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Thứ 4, Ngày 08/07/2020, 09:00
Ministry of Transport eyes at Long An International Port
Deputy Minister of Transport (MOT) - Nguyen Van Cong, Head of Vietnam Maritime Administration - Nguyen Xuan Sang, representatives of Maritime Departments, Departments, Port Authority, etc. inspected and worked at Long An International Port, Tan Tap commune, Can Giuoc district on state administration in maritime field, port planning. Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Van Canh accompanied with the delegation.

Bộ GTVT thị sát tại Cảng Quốc tế Long An hình 1 672020.jpg

The mission acknowledged the professionalism and methodology of Dong Tam Group when they attempt to build Long An International Port

After visiting and working at the port cluster of Hiep Phuoc area, Ho Chi Minh City in the morning, the delegation moved to Long An International Port by waterway, through the mouth of Soai Rap and Vam Co rivers, evaluating dredging work , actual implementation of the Soai Rap river route planning.

Sharing with Dong Tam Group (the investor of the construction of Long An International Port), Deputy Minister - Nguyen Van Cong highly appreciated the rapid completion schedule, the items that were built completely and effectively,  High activity and clear vision of Long An International Port.

Bộ GTVT thị sát Cảng Quốc tế Long An hình 2 672020.jpg

At the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dong Tam Group - Vo Quoc Thang (right) had many suggestions to the Ministry of Transport

Located on the Soai Rap river channel, right side of the upstream of Dong Nai river, 19 kilometers from the seaport, about 40 kilometers from buoy 0, Long An International Port is a project in a complex of 4 project areas with a total scale of 1,935 hectares, including: Long An International Port, Southeast Asia Industrial Park Long An, Long An Southeast Asia Industrial Service Area, Long An Southeast Asia Urban Area.

In particular, Long An Port is 147 hectares, invested in 3 phases with a total capital of nearly 10,000 billion VND, including: 7 wharves capable of receiving ships of up to 70,000 DWT and a total length of from beginning of Pier 1 to end of Pier 7 is 1,670 meters; 7 barges; warehouse system, bonded warehouse; container yard system and other ancillary works. All items as well as the system of operating centers are being urgently deployed to build in accordance with the completion progress in 2023. Particularly, the warehouse area for storage at the port is more than 400,000 square meters, serving the needs, transport, storage of agricultural and aquatic products, fertilizers, iron and steel, ... of the Mekong Delta region and a gateway for import and export enterprises in the Southeast region to gather and distribute by road, sea or inland waterways. Long An province has also invested in completing the DT 830 axis from the port connecting NH50 and NH1 to facilitate the circulation of goods to neighboring localities.

Long An International Port has also expanded its complex areas including urban areas, seaport services, restaurants, accommodation, ... Up to now, 3 wharves have been built with a length of 630 meters. In 2020, Long An International Port will continue to build wharves No. 4, 5 and 6 to welcome ships with a tonnage of up to 70,000 DWT and soon put into operation in 2021. Besides, investors are also promoting completing legal procedures to expand the scale, so that wharves 8 and 9 with designed and built capacity can accommodate ships of up to 100,000 DWT; increasing the total continuous length of the wharf system to 2,368 meters, becoming one of the largest international wharves in Vietnam.

Bộ GTVT thị sát Cảng Quốc tế Long An hình 3 672020.jpg

The mission inspect at Long An International Port

Inspection mission to Long An International Port By the end of 2019, in the process of building and operating, Long An International Port welcomed nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign ships in and out of the port, reaching nearly 1 million tons of import and export goods through the port, notably especially, the port has successfully received and unloaded many 50,000 DWT vessels.

The delegation acknowledged the professionalism and methodology of Dong Tam Group when trying to build Long An International Port with full support items such as customs declaration, veterinary services, working houses and motels for border guards, port authorities, ... The working place and life of port staff and employees are very good. In addition, the port also focuses on the comfort and convenience of workers, drivers throughout the country in and out of the port through very spacious and clean services such as bathrooms, toilets, apartments- tin, Ong Bau Cafe, ...

It can be said that the development of Long An International Port is the premise to promote the development of industrial zones - clusters, contributing to economic development in the Mekong Delta region. At the same time, reducing road traffic congestion, reducing transport and logistics costs for investment enterprises, which are highly appreciated by enterprises located in Long An province and the Mekong Delta in general. In addition, the port is also an extremely important trade hub of the southern key economic region.

Bộ GTVT thị sát tại Cảng Quốc tế Long An hình 4 672020.jpg
Deputy Minister of Transport - Nguyen Van Cong (second from right) highly appreciated the speed of completion, the items were built completely, the operation efficiency of Long An International Port

During the preliminary discussion at the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dong Tam Group - Vo Quoc Thang asked to open 2 more wharves with construction design capacity to accommodate ships of up to 100,000 DWT, one specialized whart to serve vessels operating in the field of exploitation - transporting gas and oil, building a center to welcome large cruise ships and tourists in the near future, ...

Deputy Minister - Nguyen Van Cong directs the specialized sections under the Ministry of Transport to review and review the rationality of the recommendations of enterprises to propose specific, practical and non-wasteful solutions. a favorable location of Soai Rap river, in accordance with the general development strategy of the whole region.

Representative of local leaders, Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Van Canh also added: The province's development vision is that besides agriculture, industrial and service development is also required. Seaport is a strategic development direction based on available advantages, being utilized and promoted effectively. The province will always support and create the best conditions for businesses and investors to jointly build projects and works towards the overall development of the province, contributing to helping Long An become an economic region. dynamic of the South, improving the lives of people in the area./.

Reported by Minh Han

Translated by NT

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