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Thứ 6, Ngày 22/09/2023, 16:00
Continue to remove difficulties for businesses
The viewpoint of Long An province is to always accompany businesses, viewing the difficulties of businesses as also difficulties of the province, the success of businesses is the success of the province. Provincial leaders always listen, share and remove difficulties and obstacles, supporting businesses and investors operating in the area.

Many difficulties and problems

In recent years, the province has effectively exploited its competitive advantages, promoted its potential and strengths, promoted socio-economic innovation and development, rose to the forefront of the Mekong Delta and gradually affirmed itself. role and position in the Southern Key Economic Region. Enterprises play an important role in the overall growth and development of the province, demonstrated through contributing revenue to the state budget, creating jobs, social security activities,...

With a special advantage, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Can Giuoc district is becoming a bright spot in the province's socio-economic development, a key locality in industrial development, attracting a large number of businesses. to investment. According to statistics, there are nearly 1,500 operating enterprises in the district with registered capital of about 58,000 billion VND. In the 8 months of 2023 alone, there will be 136 newly established enterprises, 75 enterprises will be temporarily suspended, and 15 enterprises will be dissolved.

Trần Anh Tân Phú 2023.jpg

Tran Anh - Tan Phu Industrial Park phase 1 (Duc Hoa district)

Similarly, Duc Hoa district is identified as the northern driving economic region of the province, a key locality in industrial development. In the district, there are over 5,300 operating enterprises with registered capital of about 183,000 billion VND. In the 8 months of 2023 alone, there are 477 newly established enterprises, 145 enterprises temporarily suspended operations, and 1 enterprise dissolved.

The above numbers show that businesses in Can Giuoc and Duc Hoa districts are still facing many difficulties, challenges and "bottlenecks" that affect and stagnate production and business activities.

For a long time, Long Hau Industrial Park (Can Giuoc district) has been the choice of many businesses when coming to Long An to invest. This industrial park is divided into 3 phases: existing Long Hau, expanded Long Hau, Long Hau 3. The occupancy rate of existing Long Hau and expanded Long Hau reached 100% with over 200 active secondary enterprises. , of which foreign invested enterprises account for 40-50%. Long Hau 3 has a scale of 123 hectares, continuing to promote investment attraction to increase the occupancy rate.

According to the representative of Long Hau Joint Stock Company (infrastructure investor of Long Hau Industrial Park), the investment environment in Long An is very favorable, the locality always accompanies the Enterprise in removing obstacles and difficulties. towel. Support and incentive policies are also consistent with reality. The company prioritizes choosing investors with suitable industries, clean and environmentally friendly technology. However, currently, the operation of some secondary units in the Industrial Park faces many difficulties due to the influence of the world situation.

In addition, some land policies and laws still have problems when deployed and implemented. The company wants the province to have more post-investment policies; upgrading and expanding roads; Connect with businesses in calling and attracting investment. The company also proposed that the Provincial People's Committee consider approving the extension of the progress of the Long Hau 3 Residential and Resettlement Area project to have a legal basis to apply for an extension of the policy of changing the purpose of rice land use. Approve compensation, support and resettlement plans; Implement compensation, site clearance and land allocation and land lease; Infrastructure investment and resettlement land allocation for Long Hau 3 Industrial Park project.

Công ty Cổ phần Long Hậu 2023.jpg

Representative of Long Hau Joint Stock Company proposed that the province consider and approve the extension of the progress of the Long Hau 3 residential and resettlement area project so that the company has a legal basis to request an extension of the project's policy and implementation

According to representatives of Tran Anh-Tan Phu Industrial Park (Duc Hoa district) - Nguyen Tieu Long, the entire Industrial Park has a total area of 262 hectares, phase 1 has an area of 105 hectares. Currently, the area has completely built its infrastructure, receiving about 20 domestic and foreign enterprises. However, many businesses come to learn and leave because the transportation infrastructure connecting to the area is not guaranteed to be able to circulate goods with large cargo vehicles such as trucks or containers,... Businesses want The province invests and upgrades roads, both serving traffic in the region and contributing to promoting socio-economic development.

Continue solving difficulties

With a consistent view in implementing the policies of the Central and the province, in recent times, Long An has focused all resources to accelerate the development of transport, urban and economic infrastructure systems, contributing to improving the economy. improve the investment environment. Along with that, the province publicizes planning and land use plans according to planning; Support and guide investors to accelerate compensation, site clearance, land handover, land lease, and issuance of land use rights certificates in accordance with the prescribed order and procedures, helping to save money. time and cost for businesses.

In addition to resolving proposals and recommendations of Enterprises, the province strengthens support for legal procedures related to the investment field and operations of Enterprises. The investment promotion and support agency will provide free advice on procedures for establishing enterprises, administrative procedures for investment and business. The province also accompanies investors to survey investment locations that are suitable for planning, creating favorable conditions for investors to soon deploy projects; promptly remove problems and difficulties of enterprises, strongly improve the investment and business environment.

Lãnh đạo UBND tỉnh đối thoại 22.9.2023.jpg

Leaders of the Provincial People's Committee regularly dialogue to listen to the recommendations, contributions and shares of businesses

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Minh Lam informed that the province holds many dialogues with businesses operating in the area to listen to thoughts, aspirations as well as comments to improve efficiency. management. From the recommendations and proposals of Enterprises, the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee have issued many documents directing relevant sectors to respond to Enterprises, initially thoroughly solving a number of problem groups, helping Enterprises. feel secure and confident in the companionship of the provincial government, overcome difficulties together, create motivation, and contribute to completing the province's socio-economic development goals.

The Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to preside and coordinate with relevant agencies and units to continue reviewing and synthesizing recommendations from businesses, advising the Provincial People's Committee to direct solutions. Eliminate the difficulties and problems of the Enterprise. The Provincial People's Committee recommends that departments, branches and localities need to be more drastic and urgent in solving business problems to create strong changes in direction, administration and service in the best way; It is necessary to clearly identify which department, division, department, or individual is responsible for solving the problem, then direct immediate handling. In case of exceeding the authority to resolve, there must be a report and proposal to the competent authority; Processing results must be responded to the Enterprise in writing clearly stating the reason.

At the same time, enhance the sense of responsibility in performing public duties; Strictly handle cases of harassment and failure to strictly follow the Government's and the province's policies on supporting and developing businesses. Regarding the Business community, the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee hope that organizations, associations and businesses in the province continue to share with the difficulties and accompany the province to turn difficulties and challenges into opportunities. opportunity for development; demonstrating determination for a goal of promoting cooperation and expanding production and business activities.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Minh Lam emphasized: "The Provincial People's Committee has decided to establish a special working group to remove difficulties and obstacles and support businesses, investors, Investment projects in the province are led by provincial leaders. In the coming time, the province will regularly organize dialogues with businesses to resolve each specific group of problems and promptly clear "bottlenecks"; Promote reform of administrative procedures in the direction of streamlining, openness, and transparency and must be implemented in a drastic and unified manner from provincial to grassroots level, contributing to the common goal of overcoming difficulties together. , develop together in a sustainable way"./.

Reported by Chau Son

Translated by NT

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