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Thứ 3, Ngày 28/01/2020, 15:00
PCI continues to be upheld and improved
Over the past two years, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Long An province has grown tremendously, from 15th position with 60.65 points (in 2016) to 4th position with 66.70 points (in 2017) and 3th position with 68.09 points (in 2018) on the national rankings.

PCI 28120201.jpg

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can examines the administrative reform in Can Duoc district (Photo: Kim Khanh)

The PCI is an index for measuring and assessing the quality of economic management, the level of convenience and friendliness of the business environment and administrative reform efforts of provincial governments in Vietnam, thereby it promotes the development of the private sector.

The PCI is built from annual enterprise survey data and is published yearly; including 10 component indicators, covering key areas of economic management of provinces and cities related to the development of enterprises. A locality is considered to have good operating quality when it has low market entry cost; easy access to land and stable land use; transparent business environment and public business information; low informal costs; quick time of inspection, examination and implementation of regulations and administrative procedures; fair competition environment; the provincial government's activeness and creativeness in solving problems for businesses; services for supporting business development and high quality; good labor training policies; fairly and effectively dispute settlement procedures, and maintaining security and order.

Over the past two years, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Long An province has grown tremendously, from 15th position with 60.65 points (in 2016) to 4th position with 66.70 points (in 2017) and 3th position with 68.09 points (in 2018) on the national rankings.

PCI 28120202.jpg

The PCI diagram of Long An province

This result confirms the belief, satisfaction and recognition of the business community and investors for the continuous efforts of the provincial government in improving the business environment. However, if the province does not continue implementing measures to maintain and promote the high-ranking indexes and seriously overcome the low-ranking indicators, the results in the Top 10 provinces and cities with the best operating quality is also difficult to sustain.

Therefore, in order to maintain and improve the PCI in 2019, the provincial People's Committee drastically directs and manages all levels and sectors to improve the PCI, makes more efforts to build the business environment transparently, friendly, airy and conveniently, build a modern, professional, dynamic administration, best serve people and businesses. In order to continue the maintenance and improvement of the PCI in 2020 and the following years, the province will assign the Department of Planning and Investment to advise the Provincial People's Committee to develop a plan to promote the improvement and enhancement of PCI in 2020, right after the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) publishes the PCI results of the whole country in 2019 (expected at the end of March 2020). This plan will inherit the advantages of the previous years' plan, and at the same time carefully follow each of the 10 component indicators, assign specific responsibilities to each department, sector and locality for implementation, monitoring and submission responsibility; strive to increase the score of each component index, towards increasing the overall score and raising the provincial PCI rating.

PCI 28120203.jpg

The quality of vocational training is paid attention to improving, meeting the needs of recruiting highly qualified laborers of enterprises. (Photo: Ngoc Man)

Some key tasks and solutions are as follows:

Firstly, seriously implementing the Government's Resolutions on improving the business environment, improving competitiveness, supporting and developing enterprises.

Secondly, continuing to consolidate, perfect and build e-government, actively applying information technology to serve administrative reform.

Thirdly, further improving the operational efficiency of the public administration model. Increasing the percentage of enterprises registering their business through new methods such as online application and post processing.

Fourthly, paying attention to training and fostering to raise the qualifications and morality of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees to ensure adequate qualifications and capability to well perform tasks in the spirit of supporting enterprises; avoiding harassment, localization, cost and unofficial costs for people and businesses.

 PCI 28120204.jpg

The goal of e-government is to increase working efficiency, transparency in activities of government agencies (Photo: TL)

Fifthly, striving to improve the quality of handling administrative procedures and clear instructions, minimizing the number of people and businesses to travel many times, overcoming the delay in settling administrative procedures for businesses to quickly complete all the procedures to operate officially.

Sixthly, reviewing in posting, updating construction plans, land use plans, sectoral plans, socio-economic development plans, decisions, policies and administrative procedures, bidding, and so on clearly and transparently for people and businesses to easily access information on the provincial web portal, websites of agencies and units.

Seventhly, maintaining a dialogue between the provincial government and businesses, close contact with associations, business associations of countries and territories to timely capture information and focus leadership, directing the solution solving difficulties and problems of the enterprise.

Eighthly, establishing a mission delegation to check the improvement of PCI at departments and localities, thereby promptly rectifying and solving shortcomings and problems, creating favorable conditions for provincial and district agencies to perform their mission well.

With the determination and efforts of all levels, sectors, and the companion of the business community and investors coming to the province, it is hoped that the provincial PCI will continue have steadily improved and maintained the top rank in the provinces and cities across the country in 2020 and the following years./.

By Tran Van Can,

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee –

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