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Thứ 5, Ngày 18/02/2021, 14:00
Enterprises and small traders embarked on production and business
In the joyful atmosphere of the first days of the new spring, many small businesses have embarked on production and business, expecting a good year.

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Most supermarkets and markets have opened but the purchasing power is not high

Excited business

Vietnam is increasingly integrating deeply and broadly, and free trade agreements have been implemented, since then, enterprises can seize opportunities to promote production and business activities. Traditional New Year is a long holiday, but after this holiday, to meet contracts and orders, most enterprises organize production activities right in the first days of the new spring.

Deputy Director of Long An Food Company - Nguyen Minh Viet said that after a long Tet holiday, up to this point, all factories under the Company have started to operate. In 2021, the company plans to buy about 180,000 tons of rice. It is expected that the amount of goods on the Company will be exported to the domestic market about 30 percent, 70 percent for export to the world market.

Accordingly, after Tet, farmers will harvest a lot of rice tea in Winter-Spring crop until March 2021. This year, in Long An, the Agriculture sector aims to proactively prevent, combat drought, salinity and mitigate natural disasters, in the winter-spring crop 2020-2021, forecasts that output will increase, with less damage due to lack of irrigation water or invasion. Harmful salt entry on rice tea. According to the plan, the Company will give priority to purchasing rice in Long An, especially in areas where production is linked, then buy to neighboring localities such as Tien Giang and Dong Thap.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Viet happily shared, in 2020, thanks to the application of new equipment and production lines, the output of goods sold by the Company increased significantly compared to previous years, reaching over 161,000 tons. In the domestic market, the Company is supported by the Department of Industry and Trade to promote trade in the corporate kitchens, so consumption grows well. In addition, the Company also exports directly to many traditional markets such as China, Malaysia, Africa, ... Especially, the company is exploring and promoting a new market, the EU. In 2021, the company expects to export more rice to the EU market, because this market is sustainable, and the export price is very good.

An Long Food Joint Stock Company (Long Dinh Industrial Cluster - Long Cang, Can Duoc District) specializes in manufacturing, processing and trading, importing and exporting vegetable oil products. Over the past time, the company has launched many vegetable oil products with high nutritional value and competitive prices to meet the increasing demands of consumers. After the Tet holidays, at this time, all officers, workers, and employees of the Company began to work. According to representative of the Company - Mr. Huynh Huy Hoang, the goal of the Company in 2021 is to constantly develop new ideas to diversify products and improve product quality to meet the increasing demands of customers. row. In addition, the Company also constantly implements the culture in the Company, improving the lives, working conditions, and incomes for employees, aiming to become one of the top vegetable oil trading companies. Vietnam.

Small traders expect

Director of My Thanh Cooperative (Thu Thua district) - Nguyen Quoc Cuong said that members of the cooperative are happy but do not forget farming. Most members start to harvest vegetables on the morning of the second day of the new year to meet the needs of small traders and consumers to consume green vegetables early. The weather is favorable this year, so most of the members have a good season. In particular, recently, the Cooperative always explores the market, captures the tastes of consumers to produce new products such as squash, bitter melon, beauty apple, ... This new product, the Cooperative instructs members on cultivation and fertilization techniques so it develops well. Most new products are more profitable than growing traditional products on the same acreage. In 2021, the cooperative will promote dynamism, take the trouble to explore the market in order to accompany farmers in the production process, achieving high profits.

Supermarkets and convenience stores in the province have reopened to serve the shopping needs of consumers. Recorded at the points of sale, the main service goods are some fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, tubers and foods. Accordingly, the items sold for less than normal days, vegetables, tubers and fruits have stable prices and tend to decrease compared to before Tet due to more secure supply. In addition, at traditional markets, most small businesses have returned to buying and selling goods, but the goods are not as plentiful and diverse as before Tet.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut - small trade market of Ward 1, Tan An city, who sells shrimps and fish, said that after Tet, consumers are less likely to use meat and choose river fish and shrimp for processing eat. Therefore, in the first days of the year, these types are selling well but the quantity sold is not as much as before, the market will end sooner than usual. The selling price of all kinds of shrimp and fish is still not more expensive than normal days, the average shrimp price is 150,000-300,000 VND / kg, depending on type.

In addition to vegetables, fruits, vegetables, shrimp, fish, tofu are also chosen by many consumers. Mrs. Tran Thi Ngoc, living in Ward 4, Tan An City, said that after the Tet holidays, her family began to prepare ingredients to make tofu. According to Ms. Ngoc, tofu is made from soybeans, is a popular, nutritious and easy-to-eat dish with low price. Tofu can be processed into many dishes, suitable for vegetarians, especially in January. On average, every day, Ms. Ngoc sells about 150 pieces of tofu, priced at 5,000 VND / piece. Talking about her expectation in 2021, Ms. Ngoc hopes that the Covid-19 epidemic will be quickly curbed and passed so that the enterprise can stabilize production, workers have jobs, stable income and economic development.

According to information from the Department of Industry and Trade, after Tet, the prices of essential consumer goods are stable due to the guaranteed supply when most supermarkets and markets have opened. Currently, the supply of goods is plentiful, the price is stable but the purchasing power is not high because people still reserve in the purchase before Tet.

Reported by Mai Huong

 Translated by NT

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