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Thứ 4, Ngày 20/08/2014, 10:00
MOET’s decision brings death to a series of study branches
The decision by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to not allow universities to enroll students under the B-group (students have to take exams in mathematics, chemistry and biology) for several training branches has caused surprise and opposition from many universities

The move, which is described as aiming to tighten the enrolment of students to universities, has not only surprised universities but also caused shock to several millions of students who are going to attend final exams and university entrance exams in June and July.


Information technology, which is considered the most fashionable and hottest training branch and proves to be the choice of many students, is one of the study branches which will not enroll students under the B-group.


The training division of the Hung Vuong People Founded University said that it received a lot of calls last week from students who asked why the university does not enroll students under group B for several study branches any more.


“We do not know how to explain it to students,” said Nguyen Thi Mong Binh, Head of the Training Division under Hung Vuong University. We informed in late-2008 that the university will enroll students under group B for these study branches. “We had been sure that we could enroll students under group B for those branches until we received the information several days ago,” she added.


The Van Hien People’s Founded University also said that it is still awaiting the final decision from MOET on the university’s enrolment of students under group B. Van Hien has been enrolling students under A, B, C and D groups for psychology and sociology branches since 2007. However, MOET has suddenly decided that the university will not enroll students under B group any more.


Nguyen Quoc Hop, Head of the Education Division under Van Hien University said that in 2007, the university gave detailed explanation to MOET about why the university needs to enroll students under group B for the two branches. With the explanations, the university got the permission from the ministry to enroll students under group B. However, the ministry has decided that the enrolment of students under group B will not be allowed after it got the nod before.


Nguyen Xuan Phong, Deputy Headmaster of FPT University, argued that it is a wrong decision to not allow enrolling students under group B for information technology study branch.


Phong said that information technology proves to link with many fields. IT engineers will have to work in many fields, which require them to have comprehensive knowledge in many fields, including biology.


It is clear that the sudden decision by MOET will affect the benefit of universities and students as well.


“Business administration, finance and banking, and accountancy study branches enroll 50% of total students. If MOET prohibits the university to enroll students under B group, this will seriously affect the management and training of the university,” said Mong Binh.


Meanwhile, Phong said that the sudden decision without any informing in advance proves to be the action MOET should not do because this will affect students negatively. He said that many students have been preparing for taking exams under group B for many years, and what will they have to do if they are not allowed to take exams under group B any more? If they still want to study information technology, they will have to take exams under group A (mathematics, physics and chemistry), and in this case, it is not sure that they will have enough time to prepare for this.


“I think education managers need to give reasonable answers before making decision, as the decision will affect students’ benefit and the economic development,” Phong said.



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