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Thứ 2, Ngày 28/12/2020, 09:00
Long An: Attractive, effective destination for attracting investment
Many right decisions, reasonable policies and investment strategy, infrastructure improvement have helped Long An become a bright spot in attracting investment in recent years, contributing to promoting socio-economic development and making it become the leading province in the Mekong River Delta (MRD) region.

Long An điểm đến hấp dẫn thu hút đầu tư hiệu quả 27122020.jpg

Long An attracts 2,013 domestic projects and 1,082 FDI projects by November 2020

Bright spot in attracting investment

According to the assessment, Long An has a favorable geographical location, it is a gateway to connect, trade, economic development corridor linking Ho Chi Minh City - Southeast region with the large MRD region in the North - South direction, with seaports and international border gates in the direction of East - West. Located in the Southern key economic region, investors coming to Long An will easily access the facilities of economic - technical infrastructure, markets of Ho Chi Minh City - the largest economic center in the country; At the same time, it is advantageous to access abundant raw materials for the agricultural and food processing industry in the MRD region - the key agricultural production area of Vietnam. Furthermore, Long An has focused on planning the construction of industrial zones and clusters to attract investment early ever seen. The waterway and road system is quite complete, many highways (National Highway 1, N2, 62), free way pass through the area, convenient for transporting and trading goods.

In addition to the strategic geographical location, Long An has many correct and reasonable policies in attracting investment, creating favorable conditions for businesses to invest and operate. Provincial leaders always accompany enterprises, promptly remove problems and difficulties in the process of operation so that the units can feel secure in production.

On the other hand, the province is constantly innovating, improving the investment and business environment, reforming the administration, enhancing trade promotion, promoting the image, and so on to become a bright spot in attracting investment.

Representative of the Management Board of Tan Kim Expanded Industrial Park (Can Giuoc District) - Nguyen Van Banh said: "Long An has many favorable conditions for businesses to invest and operate. During the production and business process of the company, we always receive the attention and support of the leaders of the province and district from the mechanism, policy as well as related procedures. The province also regularly meets and exchanges to promptly remove the difficulties and problems of enterprises, helping the unit to feel secure in its operations. The industrial zone was officially put into operation in 2010, receiving the first secondary investors in 2015, now has nearly 60 businesses in operation, reaching 100 percent.

Representative of Hoa Binh Industrial Park (Thu Thua district) - Dang Trung Tin shared: "Long An is one of the localities with attractive investment environment. We are always facilitated by provincial and district leaders in the process of operating as well as attracting investment. Provincial and district leaders regularly hold dialogues, meet businesses, and so on from there, the relationship between the two sides is more open and connected. Besides, we have policies and plans to attract investment, thereby achieving positive results, now basically filling the entire land area. The area is 118 hectares with 32 secondary enterprises, of which FDI enterprises account for 50-60 percent".

Increasing the investment attraction with many solutions

Long An's potentials and advantages are well exploited by the locality to develop, attract investment, and promote the socio-economic development of the province. In 1997 - The first milestone when Long An received enterprises to invest and implement projects in the area. Since then, the province has constantly innovated and developed. As of November 2020, Long An has more than 12,500 enterprises registered for establishment with a total registered capital of 328,144 billion VND. Long An attracts 2,013 domestic projects that were granted investment certificates with registered capital 233,412.4 billion VND and 1,082 FDI projects, registered capital 6,636.1 million USD (588 projects put into operation with total capital about 3,624 million USD). Industrial zones and clusters of the province are concentrated in convenient locations for both roads and rivers, reasonably distributed, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City; At present, the provincial seaport can receive ships of 30,000 tons and in the future, can receive ships of over 50,000 tons.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut informed that thanks to the advantages of geographical location, land, labor, the right guidelines, policies, the guidance throughout the province's leadership with the motto "The local government must accompany enterprises, consider the difficulties of enterprises as the difficulties of the province". Over the years, Long An has become a "bright spot" in attracting investment in the region as well as the whole country, standing at the top position of the MRD region. The province's investment environment is always open, attractive, safe and effective for investors. The locality always cares about and creates favorable conditions in attracting investment, especially attracting businesses operating in the field of industrial park infrastructure development and investors operating in industrial zones and clusters.

Long An highly appreciates the role of investors in the province's socio-economic development. With the viewpoint of accompanying enterprises, the province considers the difficulties of enterprises to be the difficulties of the province and the success of enterprises is the success of the province, from which the locality has important, reasonable, safe and effective policies in attracting investment. Long An's goal is to continue promoting economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness in a substantive, more efficient manner, mobilizing , effectively using resources, promoting the construction of infrastructure systems in industrial zones and clusters to receive investment projects, in accordance with the province's policy of attracting investment. In the coming time, Long An will continue to accompany enterprises, overcoming the limitations and subjective difficulties from the local side and offering specific solutions.

In addition, Long An focuses on administrative reform, improving the investment and business environment, improving the infrastructure system, training high-quality human resources to meet the requirements, and so on to increase the investment attraction, contributing to local socio-economic development./.


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