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Thứ 4, Ngày 03/08/2022, 15:00
Diversifying products through processing agricultural products
Diversifying products after harvesting is one of the solutions to help agricultural products be consumed more easily and improve the value of agricultural supply chains. Ben Luc district, Long An province is one of the localities with strong industrial development, so the diversification of processed products from agriculture is a new direction to develop rural industry.

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Process lemon into various products

According to Ms. Thu Nguyet - a representative of the marketing department, Chanh Viet Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (CHAVI), the company currently has a farm of over 150 hectares specializing in producing seedless lemons according to GlobalGAP standards. In addition to fresh lemons, the Company also has many processed products such as DoHaVi - a brand of cordyceps products grown and processed according to modern standards. The product is researched and developed by Mr. Nguyen Van Hien and a team of scientists, bringing to consumers new products from Vietnamese flavoring sources. Dried lemon peel/slice products, without preservatives and dried under 8 percent, used to make lemon tea, herbs and spices for daily cooking. CHAVI Lemon essential oil products have been successfully researched and tested by scientists on modern production lines. The product is extracted from fresh lemon peel, free of chemicals and additives, used for skin care and therapy in the form of liquid essential oils, without impurities. Or the product of lemon slices soaked in dried honey with modern technology, can be eaten directly or put in tea to drink. The company also has many products: King lemon sauce, salted lemon, salted lemon juice, fresh lemon juice, pure dragon fruit powder, spiced lemon powder, ...

From the diversification of products, Chanh Viet Company has many customers inside and outside the province and won the titles: Prestigious and quality Vietnamese brand at the Vietnam Investment Promotion and Strategic Cooperation Conference - Thailand in 2019; honoring the title of Vietnamese Golden Buffalo in 2019 awarded by the Central Association of Vietnam Farms and Enterprises; certificate of Typical Products and Services of Ho Chi Minh City in 2019 awarded by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association; certificate of Typical Products at the Exhibition honoring Vietnamese goods awarded by the Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City;...

In particular, the Company cooperates in training and research in processing agricultural products with prestigious universities at home and abroad: Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Chapman University (USA), Putra University (Malaysia), Quest University (Taiwan), Saga University (Japan), CHUSA winne (Korea). CHAVI Garden is also a place for students to practice and turn their dreams and startup ideas into reality. In addition, this is also a place for visitors to learn and experience the culture of the Southwest region and agricultural models applying high technology along with processing agricultural products.

Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Ben Luc District - Le Van Nam assessed, the Company is the leading unit in the district in diversifying products from seedless lemons. This is a model that needs to be replicated, especially in the OCOP program (one product per commune). In addition, the company also contributes to promoting the development of processing industry in rural areas, creating jobs for local workers, actively contributing to the construction of new rural areas.

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