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Thứ 2, Ngày 03/08/2020, 09:00
Tan An City: Criteria of grade-I city strived to basically meet by 2025
The XIth Party Congress of Tan An City Party, Long An province, term 2020 - 2025 ended successfully. Long An newspaper reporter had an interview with new Secretary of the City Party Committee - Le Cong Dinh on some issues in the new term.

TP Tân An 172020.jpg

Mr. Le Cong Dinh said that the city identified 2 breakthrough programs and 3 key projects during the new term

Reporter: Congratulations on being elected as the Secretary of the City Party Committee for the period 2020 - 2025! Could you please tell us what to do right after the Congress?

Mr. Le Cong Dinh: After the Congress, the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee will quickly complete the procedures to report to the Provincial Standing Committee for approval of key titles. After that, we continue to concretize the programs and resolutions set by the Congress; quickly carry out the work to bring resolutions to life.

Reporter: Could you tell us the breakthrough programs and key projects proposed by the Congress?

Mr. Le Cong Dinh: Resolution of the Congress proposed two breakthrough programs: The program to promote all resources for construction and development of Tan An City basically meets the criteria of grade-I urban by 2025 in the direction of friendly, civilized and modern urban areas; land clearance, resettlement and stabilization programs for people in the affected areas to build works for people's livelihood and socio-economic development projects of Tan An city.

TP Tân An 272020.jpg

One of 3 key projects in the new term is to complete the Park of Ward 2, phase 2

The Congress also identified 3 key projects: Building embankments of Bao Dinh river, section from Bao Dinh sluice to the Ring canal; completely implementing Park of Ward 2, Phase 2; and drainage system against flooding in urban areas.

Reporter: What tasks and solutions need to be done, sir?

Mr. Le Cong Dinh: The XIth Congress of City Party Committee with the overall goal of strengthening the building of a clean and strong City Party Committee; promote the strength of great unity of the entire nation; exploit the potential and advantages of the city to develop the economy in the direction of increasing the proportion of trade - services, improving the quality of development of industry - construction, high-tech agriculture; building urban civilized lifestyle, improving the material and spiritual life of the people, ensuring social security, maintaining national defense and security, stabilizing social order and safety, striving for opportunities to achieve grade-I urban criteria by 2025, and then proceeding to be recognized as grade-I urban center before 2030.

Accordingly, the city focuses on developing economic and urban. It continues to promote economic restructuring towards increasing the proportion of trade - services, improving the quality of development of industry - construction and high-tech agriculture. It focuses on mobilizing resources, promoting investment promotion, promoting rapid and sustainable economic development; paying attention to implementing the highlight projects of Tan An City.

Thành phố Tân An 272020.jpg

Tan An City strives to basically achieve the criteria of grade-I urban by 2025 (Photo: A corner of Tan An City)

The Party Committee focused on leading and directing the implementation of Resolution No. 70-NQ/TU, dated February 12, 2020 of the Provincial Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on building e-government and developing smart urban services in Long An province in the period 2020 - 2025.

At the same time, the quality of urban centers of grade-II will be improved, basic construction will be invested to reach grade-I urban center by 2025, then the grade-I urban centers will be recognized before 2030.

In addition, the city focuses on cultural and social work; defense, security and internal affairs; building a clean and strong political system, etc.

Reporter: Thank you./.


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