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Thứ 5, Ngày 30/11/2023, 15:00
Connecting trade and logistics businesses
Long An Department of Industry and Trade has just organized a conference to connect logistics businesses, this is an opportunity to connect logistics businesses with investors, shippers, and e-commerce businesses. ... introducing products, exchanging, collaborating, consulting and choosing solutions to optimize the logistics process of the business.

Outstanding strengths

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son shared that Long An has a very important strategic position in socio-economic development, ensuring security and defense; is the gateway between the Mekong Delta and the Southeast Region, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, and has a border with the Kingdom of Cambodia.

It is the geo-economic advantages that make Long An the gateway on the urban-industrial economic corridor of the Mekong Delta, closely connecting with Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast Region, leading to the Mekong Delta region. important trade and cooperation relationship with Cambodia for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development.

hình-3 kết nối giao thương.jpg

Delegates participating in the Conference on connecting logistics businesses in the field of e-commerce organized by the Department of Industry and Trade in November 2023

In particular, in recent times, the provincial government has focused on investing, upgrading and perfecting infrastructure, especially transportation infrastructure, forming intersections to connect inter-regional transportation systems, connecting regions. , industrial cluster with ports. Currently, industrial zones and clusters in the province are concentrated in convenient locations by road and river, attracting many businesses to invest in modern warehouse systems. Delivery services, goods-related services as agreed with customers, supply chain management, and e-commerce in the province tend to develop.

Long An converges many factors and favorable conditions for logistics activities, promoting goods trade and transportation. In the Long An Provincial Plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, approved by the Prime Minister, by 2030, Long An will become a province with a developed service industry on par with the group of developed provinces. quite well in the Southeast Region.

Accordingly, the province plans 2 dry ports including Ben Luc dry port, located in Ben Luc with an area of 10-15 hectares, throughput capacity of 150,000 Teu/year; Tan Lap dry port is located in Thu Thua district, with an area of 10-15 hectares and throughput capacity of 150,000 Teu/year. At the same time, the province formed 10 logistics centers to contribute to promoting economic exchanges between Long An and provinces and cities in the Southeast Region and the Mekong Delta in the districts of Can Giuoc, Ben Luc, Chau Thanh, Can Duoc, Duc Hue, Tan Tru and Kien Tuong town; Research and build a logistics center in Duc Hoa district.

Digital transformation in logistics, towards sustainable development

In the province, there are currently 16 industrial parks, 21 operating industrial clusters and nearly 15,000 hectares of industrial land that can attract investment in production and business. Long An is the leading locality in the Mekong Delta and ranks 13/63 provinces and cities in terms of export and import. With much room for development, industrial zones and clusters in the province are increasingly attracting more businesses to invest in the field of transportation and warehousing, showing the potential and important role of the logistics industry in supporting logistics. Supporting industrial production, agriculture, trade and services, contributing to promoting local socio-economic development.

Although the province's logistics and e-commerce activities have developed recently, there are still certain limitations, the form of logistics services is still simple, not meeting all development needs. Therefore, the Conference to connect logistics businesses in the field of e-commerce focuses on connecting businesses to suggest many directions and solutions for provinces and industry associations in improving their ability to supply goods. Support activities for the business community to restore production and business.

It is expected that these solutions will be the optimal choice for businesses to choose to use, accompanying the province in striving to achieve the goal of making Long An a gateway, goods transit center, and connected warehouse. with provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta region with Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeast Region and the Cambodian market.

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Industrial zones and clusters in the province are increasingly attracting more businesses to invest in the field of transportation and warehousing

Long An is one of the localities that grows many types of fruit to serve domestic and foreign markets. According to Director of Cass Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Company Limited (Hoa Binh Industrial Park, Thu Thua District) - Quach Thi Le Chan, the challenging issue in logistics for fresh agricultural products in Vietnam as well as Long An is not yet fully connected. In the stages of purchasing and selling, it is difficult to comply with post-harvest practices; Post-harvest and preservation technology is outdated and cannot keep up with market demand; There is a lack of logistics centers specializing in fresh agricultural products applying modern technology. Understanding this need, the company has built a warehouse system to preserve fresh agricultural products using fully automatic air adjustment technology (Cass). This way of preservation contributes to overcoming the situation of "good harvest, falling prices" and is suitable for e-commerce business trends.

At the recent Logistics Enterprise Trade Connection Conference, many delegates who are logistics business owners presented presentations with content revolving around logistics in e-commerce such as digital transformation in logistics towards sustainable development. sustainability, digital transformation and cold storage, solutions for transporting export goods by international railway, technology solutions and comprehensive logistics platforms,...

Marketing Director of Saigon Newport Corporation - Truong Tan Loc said that digital transformation and automation are trends promoting the greening and sustainable development of not only the logistics industry but also the economy. Currently, to meet customer needs, the company aims to develop sustainable logistics through digital transformation with many solutions accompanying customers and aiming for sustainable development in the logistics and shipping industry.

Mr. Truong Tan Loc also shared that, facing the requirements of green and sustainable development, especially in the logistics industry, the State and localities need to build a synchronous infrastructure system; accelerate the progress of transport infrastructure connection projects and multi-modal connections to facilitate logistics development; increase investment in logistics and warehouse infrastructure to strengthen the logistics ecosystem; Remove traffic bottlenecks to facilitate connection and transportation of goods; Promote regional connectivity, reduce logistics costs for businesses.

At the same time, it is necessary to simplify procedures, build and connect shared databases, move towards digitization and resolve procedures online. The legal system also needs to be updated to keep up with technological trends to encourage businesses to boldly invest and develop new services and technologies.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son said that opinions from logistics business owners will help the provincial government have a good direction, businesses will cooperate, advise and choose. solutions to optimize the logistics industry, connect and use each other's services, form a tight production - supply chain, meet production, business, consumption and export requirements. The provincial government will always accompany businesses to develop sustainably together./.

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by NT

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