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Thứ 6, Ngày 29/07/2022, 11:00
Many outstanding results in attracting investment
In the first 6 months of 2022, Long An granted investment certificates to 53 domestic investment projects and 24 foreign investment projects. In addition, there are many active projects raising capital. This is the source and driving force for the economic development of the province. With the above results, the work of promotion, attraction and support for investment continues to be of interest to the provincial government.

Keeping the leading position in attracting investment

Long An is currently ranked in the top group in the country in terms of attracting investment, restoring production and business activities and developing socio-economics after the Covid-19 epidemic. To achieve this result, the provincial government has had many reasonable and timely support policies plus well-exploited potentials. Because of this, Long An has become a bright spot in the investment attraction of the Mekong Delta.

Đại biểu tham gia nghi thức khởi công dự án Khu phức hợp công nghệ cao của Tập đoàn Thái Tuấn.jpg

Delegates participate in the kick-off ceremony of Thai Tuan Group high-tech complex project

Among the districts in the key economic region of the province, Ben Luc is one of the localities with positive development in attracting investment. In the first 6 months of 2022, Ben Luc district attracted 99 domestic branch enterprises with a capital of 1,514 billion VND and 3 newly registered branches of foreign investment enterprises.

Up to now, Ben Luc district has attracted 2,401 domestic enterprises and branches registered to operate with a total investment capital of 28,823 billion VND, 117 enterprises and foreign investment branches with a total registered capital of 1.3 billion USD accounting for about 13.6 percent of the province's investment capital. Also in the first months of the year, Ben Luc district has two more industrial parks: Tandoland and Prodezi, which have been approved by the Prime Minister for investment.

In attracting investment in the province in recent years, there are many special points. That is, many big investors from domestic and foreign corporations have chosen Long An as a destination. For example, Thai Tuan Group. The head of this group said that Thai Tuan is boldly implementing many large enterprises with modern production technology and continues to shift all production activities to concentrate in Long An province.

Accordingly, in June 2022, Thai Tuan organized the groundbreaking of the High-tech Complex Project. This is an enterprise with a scale of over 85.5 hectares with a total investment of 16,000 billion VND, aiming to invest in the industrial production chain of yarn - textile - finishing - garment - footwear - fashion accessories. In addition to this project, Thai Tuan has been investing in many other businesses in Long An: The Thai Tuan Garment and Garment Finishing Factory Project in Phuc Long Industrial Park with an investment of nearly 1,200 billion VND has gone into operation. work; Thai Tuan Hi-tech Garment Factory Project (Long Hau Industrial Park), investment capital of 600 billion VND; Thai Tuan Garment Factory Project (Anh Hong Industrial Park), with an investment of 3,000 billion VND, is under construction, invested in machinery and equipment and is expected to operate in 2023.

In addition to Thai Tuan, the province has many investment projects with large capital: Investment project of Coca-Cola beverage factory with a total capital of more than 136 million USD, in Phu An Thanh Industrial Park (An Thanh commune, Ben Luc district); The project of Lotte Eco Logis Long An Co., Ltd (invested by Korea) in Phu An Thanh Industrial Park, area 79,142m2, with a capital of hundreds of billions of VND;...

Creating favorable conditions for investors

Long An has become an attractive destination for investors due to many reasons. In addition to the advantage of being an important intersection in the trade of goods because at the gateway of the Mekong Delta, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Long An also constantly promotes reform of administrative procedures, so more and more investors are attracted to Long An domestic and foreign to production and business, becoming an attractive destination of many large corporations.

1 Đại biểu tham quan Dự án nhà ở của Tập đoàn Nam Long tại huyện Bến Lức.jpg

Delegates visit the house project of Nam Long Group in Ben Luc District, one of the project with huge investment capital in Long An

Currently, Long An implements the goals set by the Provincial Party Committee by 2025, continues to maintain its leading economic position in the Mekong Delta region, and by 2030, becomes a fairly developed province in the region. Southern key economic region. To achieve this goal, right from the beginning of 2022, the province has promoted to improve the investment environment, creating many clean land funds with competitive prices.

In addition, the province also reviewed administrative procedures to speed up the settlement of procedures, creating favorable conditions for investors. Currently, the province has 23 industrial parks eligible to receive investment. In which, 18 industrial parks have been put into operation with a total planned natural land area of 4,076.23 hectares, industrial land available for lease 2,905.59 hectares, industrial land area for lease 2.48, 63 hectares, occupancy rate reaches 85.65%. There are 5 Industrial Parks that are performing compensation, site clearance, construction of technical infrastructure and are eligible to receive secondary investors, secondary investors are carrying out procedures to deploy the Project. judgment.

According to the comments of many projects, in recent years, Long An has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors when the provincial leaders have decided that traffic must be one step ahead. Public investment is considered a "prime capital" to attract social capital, promote socio-economic recovery and development, and create driving force for growth and breakthrough. Therefore, Long An province focuses on urging and directing investors to deploy and implement the 2022 public investment plan to achieve the set plan, especially in the field of transport.

Recently, the province has implemented many key traffic routes, connecting with Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta. Since then, a new investment wave of big projects is "coming" to Long An, especially capital "flowing" into real estate is increasing day by day. The routes can be mentioned such as Provincial Road 823D (newly opened Northwest axis connecting Long An - Ho Chi Minh City and East - Southwest provinces), Provincial Road 826E is the route connecting National Highway 50 with dynamic axis. Southwest force.

In the first 6 months of 2022, the whole province established 911 new enterprises, with a total registered capital of 13,956 billion VND, an increase of 6.9 percent in the number of enterprises. Up to now, the province has 14,602 businesses registered to operate with a total registered capital of 358,414 billion VND. In addition, from the beginning of the year until now, the province has granted investment certificates to 53 projects, with a total newly registered capital of 13,496.4 billion VND; 13 enterprises adjusted to increase capital by 972.65 billion VND. Up to now, the province has 2,166 domestic projects with a registered capital of 268,263.96 billion VND. In the field of attracting foreign investment, in the past 6 months, the province has granted investment certificates to 24 projects, with new investment capital of 246.5 million USD; There are 34 projects adjusted to increase by USD 160.8 million. There are 1,144 FDI projects in the province, with a capital of 9,803.55 million USD; in which 588 projects have been put into operation with total investment capital of 3,624 million USD.

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by NT

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