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Thứ 5, Ngày 28/05/2020, 07:00
Long An: Enterprises build '5-star hotels' for fruits
These days, Cass Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Co., Ltd. (located in Hoa Binh Industrial Park (IP) in Thu Thua district, Long An Province) has completed the final stages to operate the smart agricultural storage system in early June 2020.

Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả thanh long 2742020.jpeg

With Cass, the fruit will be preserved for a longer time, without affecting on their quality

Director of Cass Company - Quach Thi Le Chan shared that Cass is the first agricultural storage system in Long An as well as Vietnam using fully automatic gas adjustment technology. Cass stands for Controlled Atmosphere Storage System - a storage system in a controlled atmosphere. This is a technology that preserves clean, non-chemical agricultural products, but only changes the atmospheric composition of the warehouse (reducing oxygen, increasing nitrogen and CO2) to reduce the respiration of agricultural products.

Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả Cass Company.jpg

Cass assembled cold storage system

At the same time, this technology can destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms that are harmful to agricultural products, maintaining the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. In particular, this preservation environment helps fruits prevent the destruction of bacteria, avoid cross-contamination, prolong the shelf life of agricultural products from 2 to 9 months after harvest. Cass is like a "5-star hotel" for fruits.

 Long An Doanh nghiệp xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả cabinet 2752020.jpg

Control cabinet in cold storage

As planned, Cass has 2 construction stages. Currently, the construction company completes phase 1 of the warehouse system with 2 rooms, each room has 9 floors with a capacity of 4,000 pallets, equivalent to 3,000 tons. Accordingly, room 1 is from 4 - 6 degrees Celsius and room 2 is from 10 - 12 degrees Celsius, suitable for all fruits in Vietnam. Phase 1 is now complete and ready to receive fruits for storage.

After phase 1, Cass continues to build phase 2 of a service chain that resembles a fruit exchange between buyers and sellers. This place will have a larger ground of 5,000 square meters to concentrate large cargo sources with pre-processing, washing, heat treatment, sample quality testing, packaging and so on to serve traders. The enterprise gathers goods to serve big orders, stabilizing sources of goods for domestic business and export.

Long An xây dựng khách sạn 5 sao cho hoa quả hệ thống máy tính 2752020.jpg

Cass is operated via computer software by staff

 According to Le Chan, the atmosphere adjustment technology - CA has been used by many advanced countries in the world but in Vietnam it has not been used before due to its high price, people cannot work in an oxygen-free environment. Therefore, the company has combined to use robot systems to overcome this drawback. Robots are used to replace humans in storage, retrieval via the use of control software and store information for containers or packages quickly and accurately. Although Cass is a "5-star hotel" for fruits due to its use of most modern technology, minimizing manual labor, Cass promises to be an attractive destination for farmers, traders and businesses with competitive prices, not different from other cold storage systems in Vietnam.

Sharing more about the reason why Cass was built in Long An IP, Ms. Le Chan was excited that Long An had a favorable position because it easily connects the Mekong River Delta region and Ho Chi Minh City. It is easy to concentrate fruits as well as distribute to the domestic market and export. In particular, this is also a very effective solution to overcome the situation of "good harvest, bad price" that often happens in agriculture, especially fruit.

With Cass, fruits will be preserved for a long time to create an active position in price negotiations, not to be forced to sell, nor to worry about damage while waiting for sales. This technology also significantly reduces post-harvest losses, reduces the use of preservative chemicals that threaten user health, increases competitiveness, and meets the rigorous storage standards of high-quality markets./.


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