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  • Long An International Sea Port

    The Long An port project is a 1,925 hectare project in Can Giuoc district, Long An, South of Ho Chi Minh City and about 30 km to center of Ho Chi Minh City. Project is divided into four components, comprising a 396 ha industrial park, 236 ha industrial service area, 1,145 ha residential area and a 147 ha seaport with 2.6 km of frontage along Soai Rap river.

  • Traffic systems and Transportation network of Long An Province

    Transportation system connects Long An province with HCM city, Mekong delta river and other area is basic good, including roads and waterways

  • Water source

    Water source: Long An has Vam Co Dong River and Vam Co Tay River and the interlaced system of canals and ditches connecting with Tien River which is the main water transmission and irrigation line. However, this water source is limited and contaminated with saline and alum, therefore, the water fails to meet the production and domestic demands.

  • Long An Province Education System

    Up to 31/5/2013, there are more than 700 schools in the province, including: There are 46 high schools, 132 secondary schools including 1 specialized school (Long An Specialized School), 5 private schools. There are 249 primary schools with 4,401 classes and 125,089 students in which there are 135 schools open all-day for 59,908 students. There are 187 pre-schools including 131 nursery schools and 56.

  • Long An Province Health System

    Up to 8/2013, there are 20 hospital in the province, in which: - 03 provincial hospitals (Provincial General Hospital (900 patient beds), Traditional Medicine Hospital (110 beds), Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital (70 beds) – 3 Region General Hospitals (Hau Nghia Region General Hospital (250 beds), Dong Thap Muoi Region General Hospital (140 beds), Can Giuoc Region General Hospital (250 beds).

  • Power Supply System

    Long An Province Power Development Plan for phase 2011 – 2015 with considerations to 2020 has the following main criteria: I. Power load The power load is calculated to meet the sufficient power demand for socio-economic development of Long An province with the GDP growth rate in Phase 2011 – 2015 of 14.0%/year; GDP growth rate in phase 2016-2020 of 13.3%/year.

  • Electricity supply system

    The grid supplied to Long An province includes intermediary transformer stations and electricity-generating cluster.

  • Post - Telecommunication system

    In recent years, post - telecommunication industry has forcefully developed. In 1990, telephone density was only 0,12 machines/100 persons, until the end of 1999, telephone density was 1,96 machines/100 persons with total of 25.631 machines.

  • Communication System

    Until the end of 2004, roadways in province was 1.698km, in which asphalt roads were 474km, accounting for 27,9%, gravel roads were 1053km (62%), other kinds of roads were 171km (10,1%) (excluding rural roads).

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