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Long An

To build a clean, safe and sustainable agriculture, the use of organic fertilizers is inevitable. In recent years, farmers in Ben Luc district, Long An province have gardually prioritized organic fertilizers, thereby creating clean products that do not pollute the environment. 

With reasonable strategy, right policy along with attention to administrative reform, synchronous investment in transport infrastructure,etc, Long An has gradually asserted itself as an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors. 

Trade promotion is an important and effective solutions to improve the three growth drivers: investment, export and consumption, through supporting enterprises to develop production, domestic market and promote export. 

Intruding salt water source into Long An is mainly from the East Sea through Soai Rap estuary due to the semidiurnal tide regime. 

Location: National Highway No. 01, Voi La Village, Long Hiep Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province  

Being an idyllic, sentient and welcoming land with lots of tourist attractions, Long An promisingly delivers enjoyable experiences to regional and visitors within and outside the province on the New Year holiday. 

Investors must get these licenses when invest in industrial parks: investment license, certificate of business organizations, Environmental Impact Assessment , construction permit. You can refer step below: 

Preferential Policies and Support Investors in Long An, Viet Nam:  

Land Incentives 

Annex I-3 Written registration/application for the Investment Certificate 

Annex I-3 Written registration/application for the Investment Certificate 

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Address: 61 Nguyen Hue, Ward 1, Tan An City, Long An Province
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