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Thứ 6, Ngày 03/07/2020, 09:00
Vinh Hung is proactive in natural disaster prevention
Determining the importance of natural disaster prevention and fighting, Vinh Hung district of Long An province proactively develops plans, prepares all necessary conditions in natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work to ensure the safety of life and property of the State and people every year.

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Works and dike systems are reinforced  and maintained

In 2019, the work of natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work in Vinh Hung district is focused on leading and organizing closely from the district to grassroots levels. The departments, branches and localities proactively formulate plans for prevention and response. The Steering Committee from the district to the grassroots level was strengthened, ensuring their duty throughout.

Information and propaganda for people to preserve their property and struggle against their houses are regular. Relatively accurate hydro-meteorological predictions and forecasts also contribute to the reduction of damage. The prevention of early flood prevention to protect Summer-Autumn rice is interested in the implementation and achieved high results. Visiting and supporting cases caused by natural disasters timely help households stabilize their lives.

According to the Steering Committee of natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work, due to the impact of the thunderstorms in the district in 2019, 11 houses with damaged roofs, 6 houses completely collapsed, estimated damage of nearly 250 million VND, in addition, made 1 people killed by lightning.

It is forecast that the weather situation in 2020 is complicated, in order to take initiative in the task of natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work, Vinh Hung district sets forth a specific plan, using many measures to minimize the damage to production, infrastructure, well protecting the life and properties of the State and the people. In particular, they do not let to cause deaths due to subjectivity, lack of awareness in disaster prevention, good implementation of the motto "4 at site" (command at site, forces at site, means at site, logistics at site). The main task is well-organized prevention, preparing to deal with natural disasters is an especially important task.

According to the Deputy Head of the District natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work - To Van Chan, the district speeds up the construction of natural disaster prevention and fighting works, timely reinforces and elevates and maintain security for dykes works and systems to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters. They regularly check the drainage system, especially the system of markets and concentrated residential areas, and effectively use the pumping stations and pumps invested and operated timely by the district. They strictly deploy public works to ensure the load-bearing response to the impacts of natural disasters. They plan to repair and upgrade traffic works periodically. They upgrade and protect the system and means of communication.

At the same time, the people are propagandized to repair and fight against their houses to limit collapse due to rainstorms. The flooded areas must prepare trees, materials to protect people and properties during the flood season. The rehearsals of plans are organized to cope with floods, storms and natural disasters. In addition to well organizing the work of natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work, internal agencies and units should have plans to support and assist friends and compatriots in the prevention and remedy of natural disaster consequences. The remediation caused by natural disasters is timely organized, etc.

Facing the situation of rain and flood in 2020, in order to minimize damage to people and properties, the Steering Committee of natural disaster prevention, fighting and Rescue and Search Work of the District as well as the communes and towns need to promote more experiences and take the initiative in propaganda to raise the people's self-awareness and self-protection so that they can prevent and respond, minimize possible damage./.


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