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Thứ 6, Ngày 28/08/2020, 08:00
Long An cooperates with Loc Troi Group on the development of the value chain of rice and fruit trees
On August 27, the Long An Provincial People's Committee and Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company signed a cooperation agreement to develop the rice value chain, the program of association and development of a new type of cooperative associated with the construction of rice and fruit trees raw material areas, developing cooperatives, cooperative groups and Farmers Club, to supply agricultural services, especially hi-tech agricultural services.

Long An hợp tác với Tập đoàn Lộc Trời về chuỗi giá trị lúa gạo và cây ăn trái 2782020.jpg

Long An Provincial People's Committee and Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company signed a cooperation agreement

Accordingly, the content and objectives of the cooperation include support for strengthening quality and establishing new cooperatives, supporting people; capital, finance; machinery and services; advanced production process; to build brands for agricultural products, and at the same time support cooperatives in finding markets for agricultural products. The cooperation period is from 2020 to 2024.

Accordingly, the People's Committee of Long An province established a working group to implement the coordination program; creating all conditions for investment procedures so that Loc Troi Group can deploy programs and projects; legal support for the group to access capital sources and other supports in a timely manner; to ensure the interests of the corporation to enjoy the investment promotion policies of the central and the province.

The province also supports Loc Troi Group in building rice value chains; to form material zones in the form of association with farmers associated with building at least 100 new-type cooperatives producing standard rice and fruit trees, establishing cooperatives producing rice and fruit trees branded and qualified for export. At the same time, building the infrastructure system to the fence of the enterprise's project on the basis of applying the current policies of the central and local government, ensuring the implementation of current regulations and in accordance with the resources of the local budget.

For Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company will prepare the documents and procedures as prescribed to proceed with the legal order and procedures to complete the investment project, project implementation plan. The company will establish a Coordination Team, coordinate with local agricultural units to develop a comprehensive cooperative action program based on technical activities and integration, linked with local programs on production, application of high technology and trade. In addition, the company will build and complete the contents of coordination activities, specific work plans for 2020, orientations for the following years, the contents of the cooperation agreement.

Reported by Tan Loc

Translated by NT

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