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Thứ 6, Ngày 09/10/2020, 08:00
Focus on supporting businesses to clear up the agricultural market
Long An strengthens trade promotion activities, opens up the market, connects businesses to consume and consume agricultural products of the province.

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Dragon fruit is highly appreciated by MM Mega Market and will take steps for long-term commercial cooperation

Director of the Department of Industry and Trade - Nguyen Anh Viet informed that the trade - service situation of the province is still maintained with relatively stable growth, the commodity market is plentiful and diverse in designs as well as categories, to fully meet consumer needs. Currently, the province continues to strengthen trade promotion activities, expand markets, connect businesses, especially businesses in Ho Chi Minh City to consume and consume agricultural products of the province, and proceed to export. Thereby, there are many quite positive signals.

From October 6 to 11, 2020, MM Mega Market An Phu Ho Chi Minh City (under MM Mega Vietnam) organized "Vietnam Weekly and OCOP products" in response to the programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for stimulate domestic consumption demand, expand the domestic market, support local enterprises to produce and do business in a state of "new normal". Participating in this event, Long An organized for many businesses and cooperatives producing the province's agricultural products such as dragon fruit, organic rice, banana, sausage, grilled spring rolls. .. participate in display, promotion. Here, dragon fruit products produced safely in the direction of VietGAP of Thanh Phu Long Cooperative, Chau Thanh District are highly appreciated by the supermarket representative for the beautiful fruit sample, qualified for export to countries with export trade with supermarket.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin - General Director of MM Mega Vietnam shared in the context of agricultural products facing many challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, "Vietnam Weekly and OCOP products" wishes to boost demand stimulus domestic consumption, expanding the domestic market and supporting businesses and cooperatives to advertise their brands to potential customers. Currently, MM Mega Vietnam is in the process of working with partners to bring OCOP products into supermarkets. MM Mega Vietnam is always looking for strategic cooperation opportunities with new suppliers to jointly develop and bring a variety of products from many regions and regions to customers. With dragon fruit coming from Long An, he highly appreciated and said that he would take steps for long-term commercial cooperation.

Also at the opening ceremony of this event, MM Mega Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Industry and Trade of 14 provinces (including Long An) on "Development of production and connection of product consumption. OCOP to the point of introduction and sale of OCOP products "of the supermarket system.

Attending the meeting, Director of Thanh Phu Long Cooperative - Nguyen Quoc Trinh affirmed that he would be determined to connect trade with MM Mega Vietnam through the production that meets the standards of design, quality as well as supply. sufficient number of units needed. This is a good opportunity to boost the province's dragon fruit consumption in a stable and long-term.

Previously, from September 24 to 27, 2020, Long An also participated in the program of Supply - Demand Connection organized by the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City. Here, enterprises producing and trading in agricultural products and consumer goods in Long An met and exchanged information with 9 distribution systems including: Co.op, Satra, Lotte, Big C, Aeon Citimart, Aeon Vietnam, MM Mega Market, Bach Hoa Xanh, Emart and export and import enterprises of provinces and cities. During the days of the event, many customers were interested in connecting information about products manufactured in Long An such as eagle grass straws, safe vegetables, safe rice, ... Hope, this is also good opportunity for all parties to come with consume products.

Reported by Thanh Tung

Translated by NT

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