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Thứ 5, Ngày 30/11/2023, 16:00
Promote trade promotion and connect agricultural product consumption
To support agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, and farmers in producing and consuming products, in recent times, provincial functional agencies have actively guided businesses, cooperatives, and farmers to proactively improve quality. quantity of agricultural products to meet regulations and requirements of export markets. At the same time, functional branches also promote trade promotion activities, especially organizing connection conferences, investment cooperation, fairs,... to create stable output for Vietnam's agricultural products.

Standardize the quality of agricultural products

Information from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, recently, the Department coordinated with relevant departments and branches to organize many conferences to connect supply and demand between businesses purchasing agricultural products (export and consumption). domestic) with cooperatives and farmers in the province. At the same time, the Department organized many training sessions to implement regulations when participating in exporting agricultural products to potential markets such as Europe, China, Japan, Korea, the United States,... Thereby, create conditions for the province's agricultural products to access foreign markets.

chùm ngây vườn 2023.jpg

From the beginning of 2023 until now, the Department of Industry and Trade has supported more than 100 businesses to participate in fairs and exhibitions inside and outside the province

The entire Long An province currently has nearly 30,000 hectares of land planted with perennial crops, mainly fruit trees such as dragon fruit, lemon, jackfruit, durian, mango,... These are the province's key products. is being developed, forming a concentrated production area to serve the domestic and export markets.

Director of the Provincial Department of Crop Production, Plant Protection and Quality Management of Agricultural Products - Nguyen Van Cuong said that in recent times, the Provincial Agriculture sector has focused on supporting businesses, cooperatives and farmers to build Growing area codes for export of potential crops. To date, in the province there are 288 MSVTs with a total area of over 13,734 hectares, exported to markets: Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, EU, Russia, UK, China.

The agricultural products with the most growing area codes are dragon fruit, followed by lemons, watermelons, bananas, durian, mangoes, sweet potatoes, etc. In addition, the whole province has 163 packaging facilities granted codes. , of which dragon fruit has 109 establishments; lemon 31 establishments; banana 2 establishments; jackfruit, durian, mango 21 establishments.

Tan Thanh district currently has over 2,069 hectares of land planted with fruit trees, mainly jackfruit, durian and lemon, concentrated in Tan Lap, Tan Ninh, Nhon Ninh and Tan Thanh communes. In order to find stable output for agricultural products and build its own brand, the district coordinates with industries to create conditions for farmers to build planting area codes and packaging facility codes.

3 mã số vùng trồng sầu riêng.jpg

Tan Thanh district currently has 3 area codes for durian growing exported to China

To date, Tan Thanh district has built 5 growing area codes, including 3 growing area codes for durian trees, 1 growing area code for watermelons exported to China and 1 growing area code for seedless lemons exported. Europe. At the same time, the district has 2 inland growing area codes for rice; 6 cooperatives and cooperative groups achieved VietGAP certification and 1 mushroom production facility achieved organic certification.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang (Tan Lap commune, Tan Thanh district) shared: "With nearly 2 hectares of more than 6-year-old durian, my family received support from the local government and functional branches in building the planting area code to meet meet the requirements of export markets. To be granted an open area code, my family cultivates according to the technical procedures instructed by the authorities, uses fertilizers and pesticides according to the allowed list and keeps a complete production diary. enough".

Promote e-commerce

Besides traditional distribution channels, recently, e-commerce has become a new distribution channel to help farmers, cooperatives and businesses strongly promote the process of consuming agricultural products. When participating in e-commerce, farmers, cooperatives, and agricultural businesses have the opportunity to expand the number and target audience of customers. Buying, selling and regulating goods from surplus to shortage takes place flexibly and quickly. The connection and consumption between the parties is carried out through professional shipping units.

PURE Production Trading Company Limited (Tan Long commune, Thu Thua district) specializes in producing cajuput essential oil under the Con Yeu brand and is one of many units taking advantage of e-commerce to market products. Director of PURE Production Trading Company Limited - Nguyen Quoc Vu said: "Currently, the Company sells through many distribution channels, including e-commerce. Because, the biggest trend of businesses and retailers is multi-channel sales, promoting online sales in addition to optimizing traditional sales channels. When participating in e-commerce platforms, the Company can easily promote products and reduce costs in the sales process."

Công ty Sản xuất PURE.jpg

Products of PURE Production Trading Company Limited on the e-commerce platform managed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

According to Director of the Provincial Center for Industry and Trade Promotion - Pham Van Phong, to effectively bring agricultural products to e-commerce platforms, farmers need to pay attention to the production stage to ensure quality, design, and satisfaction. food safety standards, VietGAP, GlobalGAP,... Preliminarily and processed products must have labels, declaration of conformity, clear information, etc. On the other hand, products must ensure uniformity. , there is a refinement of product images on e-commerce platforms.

Currently, the whole province has over 50 booths registered to participate with over 485 products displayed on e-commerce platforms. In addition, the Department of Industry and Trade also coordinates with the Provincial Post Office and Viettel to support agricultural households, business households, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises,... in the province to promote their images and develop their products. products and brand recognition on e-commerce platforms (, To date, there are over 63,200 organizations and individuals selling on these two e-commerce platforms with over 7,650 registered products.

In addition, the Department introduces and promotes typical products and OCOP products of the province through Zalo and Facebook groups; Build traceability software for typical products of the province.

Strengthen advertising and trade promotion

From the beginning of 2023 until now, the functional sector supports businesses, cooperatives, and economic entities to participate in fairs in Hanoi City, Can Tho City, Lao Cai province, Hau Giang,...; connecting the Long An Dragon Fruit Association with the APEC BCI Trade Association on purchasing and investing in products with businesses, along with many other programs and policies to help businesses expand consumption markets.

Information from the Department of Industry and Trade, from the beginning of 2023 until now, the Department has supported over 100 businesses participating in fairs and exhibitions; Support many businesses to receive survey delegations and connect directly with many businesses from China and Korea;...

Công nhân sơ chế đóng gói nông sản xoài.jpg

Workers process and package agricultural products (mangoes) for export

As one of the businesses that regularly participates in trade fairs and exhibitions inside and outside the province, Vuon Nha Minh One Member Company Limited (Tan Binh commune, Tan Tru district) carries processed products. transforms from the Moringa tree to customers near and far.

According to Director of Nha Minh Garden One Member Company Limited - Pham Ngoc Anh Tuan, thanks to the support from the Department of Industry and Trade, the Company has the opportunity to promote its products at trade fairs and exhibitions in and abroad. From these fairs, the Company has more customers and signed many contracts, the Company's business is also more favorable.

Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade - Chau Thi Le informed that recently, the Department organized a conference to connect logistics businesses in the field of e-commerce. The conference took place in a friendly and open spirit. Provincial departments, branches, localities and businesses exchanged a lot of content about the latest trends and updates in the fields of logistics, e-commerce and import and export.

"In addition, implementing the Trade Promotion and Industry Support Program of Long An province in 2023, from the beginning of 2023 until now, the Department has supported businesses, cooperatives and OCOP entities to provide seasonal information. crops, harvest and farming output; time to harvest agricultural products for e-commerce platforms; guide agricultural production households to put products on e-commerce platforms; Develop documents to guide agricultural households to register accounts and put products on e-commerce platforms in many forms" - Ms. Chau Thi Le added.

With existing potential and advantages, the strong participation of functional sectors has opened up new prospects in linking, trade promotion and agricultural product consumption. Thereby, helping the province's agricultural products have more consumer markets, reducing the risk of repeating the situation of "good harvest, falling prices" every time entering the peak harvest period./.

Reported by Bui Tung

Translated by NT

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