 3, the province still had 232 people isolated in concentrated isolation areas; 89 people were isolated at localities, residential areas and companies; 14 people were isolated in health facilities.

Long An has not recorded cases of Covid-19, but health facilities are ready for personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, personal protective clothes and taking testing samples. At the same time, 13 more isolation areas are being deployed, with a scale of 5,000 people.

HN đánh giá công tác phòng chống dịch 442020 ảnh minh họa.jpg

Health officials give certificates for cases completing concentrated isolation

In order to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic spreading from trading and immigration activities between Vietnam and Cambodia, the Border Guards coordinated functional forces to strictly control people, means and goods crossing the borderline, especially trails, open paths, routes of smuggling routes were the previous hot spots. Smugglers still stealthily bring goods (mainly cigarettes) because they take advantage of the dark night across the border although they are strictly controlled. 

Accordingly, the police force arrested many people using cars to transport smuggled cigarettes. In particular, they successfully eliminated the gathering places of imported cigarettes to establish a large number in the domestic market, seizing more than 31,000 foreign cigarette packs, 1 car and detaining 2 related people. In Quarter I/2020, functional forces inspected more than 2,300 cases, handled violations of 700 cases. The total amount collected and remitted to the budget is nearly 130 billion VND.

At the conference, delegates reported some difficulties and proposed solutions in preventing and controlling epidemics and smuggling in the coming time.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can proposed: "All levels, sectors and localities should promote the results in the past time; continue to implement disease prevention and control strictly according to 5 principles (to prevent, detect, isolate, localize and stamp out epidemics), and determine not to let epidemics occur in the locality.

Departments, sectors and localities continue to thoroughly grasp the direction of the Government and the provincial People's Committee so that people can see and prevent Covid-19 as an obligation and a responsibility of each person. Local leaders assign monitoring forces in the community to promptly detect cases of strangers entering the locality as well as cases of suspected illness. Heads of sectors, units and localities are consistent in speaking and providing timely and accurate information to the media, strictly handling cases of spreading false information, causing panic in public opinion.

The health sector has a plan to respond promptly and develop change scenarios suitable to the actual situation; mobilize all resources to participate. Health facilities need to strictly manage patients, their family members, have a flow control plan at the hospital gate.

In addition, all levels, sectors and localities must be highly determined, drastically direct, promote propaganda and inspection, control and view the fight against smuggling and trade frauds as an important task; all trails and open paths are needed to block to prevent illegal entry and exit./.


04/04/2020 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Long An leaders surveys the progress of Huu Thanh Industrial Park infrastructure constructionNewLong An leaders surveys the progress of Huu Thanh Industrial Park infrastructure construction
On May 28, Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut, leader of some departments, branches and People's Committee of Duc Hoa district had a meeting with investor of Huu Thanh Industrial Park (IP).

Lãnh đạo tỉnh khảo sát khu công nghiệp Hựu Thạnh 3052020.jpg

Leaders of the province, some departments, sectors and investors survey the progress of Huu Thanh Industrial Park infrastructure construction

Huu Thanh Industrial Park has approved for project planning in Huu Thanh commune, Duc Hoa district with a total area of over 524 hectares. In particular, the industrial land area is over 360 hectares, the rest is resettlement area, shared facilities for the whole area. The project is invested by Vietnam Urban and Industrial Zone Development Investment Corporation (IDICO-JSC) and Long An IDICO Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.

Đoàn khảo sát khu công nghiệp Hựu Thạnh 3052020.jpg

Delegation surveys at the Huu Thanh Industrial Park site

Currently, investors compensate and clear more than 90 percent of the total project area. In more than 360 hectares of land for industrial development, the investor has completed the leveling of an area of 120 hectares. In particular, the main road to the industrial park connecting DT BOT BOT to Tan Duc Industrial Park, Hai Son Industrial Park, Tan Do Industrial Park is being urgently constructed. This entire connecting road has a length of about 2.5 kilometers, of which investors have about 1.5 kilometers of the road under construction of rainwater drainage system, covered with rocks.

Đường chính dẫn vào khu công nghiệp Hậu Thạnh 3052020.jpg

The main road to the industrial park is under construction

According to Deputy General Director of IDICO-JSC - Nguyen Van Minh, after more than 3 years of project implementation, up to this point, Industrial Park has enough conditions to start construction of technical infrastructure items to serve to attract investors to directly do business in the Industrial Park.

Công nhân làm việc tại Khu công nghiệp Hậu Thạnh 3052020.jpg

Workers construct access road to industrial park

At the survey, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut highly appreciated the effort of infrastructure construction in the Industrial Park recently. In the coming time, investors will continue to build detailed, specific plans, concentrating resources to implement the project on schedule, quality assurance, in accordance with regulations, standards and planning has been approved. In the process of project implementation, investors should regularly directly discuss with relevant state management units to promptly solve and remove obstacles and difficulties in the implementation process. The expectation of the provincial leaders is that Huu Thanh Industrial Park completes infrastructure items to attract investors to directly produce in the fourth quarter of 2020./.

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by NT

31/05/2020 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Prime Minister targets powerful, prosperous status for southern key economic region by 2035NewPrime Minister targets powerful, prosperous status for southern key economic region by 2035
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on May 30 requested the southern key economic region to strive to become a powerful and prosperous region by 2035, ten years ahead of the deadline for the same goal for the whole Vietnam.


Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (centre) and officials inspect the Phuoc An Bridge project in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on May 30 (Photo: VNA)

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on May 30 requested the southern key economic region to strive to become a powerful and prosperous region by 2035, ten years ahead of the deadline for the same goal for the whole Vietnam.

He made the remarks while chairing a meeting in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province between permanent Government members and officials of the eight localities in this region, which comprises Ho Chi Minh City and the seven provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Tay Ninh, Long An, and Tien Giang.

The southern key economic region is the only of its kind in Vietnam that boasts sufficient conditions and advantages for industrial and service development to achieve a fast, efficient and sustainable growth. It is currently the largest FDI magnet of the country, a leading economic driver, and a gateway for Vietnam's trading with the world.

Addressing the event, PM Phuc applauded the eight localities' attainments in COVID-19 prevention and control, social security ensuring, and economic development, which have joined the entire country's efforts to defeat the pandemic.

He also highly valued their resolve in economic development and persistence with the initial targets set for this year.

Regarding the region's development goal, he emphasised that this is the key among the four key economic regions of Vietnam, describing it as a "diamond octagon" in Southeast Asia as well as Asia given its economic development and healthy living environment.

The PM pointed out that the strength and competitiveness of this region outpace the others', asking the localities to bring into play their solidarity and join hands to innovate and hold responsibility for national development.

Responding to proposals submitted at the meeting, PM Phuc assigned relevant agencies to devise special mechanisms for key economic regions, especially the southern one.

He told the Ministry of Planning and Investment to consider an aid package from the Government for the localities to invest in urgent infrastructure and transport facilities – a factor of leading importance in local socio-economic development.

Meanwhile, the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Finance need to work on solutions to facilitate credit institutions' engagement in infrastructure development projects, particularly those under the private-public partnership (PPP). The Ministry of Transport has to establish projects on boosting transport connectivity among industrial parks and economic zones in the region.

The eight localities need to prioritise developing digital economy, e-commerce, and the 5G network, which are crucial for high technology development, according to him.

At the session, the PM also asked them to implement the Government's recently-issued Resolution 84/NQ-CP well so as to further tackle production and business difficulties and stimulate consumer demand which is an important driving force for GDP growth.

Prior to the meeting, PM Phuc had made a fact-finding tour of Cai Mep-Thi Vai Port in Phu My town, Phuoc An Bridge, the location of the Cai Mep Ha logistics project, and Hyosung Industrial Park in Ba Ria-Vung Tau./.

Source: VNA

01/06/2020 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Flourishes from urban development programNewFlourishes from urban development program
Many works and items have been invested and built to create spacious and clean landscapes, improve the quality of people’s life, and contribute to the local socio-economic development.

TX Kiến Tường cố gắng hoàn thành các mục tiêu đô thị cấp III vào năm 2020.jpg

Kien Tuong town is trying to fulfill grade-III urban targets by 2020


The urban development program is always concerned by the leaders of the provinces, departments, branches and localities. The urban area of Long An province has made strong changes, and its appearance has flourished. Cities, towns, townlets and townships are constantly being upgraded and embellished. Besides, the residential areas have been gradually expanded, developed and attracted investors.

Based on the urban development program of the province, localities have implemented effectively, focusing on improving urban criteria by renovating and investing in essential infrastructure systems, serving the development needs of such as roads, embankments, electricity, water supply and drainage, etc. Besides, some localities concentrate resources to build and upgrade social welfare works such as hospitals, schools, parks, and so on to create a new face for the city, contributing to improving the quality of people's life the in the area.

Since being recognized as a grade-IV urban area in 2007, especially after its establishment (in 2013), the appearance of Kien Tuong town has been constantly renovated. The town concentrates resources to invest, upgrade works, infrastructure systems, and so on in the area to serve both the development and urban embellishment. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Trung (Ward 2, Kien Tuong town): "The urban appearance of the locality has changed dramatically, in a positive direction, especially in the last 5 years, Kien Tuong town has been "changed skin, changed meat". People join hands with the government towards building a civilized city".

Chairman of Kien Tuong Town People's Committee - Nguyen Van Vu said that the locality gathers resources to improve urban criteria every year. From 2015 to the present, the town has allocated nearly 800 billion VND to implement nearly 1,000 construction projects. The town urbanization speed is developing fast and sustainably in accordance with the set roadmap, the urban indicators are increasingly being completed. The work of urban planning and general planning of the town in the right direction, detailed planning blueprints have been completed as a basis for establishing investment projects of civil, industrial and technical infrastructure works, etc. Besides, the town focuses on exploiting the potentials and advantages, mainly commerce, services, industry, construction, agriculture, security and defense. The town is focusing on implementing key projects to serve the development and renovation of urban areas in the area such as Town embankment (phase 4), Airport urban area (phase 2), bus station - residential bus station, Nui Dat cultural and commercial park, etc.

Thị trấn Kiến Tường cố gắng hoàn thành mục tiêu đô thị loại III năm 2020.jpg

Kien Tuong townlet is trying to meet the grade-III urban targets in 2020

Currently, Kien Tuong meets 54 out of 59 targets of grade-III urban area , total score is 80 out of 100. However, urban development is facing a big challenge related to population indicators (annual population growth rate, total urban population, inner urban population, and all urban population density). "In order to meet the grade-III urban standard by 2020, Kien Tuong will focus on investing in infrastructure projects, when these projects are completed, it will create a motivation to attract investment, thereby it creates jobs, improves people's lives, attracts human resources from other places to settle down and live. The local authorities proposed the provincial People's Committee to consider and submit to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Transport to upgrade and expand roads in the province such as Highway 62, National Highway N1, etc. It closely coordinates with departments and agencies in calling for calling for investment attraction, solves related difficulties and obstacles, takes advantage of resources for urban development, and so on"- Mr. Nguyen Van Vu added.

Towards smart city

For many years, the province and the locality have mobilized resources, focusing on making Tan An city worthy of being the political, administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and technical center of the province. The appearance and landscape of Tan An urban area have been increasingly changed positively, people's lives in the area have been more stable and developed than before. Currently, Tan An continues to improve the criteria of grade-II urban areas and towards building a city of grade-I urban centers.

Mr. Tran Van Ngan (Ward 2, Tan An city) was excited: "Tan An has ever changed a lot! Thanks to the government's attention, people enjoy many benefits.Thay are not only about the infrastructure system but also many health services, education, commerce - services, including parks, amusement parks, entertainment for children, etc. These changes gives the city a good appearance, clean and nice. We are glad that Tan An met urban standard type II. In the coming time, people continue to work together with the government to build Tan An into a clean, beautiful and livable city".

TP Tân An tập trung nâng cao đô thị mức độ II và xây dựng đô thị thông minh.jpg

Tan An city focuses on raising the target of a grade-II urban center and building a smart city

According to Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan An city - Le Cong Dinh, meeting the standard of grade II city is also a great opportunity and challenge for the city. The current challenge of the city is the management of planning, urban development, building a contingent of capable and qualified officials to meet requirements and tasks in the new situation; propaganda and mobilization of people of all classes to unify the implementation of guidelines and tasks to build the city in the new development stage, especially the construction of smart cities. In 2020 and the following years, Tan An will focus on perfecting and raising the criteria for urban areas of grade II, improving the quality of life of the people, towards a green, clean, beautiful, civilized, modern and friendly city. The city mobilizes to the maximum resources to meet the requirements of urban construction and development, especially after striving after 2025, Tan An city will reach grade-I urban standards according to the set plan.

Acting Director of Department of Construction - Nguyen Minh Hung informed that urban development program in the area is focused on implementing and achieving many important results. The urban appearance of Long An is increasingly prosperous, more modern, the material and spiritual life of the people is raised. According to the roadmap and plan, the province directs the localities to focus on improving the quality and fulfilling the urban targets in the general orientation. Besides, the province focuses on building and developing Tan An city into a smart city in the new period. The Department will review and advise the provincial People's Committee specific solutions, suitable for effective urban development in the province in accordance with the objectives./.

Long An currently has 18 urban areas, including 1 urban area of grade II (Tan An city), 6 urban areas of grade IV (Kien Tuong townlet, Hau Nghia townlet, Ben Luc townlet, Can Duoc townlet, Can Giuoc townlet, Duc Hoa town;ey) and 11 urban areas of grade V./.


01/06/2020 8:00 SAĐã ban hành
Restoring production and business activities in new normal stateNewRestoring production and business activities in new normal state
The whole country has entered a new period of "Fighting epidemic and restoring production, business". Accordingly, production, business and catering establishments also reopened in a new normal state

Khôi phục hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh ở trạng thái bình thường mới.jpg

Employees wear masks, protective clothing during the food processing

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected the country's economy. In order to restore production, the establishments should adapt to new production and consumption methods. Traditional forms of business have to change in order to survive. Businesses and facilities have to implement dual tasks; they both prevent epidemic and overcome difficulties to produce and ensure employment for their workers.

Similar to other catering businesses, after stopping its operation due to Covid-19, the Jollibee store at Tan An Co.opmart (Tan An city, Long An province) has reopened. In addition to raising awareness of the implementation of disease prevention measures for service personnel and customers, the store also complies with the regulations on ensuring food safety during the epidemic season. Chef Le Thi Ngoc Chau said: "To ensure food safety and prevent disease in the new situation, employees have to disinfect their hands regularly, wear masks, protective clothing during the food processing. After processing, the food is kept confidential."

In addition to proactively preventing and fighting against epidemics, as an industrial catering company, Ching Chu Rang F.S Trading Co., Ltd. (Thuan Dao Industrial park, Ben Luc district) also has flexible solutions of raw materials to ensure guaranteed production. The company has asked all workers to keep the common hygiene in the work area, disinfect hands and wear masks when cooking, especially those of food processing teams. At the same time, the company has also improved workers' self-discipline in declaring contact history. Kitchen manager - Truong Minh Ke said: "We cleaned, sprayed disinfectant around the kitchen and the dining area for workers; maintain hygiene to prevent diseases ".

 Khôi phục hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh ở trạng thái bình thường 162020.jpg

Bach Hoa Xanh ensure the supply of essential goods at a stable price

The system of Bach Hoa Xanh stores in Long An province was also affected by the disease when the import of goods was slower, some sources of goods were interrupted. In order to adapt to the new normal state, Bach Hoa Xanh has a plan to ensure the supply of essential goods at a stable price. At Bach Hoa Xanh - Ben Luc branch (Ben Luc town), to ensure business, the store regularly propagates to all employees and customers about the Covid-19 epidemic, hygiene measures, disease prevention. The store determined that the best solution to prevent epidemics in the current period is to ensure workers' health. Currently, the store is equipped with hand sanitizer at the entrance of the store. According to the reporter's report, customers who come to shopping are measured the body temperature, antiseptic hands and reminders to wear masks properly.

The Covid-19 epidemic has severely affected most sectors of the economy and stopped many socio-economic activities. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses and production facilities to renew themselves and find new and suitable directions. Thereby, they will work together with the whole country to carry out the dual goal of preventing and fighting against epidemics with the spirit of "fighting the epidemic is like fighting against the enemy" and recovering and developing the economy./.


01/06/2020 8:00 SAĐã ban hành
Southern key economic zone told to make development headwayNewSouthern key economic zone told to make development headway
The southern economic zone must introduce solutions to fully exploit its potential and promote fresh growth in order to offset the negative effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and achieve sustainable development, said Prime Minister (PM) Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Thủ tướng Chính phủ làm việc với tỉnh thành vùng kinh tế trọng điểm phía Nam 3052020.jpg

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc works with leaders of 8 cities and provinces in the southern key economic zone

Prime Minister Phuc made the request during a meeting held in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on May 30 with leaders of various provinces and cities located in the southern economic zone.

The zone plays an important role in national economic development the PM noted, adding that the area makes up 42% of the country's overall GDP along with 42% of national budget revenue.

Amid a global economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19, he stated that the zone must prove itself to be a hub driving forward the country's growth while contributing to maintaining macroeconomic stability and ensuring overall social security.

The PM then cited the World Bank's recent report which details how Vietnam is at a crossroads with traditional growth drivers starting to weaken. To achieve the goal of a high-income economy by 2045, the World Bank recommends that the country focuses on business dynamism, improve the efficiency and sustainability of local infrastructure, increase the quality of vocational education and training, and effectively manage natural resources.

With the global economy experiencing a downturn due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam should put every effort into weathering the impending storm, PM Phuc stated.

With this goal in mind, he requested that eight cities and provinces in the southern economic zone move to speed up the disbursement of public investment, especially with regard to relief aid packages introduced by the Government as a way of easing the impact of the COVID-19.

Moreover, he said localities should look to be ironing out business snags, implementing effective improvements of their business and investment environment, whie increasing the competitive capacity of localities throughout the zone.

The southern key economic zone must therefore look to take advantage of its numerous strength, including well-shaped industrial parks, an abundance of labour, and well-organised infrastructure, in order to receive a possible wave of investment as a result of major groups looking to shift investment, he said.

The PM underscored the need for the zone to develop a private and digital economy whie simultaneously initiating a new business model that focuses on stimulating local demand and boosting exports.

Moreover, cities and provinces in the zone were asked by PM Phuc to propose breakthrough policies aimed at mobilising resources suitable for infrastructure development, in addition to ways of attracting investment into economic, industrial zones, and residential areas.

The same day the PM took a fact-finding trip to Cai Mep-Thi Vai port, Phuoc An bridge construction site, and a US$1.35 billion chemical manufacturing project owned by Hyosung company of the Republic of Korea./.

Source: VOV

01/06/2020 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Groundbreaking eco-industrial park of over 1,800 hectaresGroundbreaking eco-industrial park of over 1,800 hectares
The investor of Viet Phat Industrial Park coordinated with the provincial People's Committee to start an eco-industrial park project.

Khởi công KCN Việt Phát 1852020.jpg

Former State President - Truong Tan Sang (4th, L) and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Council - Pham Van Ranh (5th, L) perform the groundbreaking ceremony

On May 17, in Tan Long commune, Thu Thua district, Long An province, the investor of Viet Phat Industrial Park coordinated with the provincial People's Committee to start an eco-industrial park project. Former State President - Truong Tan Sang and  Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council - Pham Van Ranh attended the event.

This is a new type of industrial and urban project invested by Tan Thanh Long An Investment Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Creative Industrial Park Management Company (VNIP) in a green, clean and sustainable way to proactive "wave" of global supply chain movement after Covid-19 of Vietnam. The industrial park has an area of 1,800 hectares, of which 1,200 hectares is for industrial development and 625 hectares is for building urban areas. The entire area of the project has been cleared, ready to meet the investors' demand.

According to the investor, with a favorable geographical location, Long An is located in the southern key economic region and is the main gateway connecting the Mekong River Delta and Ho Chi Minh City, abundant labor force; The transport infrastructure is gradually completed, the policy of attracting investment is transparent and open, attracting many domestic and foreign investors. Facing the fluctuations of the world economy, Vietnam's success in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic has further strengthened the trust of foreign investors. Before that opportunity, the Government requires localities to have urgent solutions to remove difficulties in production and business, promote disbursement of public investment capital; At the same time, there is a plan to expand the international market and receive foreign investment flows.

Former State President - Truong Tan Sang highly appreciated the determination of the provincial leaders, investors and related units in connecting to complete the project investment procedures and required the units to acquire and research carefully in the construction of eco-industrial parks; approach investors to bring the highest efficiency for the project./.


19/05/2020 12:00 CHĐã ban hành
Provincial People’s Commmittee have worked with Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development  Provincial People’s Commmittee have worked with Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 
On July 22, 2010, the working group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by Nguyen Minh Quang - Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development as head of the delegation have worked on the consumption links of agricultural products and the situation of  the cooperatives in Long An province.

To welcome the Vice Minister and the delegation were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nguyen - Vice Chairman Provincial People’s Commmittee, leader of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Planning and Investment.

At the meeting, representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry reported on the associated production of agricultural products consumed in the province of Long An. Thereby, performance link for some commodities such as rice, sugar cane, fresh cow milk, shrimp, dragon ... with the construction of models of production and business to promote methods of production and consumption of agricultural production contracts, encourage the formation of forms of economic cooperation and development programs bunch production associated with promoting consumption of agricultural products such as building models of cooperation linking aquaculture, production model dragon standard GAP. Also, implementation of supportive policies by the cooperative participation advertise products, trade promotion…

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Nguyen Minh Quang - Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized, appreciated the achieved results in the agricultural development of the province. Thereby, he stressed the province need to focus on building the production models, promoting the application of advanced science and technology into production, bringing the crops of new varieties, high productivity in cultivation.

Source and translated by Lan Vy

20/08/2014 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Duc Hoa: Industrial economy plays an important role in local development  Duc Hoa: Industrial economy plays an important role in local development 
The industrial economy is increasingly occupying a high position in the economic structure of Duc Hoa district, Long An province, thereby making an important contribution to the local development.

Duc Hoa district is one of the key localities in the province's industrial development. Besides, the district has a very favorable position when being adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City so there are many conditions for economic development, especially industrial economy. ​​​

Recently, the district's economic structure tends to thrive in the field of industry and construction. The value of industrial and construction production is about VND 75,000 billion. In the whole district, there are 10 industrial parks (7 parks in operation), 14 industrial clusters (6 clusters in operation), attracting over 2,000 secondary investors. The area of industrial land is over 6,200 hectares. Industry not only contributes significantly to the economic structure but also creates jobs, solves labor problems, social security programs in the area, etc. contributing to the local development.

However, the industrial development in the district still faces a number of certain difficulties and limitations. The district has set the direction to focus on maintaining and improving the average annual growth rate; continue to coordinate in solving difficulties in clearance for industrial development, etc. 

In the coming time, Duc Hoa district's socio-economic situation will continue to develop more strongly on the right direction of industrial economy occupying a high position in the district's economic structure.

Reported by Thanh My

Translated by Lan Vy​

27/02/2020 4:00 CHĐã ban hành
Three golden facesThree golden faces
For the last 17th competitive excellent students examination in Mekong Delta region, two groups of Long An province have obtained 29 medals of all kinds.

Among five golden medals achieved by Long An, there are three granted to the excellent students of the class 12C specialized ranking of Le Quy Don High School: Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong, Nguyen Tien Hoang Son, Ho Thi Mai Trinh. In the early days of Tiger Year (Canh Dan), Hoa Hoc Tro will be with you to find out more about this three outstanding faces.


The way to access specializing ranking.


Since the period of secondary level, all three gifted and expressed their passion for social subjects. Literature is the subject inspired Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong sense of feeling. Phuong Tuong ever gained consolation prize exam of literature at the provincial level in grade 9. Thanks to that the achievement the country girl living in Duc Hoa was bravely attended the test of Le Quy Don professional secondary school. Alike, Ho Thi Mai Trinh (Ben Luc) does not forget the old-school text on literature. From the attractive method teaching of teacher helped Mai Trinh absorb all the beauty of all written poems. Passion for literature led Mai Trinh to the C specializing rank of Le Quy Don high school, with the encouragement of the her family. Particularly with Nguyen Tien Hoang Son, English has strong attraction make him want to explore and learn it. Attended the test in C specializing rank, to Son, this is the chance for him to improve his English knowledge and a chance to well equipped himself to the entrance of the University.


Exceed shocks


The home is located in Tay Ninh province, but Nguyen Tien Hoang Son has lived and studied many years in the city of Tan An. Therefore, when joined to the specializing ranking of Le Quy Don high school, Son has not got much pressure on a heavy schedule. According to Son, when learning English, students need to use different methods to get success easily. Son regularly watches English movies with subtitles, read newspapers, listens to music to hold more foreign vocabulary, syntax. Son shares: "I do not put myself to the rigid learning method. Learning with entertainment gentle way will help achieve better results”.


However, difference from Son, at the early time of joining specializing ranking, both Phuong Tuong and Mai Phuong Trinh were "shocked" with the new environment. From relations of friendship to closed day of school created more pressure for the two students coming from the rural areas. Phuong Tuong recalled: “Many times I got severe stress because of thinking not keep up with my friends in the urban. But thanks to the encouragement of groups, teachers, so I passed that most difficult period time. To Mai Trinh, sometimes she couldn’t get used to with the new method teaching causing her confusing. Fortunately, she could held the balance of psychology. So that she did not have any problems in learning "- Mai Trinh confided.


Efforts to get the dream


Knowing getting the golden medal of literature, Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong immediately called home to share the joy with her mother. Tuong said that from the last exam, she needs to make much more effort to get good results for the test of excellent students in March and the coming national university entrance exam. Phuong Tuong thought that, although the national exams for excellent students are not holding priorities galore like before, but they will help students learn to promote their aptitudes. Ho Thi Mai Trinh said she did not pay too much attention to results of test of excellent students but not ignored because "become excellent students of the province is a pride." With the golden medal of literature in the last test of excellent students in Mekong Delta region, Mai Trinh will have more motivation to conquer her horizon of knowledge. To Nguyen Tien Hoang Son – last achievement confirms once again the reasonable method of learning. Talking about future plans, Son said: "I am looking forward to the Faculty of Economics - National University. I will strive hard to achieve that result.


Three golden faces have spent warmly Tet holidays with family welfare. The simple joy as going out the field to pull grass with her mother of Phuong Tuong, carrying her sister to visit to her grandparents of Mai Trinh or taking a spring photograph of Hoang Son has always been in their heart - as a fulcrum for their success in the future.


Translated by Nguyen Thai Hoa

20/08/2014 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Health programme helps Mekong’s poor  Health programme helps Mekong’s poor 
More than 600,000 people who live on the margins of poverty have been financially supported to buy voluntary health insurance over the last four years under a major healthcare project in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta.

Project director Le Thi Thanh said at an evaluation conference held last week in Can Tho City that the number accounted for 81.42 per cent of the total number of people living near the poverty line in the region.

The first-ever project to offer healthcare support for Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta residents was developed by the Ministry of Health, with a total investment capital of US$85 million sourced from Official Development Assistance (ODA) funds.

The five-year project aims to offer financial support for 13 provinces in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta so that each locality would be able to pay partial payment of hospital fees for people living near the poverty line in the region.

The project also targets better healthcare facilities and services in the region by next year.

In the nine Delta provinces of Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, An Giang, Can Tho, Kien Giang, Long An, Soc Trang, Tien Giang and Tra Vinh, the project had been able to ensure all residents in the category were able to buy voluntary health insurance, Thanh said.

Vietnamese citizens earning less than VND200,000 (US$10) per person per month in rural areas and less than VND260,000 ($13) per month per person in urban areas are considered poor.

The project has also helped nearly 17,000 patients in financial difficulties pay their treatment fees at an average of about VND1 million per person.

More than 1,300 healthcare personnel with doctorate and masters degrees as well as specialist doctors in the 13 delta provinces received further training under the project.

General hospitals at the provincial level and health centres in the region were able to acquire modern equipment and other facilities, Thanh said at the meeting.

This year, the project seeks to support over 50 per cent of people living near the poverty line in Hau Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long and Dong Thap provinces buy voluntary health insurance.

It will also invest in upgrading 11 general hospitals at the provincial level, and develop a system to supervise epidemics by applying IT solutions at many localities.

The World Bank, which co-hosted the conference with the Health Ministry, said that this project played a very important part in supporting Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta provinces develop policies to provide quality medical examinations and treatment to poor people and those living near the poverty line.

The rate of people living near poverty line in Vinh Long, Dong Thap and Hau Giang provinces who buy voluntary health insurance, is still low at present, according to the bank.

All students (from grade one to university) and people who are working for state or non-state companies are compulsorily required to have health insurance.

Other citizens have the option to purchase health insurance on their own volition.



20/08/2014 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Sheng Long Bio-teach International Co., LTDSheng Long Bio-teach International Co., LTD
Sheng Long Bio-teach International Co., LTD is a 100% foreign owned investment, we are specialized in manufacturing and marketing of aquatic feeds and animal health product as well as shrimp breeding. Founded in 2003, Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co., LTD has been developing commendably in team reorganization, advance quality management, rebuilding brands and distribution networks. Undeterred by decline in the local aquaculture industry in the past 3 years, we has obtained an incredible growth rate of 900 % and become one of the top 3 Shrimp feed producers in Vietnam market with the lion share in certain regions.

Sheng Long Bioteach International.jpg

At present, Sheng Long(Vietnam)already invested 3 feed mills in Long An, Binh Duong and Khanh Hoa provinces as well as 3 Shrimp hatcheries in Ninh Thuan, Hue and Tien Giang Province respectively. The production facility included 9 lines for pelleting shrimp feed and 3 lines for extruded pellet fish feeds with annual capacity of 250,000 metric tons. The hatchery can supply 3 billions of quality shrimp seeds for local market.


Block A5, Duc Hoa 1 Industrial Park,Duc Hoa District, Long An Province

Tel: +84-72-3761358 ,3779741

Fax: +84-72-3761359




12/10/2016 11:00 SAĐã ban hành
Japan-Mekong Delta region strengthen cooperative tiesJapan-Mekong Delta region strengthen cooperative ties
The conference titled “Meeting between Japan and the Mekong Delta region” was officially kicked off in Can Tho city on April 18.

ky ket Nhat Ban hop tac đong bang SCL 1942018.jpg

Japan-Mekong Delta region strengthen cooperative ties

Former president Truong Tan Sang and leaders of the ministries, departments, and enterprises in the Mekong delta region and the Japanese participants including Mr. Umeda Kunio, Japan Ambassador to Vietnam; Japan Consul general in HCMC Kawaue Junichi, representatives of the centers of trade, economic, cooperation development, culture, education and Japanese enterprises attended in the event.

Truong-Tan-Sang ky ket Nhat Ban voi đong bang SCL 1942018.jpg

Former President Truong Tan Sang speaks at the conference

Former President Truong Tan Sang appreciated highly the cooperation, relations between the two countries hoping that through this conference, many cooperative opportunities would be boosted between Japan and the Mekong delta region, especially in the main fields such as traffic, health, education & training, cooperation programs about culture, tourism and labor, investment and agriculture…contributing to strengthening the relations of strategic partnership between Vietnam and Japan.

Bui Thanh Son ky ket Nhat Ban 1942018.jpg

Permanent Deputy foreign minister Bui Thanh Son affirms the ministry of foreign affairs always supports Japan's localities

Vietnamese Permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son emphasized the relationship between Vietnam and Japan is developing deeply as Japan becomes the leading important economic partner of Vietnam affirming that the ministry of foreign affairs always would stand side by side with Japan's localities to support them.

Kunio ky ket Nhat Ban 1942018.jpg

Ambassador Umeda Kunio has speech at the event

Long An province's internal affairs department said since 2014 to date, Long An has organized five conferences, investment promotion programs in Japan contributing to popularize the provincial investment environment and local enterprises to Japanese people and enterprises.

As a result, many Japanese enterprises have poured their capital in the province. On this occasion, Long An has received 20 Japanese delegations to visit the province in order to seeking investment chance and partners.

PCT Nguyen Van ĐuocLong-An ky ket Nhat Ban 1942018.jpg

Deputy chairman of Long An people's committee Nguyen Van Duoc (3rd from right) reports social economic situation at the ceremony

At the conference, Long An province's deputy chairman Nguyen Van Duoc reported the provincial social economy to delegates adding that 126 Japanese projects has been granted and being run in the province with total registered capital of up to US$ 422million; Japan is ranked the fourth in projects and the seventh out of 37 nations and territories in capital.

Mr. Duoc affirmed that all door are always open to welcome Japanese enterprises and Long An is ready to support enterprises in solving difficulties.

Japanese enterprises said the Mekong delta region is suitable for investment and development of agricultural products, industry and mechanical sectors. The region's provinces always have prior policies helping enterprises in investment promotion resulting to attract more attention from Japanese enterprises./.


19/04/2018 1:00 CHĐã ban hành
Long An Province held the Investment and Trade Promotion Conference in WakayamaLong An Province held the Investment and Trade Promotion Conference in Wakayama
In the afternoon of October 17, 2017, a delegation from Long An province attended a the Investment and Trade Promotion Conference in Wakayama Province, Japan. This is the conference jointly organized by the International Cooperation Department, the Government of Wakayama Province (Japan), Long An Province and Can Tho Province of Vietnam.

Hoi thao tinh Long An đen Nhat Ban tieng Anh 20102017.JPG

The delegation of Long An province took photo after the workshop

Attending the conference, there were representatives of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and about 100 enterprises and organizations from Wakayama Province and Japan. The delegation of Long An province attended this conference, in addition to leaders of the provincial People's Committee and related departments, included eight enterprises operating in agriculture, industry and handicrafts sectors.

At the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Duoc, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Long An province briefed about the economic development of Long An Province and the investment advantages of the province.

Up to October 2017, Long An province has attracted 850 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with the investment capital of more than USD 5.4 billion from 37 countries and territories; 142 projects of Japanese investors, ranking the third in terms of number of projects and the fourth in terms investment capital with over 497 million USD. At present, the province has planned 28 industrial parks together with the industrial land fund of over 4,000 hectares available to the investors.

At this conference, the government of Long An Province wants to call on Japanese organizations and enterprises to cooperate and invest in Long An province in the fields of agriculture, industry, environment and clean energy and cooperation in labor export and training.

 Hoi thao tinh Long An đen Nhat Ban 20102017 tieng Anh quang canh.JPG​​

Vietnamese and Japanese enterprises were exchanging at the conference.

According to the agenda, today on October 18th, the delegation will visit the Vietnamese Consulate General in Osaka and visit the waste treatment area of Takuma company at the Suita City Energy Center, Japan.

Reported by Quoc Thinh

 Translated by Lan Vy

20/10/2017 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Long An: The extent of damage in industrial production due to Covid-19 influence tends to decreaseLong An: The extent of damage in industrial production due to Covid-19 influence tends to decrease
Information from the Long An Department of Industry and Trade, in May, the industrial production index increased by 3.3 percent over the previous month, up 1.3 percent over the same period last year.

Long An Mức độ thiệt hại sản xuất công nghiệp do ảnh hưởng dịch Covid 19 có xu hướng giảm.jpg

Sport shoes and sandals continued to show a drop in production in May

In the first 5 months, the index of industrial production increased by 1.9 percent over the same period (15.1 percent in the same period). In which, processing and manufacturing industry increased by 1.6 percent; electricity production and distribution increased by 8.6 percent; water supply, waste management and treatment increased by 8.9 percent over the same period.

In general, in May, industrial production continued to suffer losses, the level of damage was more than in the first quarter of 2020. The cause, in May, European countries, the US, the epidemic disease was still complicated, trade was still difficult, orders were not been recovered, and the phenomenon of canceling orders and purchasing power has decreased.

However, according to the review, the level of damage in May tended to decrease compared to April. If in April, there were 35 out of 75 groups of industries and industrial products with the growth rate, 44 out of 75 groups will have their growth rates in May 2020.

Long An mức độ thiệt hại sản xuất công nghiệp do ảnh hưởng dịch Covid 19 có chiều hướng giảm 2752020.jpg

Milled rice is one of the products, an increase in production in May

Sectors with increasing products such as milled rice, aquatic feed, mineral water, boxes, cardboard boxes, paints, varnishes, etc. semi-finished products, sports shoes, bottled beer, artificial cotton yarn, packaging, animal feed, ...

As noted, product groups increased but it was not a positive sign. At the same time, supportive policies on tax, interest rates, electricity, etc., which were implemented in April 2020, have supported businesses to reduce costs as well as motivation to overcome difficulties and take advantage of opportunities after the epidemic is over./.

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by NT

28/05/2020 8:00 SAĐã ban hành
Breaking out from industrial developmentBreaking out from industrial development
Favorable geographical location, attractive policies as well as transparent and open mechanisms and gradually improved infrastructure make Long An become an attractive destination for investors and enterprises. This also created momentum for Long An to break out, becoming a locality with a large index and value of industrial production in the region.

In 2019, the industrial production sector in the province was recorded to continue developing stably, helping to shift the province's economic structure towards industrialization and modernization, contributing mainly to the general GRDP growth. The Management Board of Provincial Industrial Parks informed that in 2019, the area of filled industrial land increased by 65 ha. Up to now, Long An has 16 operating industrial parks with a total area of 2,277ha, occupancy rate is over 85%. Industrial parks attracted 1,514 investment projects, including 731 foreign investment projects with a total investment of USD 4,144 million and 783 domestic investment projects with a total investment of VND 84,385 billion. There are currently 21 operating industrial clusters with a total area of 1,081.2ha, occupancy rate is 89.7%, attracting 544 projects with a total investment of over VND 15,635 billion, including 60 FDI projects with a total investment of over USD 209 million.

Bức phá từ sản xuất công nghiệp.jpg 

The province's industrial production continues to maintain a breakthrough growth (Photo: A corner of Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc District)

According to the evaluation of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Tran Van Can, the province's industrial production continued to maintain a breakthrough growth because the province also issued many mechanisms, policies, implemented positive measures and supported enterprises to strengthen administrative procedure reform and remove difficulties and obstacles. Mr. Tran Van Can said that, in order to maintain the momentum of industrial development as well as create a stronger breakthrough, in 2020, Long An would continue to focus on inspecting, urging and timely supporting to remove difficulties and obstacles to speed up the investment progress in infrastructure of industrial parks and clusters to create favorable conditions for large investment projects to come into operation in order to create motivation for the province's development./.​

Reported by Gia Han

​​Translated by Lan Vy

28/01/2020 5:00 CHĐã ban hành
Commencing some key components of Happyland Vietnam ProjectCommencing some key components of Happyland Vietnam Project
On November 18th, Phu An Infrastructure Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Khang Thong Group) commenced some more key components of the Happyland Vietnam Entertainment Complex project in Ben Luc district, Long An province.

Happyland cat bang khanh thanh 20112017 tieng anh.jpg

Delegates were carrying out the ceremony of launching some key components of Happyland Vietnam Project

Currently, Happyland has completed a number of components Vietnam Cultural Area (40ha), which is used to introduce to international partners and friends about a miniature Vietnam with the architecture, culture art, cuisine, traditional trade villages in 3 regions of the country, especially, the floating market complex of Mekong River Delta, children's playground, Vam Co Dong Riverside Resort and the first international standard motorbike racecourse (30ha) of Viet Nam etc.

Happyland cong chao 20112017tieng anh.jpg

Entrance Gate to Happyland Vietnam

At this groundbreaking ceremony, some key components will be re-launched including: 5-star Hotel, Resort, Entertainment Area, commercial center etc.

Happyland khong gian kien truc 20112017 tieng anh.jpg

Architectural space along Vam Co Dong River

Happyland truong đua tieu chuan quoc te20112017tieng anh.jpg

The first international standard racecourse in Vietnam

Vice chairman of the Provincial People's Council - Nguyen Thanh Cang said: Happyland Vietnam is considered as a key project in the leisure and entertainment sector, which will become the tourism highlight of the country and other countries in the region. When the project is completed, it will contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the region, job creation for labor and to local budget revenue.

Reported by Thanh Hieu

Translated by Lan Vy

20/11/2017 4:00 CHĐã ban hành
Long An: Industrial production index in November increases by 1.89 percentLong An: Industrial production index in November increases by 1.89 percent
In November 2019, Long An's industrial production index increased by 1.89 percent over the previous month, up 14.48 percent over the same period last year. Accumulated over the past 11 months, the industrial production index increased by 15.07 percent over the same period last year (the same period increased by 15.97 percent).

chỉ số sản xuất công nghiệp tháng 11 năm 20191.jpg

The index of iron and steel finished products increases by 30.1 percent

In particular, processing and manufacturing industry increased by 15 percent; electricity production and distribution increased by 17.81 percent; water supply as well as waste and wastewater management, treatment increased by 13.15 percent over the same period.

The index of 56 out of 75 groups increased over the same period, including construction bricks (increasing by 62.7 percent); plastic products (increasing by 37.6 percent); iron and steel finished products (increasing by 30.1 percent); wooden products (increasing by 26.8 percent); yarn of all kinds (increasing by 26.3 percent); wall paint (increasing by 21.2 percent); mineral and chemical fertilizers (increasing by 18.8 percent); commercial electricity (increasing by 17.8 percent); finished fabric (increasing by 14.2 percent); mineral water (increasing by 12.6 percent); pharmaceutical products (increasing by 12.4 percent); cashew kernels (increasing by 5.4 percent); backpacks, bags (increasing by 3.6 percent), and rice milling (increasing by 3 percent).

Especially, after negative growth due to the impact of African swine fever, animal feed products started to increase again but very little (only 0.1 percent). 

chỉ số sản xuất công nghiệp tháng 11 năm 20192.jpg

The index of footwear production decreases by 2.8 percent

The sectors that have the reduction index are bottled beer production (decreasing by 16.2 percent); footwear (decreasing by 2.8 percent); garments (decreasing by 7.2 percent); making clothes for adults (decreasing by 6.7 percent); iron and rolled steel production (decreasing by 4.4 percent); tobacco production (decreasing by 4 percent); and ready-mixed concrete production (decreasing by 3.7 percent)./.​

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by Lan Vy

03/12/2019 4:00 CHĐã ban hành
Promoting the development of agricultural product processing industryPromoting the development of agricultural product processing industry
Development of processing industry is considered as a breakthrough in the agricultural restructuring scheme, the most optimal way to increase the added value of products. Over the past time, Long An’s agricultural, forestry and fishery processing industry has basically met the requirements of material production and consumption markets, especially export markets.

Long An is located in the Southern key economic region with the exciting development of construction industry and urban areas. With the advantage of agricultural development, in which rice is the main crop of the province with a cultivated area of over 500,000 hectares and an output of 2.7-2.8 million tons/year; dragon fruit with an area of 11,700 hectares and an output of nearly 310,000 tons; lemons are mainly seedless lemon with an area of nearly 10,000 hectares and an output of over 156,000 tons. Besides, the province has more than 1,320 hectares applying VietGAP process in rice, vegetable, fruit production and aquaculture.

According to Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee – Pham Van Canh, there are currently more than 200 agricultural product processing enterprises in the whole province. Specifically, in terms of rice, there are about 115 milling and processing enterprises investing in modern production lines with large processing capacity and storage, of which, more than 20 enterprises are eligible for direct export to fastidious markets. In terms of vegetable and fruit processing, there are more than 20 enterprises with modern production lines using fresh vegetables and fruits. A number of typical products such as products made from dragon fruit, lemon, yam, pineapple, peanut, etc. 

According to Mr. Canh, although the province has a large number of processing enterprises, agricultural warehouses, raw material sources with various types of products, but the quality of raw materials has not met the requirements; the contracts for linking production, consumption and processing of products have not been implemented; people are short of capital for production and market information, so they follow traditional practices and experiences, leading to scarcity of raw materials or excess of products sometimes resulting to price fluctuations. Most of processing enterprises produce raw products, lack of deep processing, so the added value is not high. ​​​

Reported by Huỳnh Phong

Translated by Lan Vy

27/02/2020 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Long An sets up Duc Thuan 2 industrial clusterLong An sets up Duc Thuan 2 industrial cluster
Long An Provincial People's Committee has just had a decision to set up Duc Thuan 2 industrial cluster (IC) in My Hanh Bac commune, Duc Hoa district.

Duc Thuan 2.jpg

Production activities at Long Dinh and Long Cang ICs in Can Duoc district

Accordingly, the project of Duc Thuan 2 IC has an investment scale of about 50 hectares with an investment of VND 543 billion. The project structure includes land for industry, technical construction, administration, service, traffic and tree-planting. It is expected that the project will complete the infrastructure construction by the end of 2020 and put into operation to receive secondary investors at the beginning of 2021.

According to the Scheme on adjustment of developing ICs in Long An province by 2020, the whole province will have 62 ICs with a total area of 3,106.5 hectares. Up to now, Long An has 54 ICs with a policy of investing in infrastructure with a total area of 2,743.2 hectares and a total registered investment capital of about 21,395 billion dong.

Currently, Long An has 22 operating ICs with an occupancy rate of 86.55%. The operating ICs attracted 544 projects with a total investment of VND 15,635 billion, of which, 60 projects with foreign direct investment (FDI) with a total investment capital of USD 209.6 million and land-rent area of 586.65 hectares./.


15/03/2019 3:00 CHĐã ban hành
Draft national program on development in ethnic minority areas submitted to NADraft national program on development in ethnic minority areas submitted to NA
A draft National Target Programme on Socio-economic Development in Mountainous and Ethnic Minority Areas in 2021-2030, along with a report evaluating it, was submitted to the NA during the morning sitting on May 28.

Dự thảo chương trình quốc gia về dân tộc thiểu số 852020.jpg

At the morning sitting on May 28 (Photo: VNA)

Later, contentious contents in the draft revised law on PPP investment are tabled for discussion. The compilation board and the evaluation agency will explain and clarify issues raised during the discussion.

In the afternoon session, lawmakers will hear a proposal for the NA's approval of the State budget balance in 2018 presented by Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung, and reports on auditing and verifying the 2018 State budget balance.

They will also hear a report by Chairman of the NA Committee for Science, Technology and Environment Phan Xuan Dung, which explained issues raised during previous debates on the draft law amending and supplementing some articles of the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and the Dyke Law.

NA deputies will join an online debate on different opinions about the draft law's contents./. 

Source: VNA

29/05/2020 9:00 SAĐã ban hành
Tan An 4 Bridge is expected to open traffic in early June 2020  Tan An 4 Bridge is expected to open traffic in early June 2020 
According to Deputy Director of the Department of Transport of Long An Province - Nguyen Hoai Trung, Tan An 4 Bridge is expected to open traffic in early June 2020.

Cầu Tân An 4 dự kiến thông xe đầu tháng 6 năm 2020.jpg

Tan An 4 Bridge is expected to open traffic in early June 2020

Currently, the construction unit is conducting asphalt surface to the old Tan An bridge, Ho Chi Minh City - Tan An City. This is the final stage to complete the Tan An 4 Bridge project. As expected, the contractor will complete the whole project by May 31 and will organize the opening and traffic in the first days of June 2020.

It is known that the project of Tan An 4 bridge has a length of 1,046 meters (km1947 + 182) located on the National Highway (NH) 1A through the inner area of Ward 2 and Ward 5, Tan An City. Bridges with a load of over 30 tonnes (HL93). The total invested capital is over 120 billion VND. The project is completed not only to meet the travel needs of the people, especially in Tan An City, to solve the traffic congestion on the NH1 section passing through the locality but also to contribute significantly to the local social-economy development.

Reported by Chau Son

Translated by NT

28/05/2020 10:00 SAĐã ban hành
Long An: Enterprises build '5-star hotels' for fruitsLong An: Enterprises build '5-star hotels' for fruits
These days, Cass Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Co., Ltd. (located in Hoa Binh Industrial Park (IP) in Thu Thua district, Long An Province) has completed the final stages to operate the smart agricultural storage system in early June 2020.

Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả thanh long 2742020.jpeg

With Cass, the fruit will be preserved for a longer time, without affecting on their quality

Director of Cass Company - Quach Thi Le Chan shared that Cass is the first agricultural storage system in Long An as well as Vietnam using fully automatic gas adjustment technology. Cass stands for Controlled Atmosphere Storage System - a storage system in a controlled atmosphere. This is a technology that preserves clean, non-chemical agricultural products, but only changes the atmospheric composition of the warehouse (reducing oxygen, increasing nitrogen and CO2) to reduce the respiration of agricultural products.

Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả Cass Company.jpg

Cass assembled cold storage system

At the same time, this technology can destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms that are harmful to agricultural products, maintaining the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. In particular, this preservation environment helps fruits prevent the destruction of bacteria, avoid cross-contamination, prolong the shelf life of agricultural products from 2 to 9 months after harvest. Cass is like a "5-star hotel" for fruits.

 Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả cabinet 2752020.jpg

Control cabinet in cold storage

As planned, Cass has 2 construction stages. Currently, the construction company completes phase 1 of the warehouse system with 2 rooms, each room has 9 floors with a capacity of 4,000 pallets, equivalent to 3,000 tons. Accordingly, room 1 is from 4 - 6 degrees Celsius and room 2 is from 10 - 12 degrees Celsius, suitable for all fruits in Vietnam. Phase 1 is now complete and ready to receive fruits for storage.

After phase 1, Cass continues to build phase 2 of a service chain that resembles a fruit exchange between buyers and sellers. This place will have a larger ground of 5,000 square meters to concentrate large cargo sources with pre-processing, washing, heat treatment, sample quality testing, packaging and so on to serve traders. The enterprise gathers goods to serve big orders, stabilizing sources of goods for domestic business and export.

Long An xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả hệ thống máy tính 2752020.jpg

Cass is operated via computer software by staff

 According to Le Chan, the atmosphere adjustment technology - CA has been used by many advanced countries in the world but in Vietnam it has not been used before due to its high price, people cannot work in an oxygen-free environment. Therefore, the company has combined to use robot systems to overcome this drawback. Robots are used to replace humans in storage, retrieval via the use of control software and store information for containers or packages quickly and accurately. Although Cass is a "5-star hotel" for fruits due to its use of most modern technology, minimizing manual labor, Cass promises to be an attractive destination for farmers, traders and businesses with competitive prices, not different from other cold storage systems in Vietnam.

Sharing more about the reason why Cass was built in Long An IP, Ms. Le Chan was excited that Long An had a favorable position because it easily connects the Mekong River Delta region and Ho Chi Minh City. It is easy to concentrate fruits as well as distribute to the domestic market and export. In particular, this is also a very effective solution to overcome the situation of "good harvest, bad price" that often happens in agriculture, especially fruit.

With Cass, fruits will be preserved for a long time to create an active position in price negotiations, not to be forced to sell, nor to worry about damage while waiting for sales. This technology also significantly reduces post-harvest losses, reduces the use of preservative chemicals that threaten user health, increases competitiveness, and meets the rigorous storage standards of high-quality markets./.


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Enforcement of anti-child abuse policies, laws high on agenda on May 27Enforcement of anti-child abuse policies, laws high on agenda on May 27
The National Assembly (NA) is spending the entire May 27 on discussing the implementation of policies and laws on child abuse prevention and control.

Thực thi các chính sách chống lạm dụng trẻ em 2752020.jpg

Legislators at the 14th NA's ninth session in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

This important issue is broadcast live on national television and radio.

Prior to online discussion, Chairwoman of the NA's Committee for Judicial Affairs Le Thi Nga is going to present a report on the implementation of related policies and laws compiled by the parliament's supervisory delegation.

The report features assessments of child abuse; the issuance of policies and laws on child abuse prevention and control; the enforcement of those policies and laws; causes, responsibility and lessons; solutions and proposals to improve the fight against child abuse in the time ahead.

The 14th NA's ninth session is taking place online from May 20 to 29, and deputies will gather at the NA building in Hanoi for plenary meetings from June 8 to 18./.

Source: VNA

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Japanese enterprise learns to invest in high-tech vegetable planting Japanese enterprise learns to invest in high-tech vegetable planting
In the afternoon of December 15th, the delegation of Japan External Trade Organization led by Mr.  Fukuda Satoshi visited Can Giuoc district, Long An province to explore the investment environment for high-tech vegetable production.

​Secretary of Can Giuoc District Commission – Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep, Chairman of the District People's Committee – Mr. Nguyen Tuan Thanh welcomed and worked with the delegation.


Leaders of Can Giuoc district take souvenir photo with the Japanese enterprise delegation

Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep said: "There are more than 1,800 hectares of farmland specializing in vegetable cultivation in Can Giuoc, mainly concentrating in upper communes such as Phuoc Hau, Phuoc Lam, My Loc, and Thuan Thanh. In terms of construction and development of high-tech vegetable production area, the district strives to have 950 hectares of high-tech vegetable production by 2020".


The delegation visits Phuoc Thinh Safe Vegetable Cooperative

With the achievements and development plans in the coming time, the Japanese enterprise delegation is very interested in investing in Can Giuoc because Can Giuoc is near Ho Chi Minh City and has waterway and road traffic systems convenient for goods exchange and transportation with neighboring provinces and export.


The delegation visits the vegetable planting model according to VietGAP standards of Mr. Tran Tiet Giao in Phuoc Hau commune

Before the end of the visit, the delegation visited Phuoc Thinh Safe Vegetable Cooperative; the vegetable planting model according to VietGAP standards of Mr. Tran Tiet Giao, and the melon planting model of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vu in Phuoc Hau commune./.

Reported by Kim Hoang- Thanh Phat

Translated by Lan Vy


19/12/2017 6:00 CHĐã ban hành
Long An todayLong An today
It has been 45 years since the Great Victory in Spring 1975, along with the whole country, Long An tried to heal the wounds of war, rebuilt the homeland and continued the nation's heroic history.

Một góc thành phố Tân An hôm nay 252020.jpg

A corner of Tan An city today

Restoring production

During the war, Long An was severely damaged, the land was deserted, especially in Dong Thap Muoi area of the province, it was very difficult for production. According to the former Secretary of the Moc Hoa District Party Committee - Nguyen Van Tan, this area was previously very sparsely populated! Only one rice crop is produced per year but productivity is low. Thanks to the policy of mobilizing and relocating the population, bringing labor from other places to explore, the alum soil becomes rich and immense fields, a granary of the province and the region.

Vùng Đồng Tháp Mười của tỉnh là vựa lúa của tỉnh 252020.jpeg

Dong Thap Muoi region of the province is the granary of the province and the region

Besides implementing the program for cultivating the Dong Thap Muoi region, a prominent mark of the province in the early years after the liberation was to make a breakthrough in circulation distribution. Accordingly, Long An is the first locality in the country to successfully abolish the mechanism of centralized bureaucracy, subsidy, overcoming the situation of many prices, contributing to stabilizing the market, encouraging production development. With the renovation of management mechanism, the province's economy has developed rapidly, achieved many important achievements and highly appreciated by the Central Government.

Not only a strong breakthrough in agricultural production, the province's industry, trade and services also prospered. If in the 2000s, the province's economy was still pure agriculture, the industry was just beginning to develop on a small scale, but now it is one of the provinces and cities with fairly good industrial growth in the region. The average economic growth rate in the period 2016-2020 is estimated at about 9.62 percent per year; The economic structure of the three regions I, II and III in 2020 will be 14.5 percent, 52 percent  and 33.5 percent  respectively.

Khu công nghiệp Long Hậu 252020.jpeg

Long Hau industrial park

Trade promotion and market development are concerned. More and more large-scale and advanced technology enterprises are investing in Long An. In 2019, the province received 109 FDI projects with a registered capital of over 320 million USD. Export turnover maintained a relatively high growth rate of about 14.5 percent per year, with nearly 26 billion USD in period 2016-2020. The market is constantly expanding, goods of the province export to markets with high requirements. Import activities have diversified markets, increasing imports of goods for production and export.

In order to promote economic developmentthe province has mobilized all resources to build infrastructure systems in recent years, especially transportation, serving the industrial development of key economic regions (Duc Hoa, Ben Luc, Can Giuoc and Can Duoc). Thanks to the right guidelines and creative decisions, Long An today develops comprehensively in many fields. The socio-economic picture is colored with bright colors. The potential and advantages of each locality are exploited effectively, contributing to bringing the province to develop quickly and sustainably.

 Đường tỉnh 830 đoạn qua huyện Bến Lức 252020.jpg

Provincial Road 830 runs through Ben Luc district

Striving to break out

In recent years, the administrative reform is considered as one of the "bright spots", showing the fierceness and breakthrough of the province. The investment environment continues to improve, the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) is always quite high, especially in 2018, Long An is ranked 3rd in the country. The budget revenue in 2019 rose to an impressive figure of over 18,300 billion VND, an increase of more than 20 percent over the same period, bringing Long An to become the leading province in the Mekong Delta provinces and cities in terms of budget revenue.

 Trung tâm hành chính công huyện Cần Đước 252020.jpg

The administrative reform is considered as one of the "bright spots", showing the determination and breakthrough of the province (Photo: Public Administration Center of Can Duoc district)

In the 2015-2020 term, the whole province has 10 towns recognized as grade-V urban and Tan An city is recognized as grade-II city. At the same time, the province has planned many multifunctional urban areas in North Ben Luc, South Ben Luc, Duc Hoa, East Can Giuoc, North Thu Thua, along the driving force connecting Tien Giang - Long An - Ho Chi Minh City. The new rural construction investment program has achieved many positive results, contributing to a positive change in the appearance of the countryside, improving the lives and incomes of the people.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the whole province now has 80 communes meeting the new rural standard, accounting for 49.6 percent of the total number of communes in the province, including 2 newly enhanced rural communes (Phuoc Hau commune, Can district). Giuoc and Hoa Phu commune, Chau Thanh district). Chau Thanh district was recognized by the Prime Minister as a new-style rural district in Decision No. 256/QD-TTg dated February 14, 2020. Tan An city has also completed the task of building a new-style countryside. People's living standards improved markedly when the average income per capita reached 72.67 million VND per year, poor households reduced to only 1.52 percent.

 Đường giao thông xã Thủy Đông huyện Thạnh Hóa252020.jpg

The countryside has become increasingly spacious from the new-style rural construction program (Photo: Roads in Thuy Dong commune, Thanh Hoa district)

The field of culture and society has made a lot of progress, social security is guaranteed. Activities of the health system from province to grassroots level were strengthened, completed and enhanced capacity and efficiency. School facilities and equipment have been strengthened to invest, the proportion of schools meeting national standards according to new criteria has reached 50.5 percent. Educational level in remote and border areas has been raised. Pupils and students of policy families, with extremely difficult circumstances, poor and near-poor households are supported, facilitating learning.

Spending his whole life in the locality, Mr. Huynh Van Minh (living in Hamlet 6, Tan Buu Commune, Ben Luc District) was delighted to witness the change of his homeland. He said: "Before, electricity, roads, schools and medical stations were missing or degraded. The life of the people is hard not to mention everything. However, thanks to the attention of the Party and the authorities, up to now, Tan Buu has basically achieved 19 out of 19 new-style rural criteria, the rural appearance as well as the people's life have been raised".

From the achievements of 45 years of building and renewing, we can absolutely believe that Long An will continue to make a strong breakthrough with the spirit of solidarity and efforts of the whole Party, the entire people and the whole army. Moreover, the province will develop quickly and sustainably in the coming time./.


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