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Thứ 4, Ngày 05/08/2020, 08:00
Long An: People asked to install Bluezone application
Implementing Official Letter No. 2841/BTTTT-THH dated August 1, 2020 of the Ministry of Information and Communications on deploying propaganda on installing Bluezone application. In order to prevent and control Covid-19 in Long An province effectively, especially in helping to warn people when they have close contact with Covid-19 cases; contributing to proactively preventing and repelling epidemics, the Provincial People's Committee proposed agencies and units to focus on implementing the following solutions:

Ứng dụng Bluezone.jpg

Bluezone application interface

1. Departments, committees, branches of provinces, People's Committees of districts, town and city mobilize propaganda, publicize the instruction on installing and using applications at agencies; require all officials, public servants, staffs and employees to install Bluezone for themselves and their relatives; appoint people to record activities in and out of the office, ask people to come to work and install the application.

2. The Department of Education and Training directs training establishments to publicize the instructions on installing and using Bluezone application; ask students who have smart phones to install apps for themselves and their relatives.

3. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism requires restaurants, hotels and tourism businesses to guide the installation and use of Bluezone applications; recommend customers, tourists to install the application.

4. The Department of Health requires medical facilities to publicize the instructions on installing and using Bluezone application; recommend patients and family members to install Bluezone application for medical examination and treatment.

5. The Department of Transportation and Transport requires transport business units to display Bluezone installation notice and information on installating and using on bus stations and means of transport.

6. Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Planning and Investment, Economic Zone Authority requests enterprises in industrial zones and clusters to publicize the instructions on installing and using Bluezone application; recommend workers in the enterprise to install the application.

7. Department of Information and Communications implements messaging on Zalo channel " Long An E-government"; require telecom businesses to send SMS to people and periodically repeat; direct the propaganda to the people through the grassroots radio system and periodically repeat the installation of Bluezone application.

8. People's Committees of districts, towns and cities assign People's Committees of communes and residential quarters to deploy each house, distributing leaflets to guide people to install and use Bluezone application. Deploy propaganda pictures to stick out prints, show electronic versions in elevators, in crowded places and public places.

9. Proposing the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and the provincial mass organizations to mobilize a large number of members and association members to install Bluezone for themselves and their relatives. Collaborating with branches and authorities at all levels to promote propaganda, advocacy and organization for union members and members to support people to install and use Bluezone application.

10. Long An Newspaper, Long An Radio and Television organizes to provide news and periodic repetitions on the media, radio and television on installating and using how to use Bluezone application.

* Details of the Bluezone application are downloaded at

* Instructions to use Bluezone application for agencies and units are downloaded at 


Communication forms: SMS, Zalo and radio.

Audio radio nationwide: Read in the local radio, city, on flights, car trips.

Guiding - mobilizing installation: Instruct grassroots government officials, departments, agencies, provincial unions, residential groups, restaurants, hotels, businesses to mobilize the installation.

Content printed leaflet instructions for installation and use: Distribute to people.

Installation video: City TV, elevator, public screen.

Public poster: Bus stop, crowded places.

Propaganda video 8 seconds: Broadcast on television, public screens.

Propaganda video 15 seconds: Broadcast on television, public screens.

Propaganda video 30 seconds: Broadcast on television, public screens.

Implementation time: From August 4, 2020.

Departments, agencies, unions of the province, People's Committees of districts, town and city, Long An Newspaper, Long An Radio and Television Station are proposed to urgently coordinate the implementation of the above solutions./.


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