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Thứ 4, Ngày 20/08/2014, 10:00
Three golden faces
For the last 17th competitive excellent students examination in Mekong Delta region, two groups of Long An province have obtained 29 medals of all kinds.

Among five golden medals achieved by Long An, there are three granted to the excellent students of the class 12C specialized ranking of Le Quy Don High School: Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong, Nguyen Tien Hoang Son, Ho Thi Mai Trinh. In the early days of Tiger Year (Canh Dan), Hoa Hoc Tro will be with you to find out more about this three outstanding faces.


The way to access specializing ranking.


Since the period of secondary level, all three gifted and expressed their passion for social subjects. Literature is the subject inspired Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong sense of feeling. Phuong Tuong ever gained consolation prize exam of literature at the provincial level in grade 9. Thanks to that the achievement the country girl living in Duc Hoa was bravely attended the test of Le Quy Don professional secondary school. Alike, Ho Thi Mai Trinh (Ben Luc) does not forget the old-school text on literature. From the attractive method teaching of teacher helped Mai Trinh absorb all the beauty of all written poems. Passion for literature led Mai Trinh to the C specializing rank of Le Quy Don high school, with the encouragement of the her family. Particularly with Nguyen Tien Hoang Son, English has strong attraction make him want to explore and learn it. Attended the test in C specializing rank, to Son, this is the chance for him to improve his English knowledge and a chance to well equipped himself to the entrance of the University.


Exceed shocks


The home is located in Tay Ninh province, but Nguyen Tien Hoang Son has lived and studied many years in the city of Tan An. Therefore, when joined to the specializing ranking of Le Quy Don high school, Son has not got much pressure on a heavy schedule. According to Son, when learning English, students need to use different methods to get success easily. Son regularly watches English movies with subtitles, read newspapers, listens to music to hold more foreign vocabulary, syntax. Son shares: "I do not put myself to the rigid learning method. Learning with entertainment gentle way will help achieve better results”.


However, difference from Son, at the early time of joining specializing ranking, both Phuong Tuong and Mai Phuong Trinh were "shocked" with the new environment. From relations of friendship to closed day of school created more pressure for the two students coming from the rural areas. Phuong Tuong recalled: “Many times I got severe stress because of thinking not keep up with my friends in the urban. But thanks to the encouragement of groups, teachers, so I passed that most difficult period time. To Mai Trinh, sometimes she couldn’t get used to with the new method teaching causing her confusing. Fortunately, she could held the balance of psychology. So that she did not have any problems in learning "- Mai Trinh confided.


Efforts to get the dream


Knowing getting the golden medal of literature, Nguyen Thi Phuong Tuong immediately called home to share the joy with her mother. Tuong said that from the last exam, she needs to make much more effort to get good results for the test of excellent students in March and the coming national university entrance exam. Phuong Tuong thought that, although the national exams for excellent students are not holding priorities galore like before, but they will help students learn to promote their aptitudes. Ho Thi Mai Trinh said she did not pay too much attention to results of test of excellent students but not ignored because "become excellent students of the province is a pride." With the golden medal of literature in the last test of excellent students in Mekong Delta region, Mai Trinh will have more motivation to conquer her horizon of knowledge. To Nguyen Tien Hoang Son – last achievement confirms once again the reasonable method of learning. Talking about future plans, Son said: "I am looking forward to the Faculty of Economics - National University. I will strive hard to achieve that result.


Three golden faces have spent warmly Tet holidays with family welfare. The simple joy as going out the field to pull grass with her mother of Phuong Tuong, carrying her sister to visit to her grandparents of Mai Trinh or taking a spring photograph of Hoang Son has always been in their heart - as a fulcrum for their success in the future.


Translated by Nguyen Thai Hoa

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