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Thứ 6, Ngày 03/07/2020, 14:00
Key transport projects speeded up
Long An Province directs relevant departments, agencies and localities to focus on inspecting, reviewing, overcoming difficulties and limitation, urging construction units to accelerate the progress of key projects on transport, soon complete and put into use, it contributes to promoting local socio-economic development.

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1. Currently, the key transport projects are being focused on implementing, the basic schedule is in accordance with the plan. Tan An Ring Road is being constructed by the units from National Highway (NH) 1A - Provincial Road (PR) 827A. This section is currently divided into 6 construction bidding packages (4 bidding packages for road, 1 package bidding for Bao Dinh bridge and 1 bidding package for lighting). According to the Deputy Director of Department of Transport - Nguyen Hoai Trung, the Department coordinated with departments, branches and Tan An city to organize the implementation of the project. At present, the project still faces difficulties related to site clearance. Department of Transport Project Management Unit coordinates with relevant departments and agencies to demarcate the intersections on this route to facilitate the implementation. At the same time, the Department proposes the province to give opinions and direct the Center for Development of Land Funds and Services of Natural Resources and Environment (under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment) in coordination with People's Committee of Tan An city to focus on solving problems in site clearance to hand over the project construction ground as required.

2. Among the three key projects, PR 830 can be said to be the most convenient project. The entire route has a length of more than 50 kilometers, from Duc Hoa district to Ben Luc, Can Duoc and the end point is Long An Port (Can Giuoc district). PR 830 is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 from Duc Hoa district to Ben Luc implemented by BOT method has been completed, meeting the needs of traveling and trading well in the area. Section 2 from Ben Luc to National Highway (NH) 50 has also been completed and put into use. Section 3 from NH 50 to Long An Port is under construction.

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The transport works are focused on speeding up

The head of package 7a (from section 3 from NH 50 - Long An Port) - Nguyen Huu Tin shared: "The unit concentrates manpower and material resources to execute the bidding package. Currently, on schedule, we basically meet the signed contract. The rainy season starts, the implementation has encountered certain difficulties. Besides, the ground is also a problem. We coordinate and recommend the branches and localities to remove difficulties in ground, soon hand over to the units to implement, ensure speeding up the project".

Phase 1 of PR 830 is basically completed, opened and put into operation. The province is focusing on implementing phase 2 of the project. The phase of expansion from Nguyen Trung Truc street (Ben Luc district) to NH 50, with a length of over 20 kilometers and 4 bridges, upgrading the road from grade IV to grade III, 4 lanes with a roadbed of 18.5 meters wide, 14 meters wide asphalt surface, 1.5 meters wide median, 3 meters wide curb, design speed of 80 kilometers per hour, 4 bridges (Long Son, Ba Tuong, Rach Dao and Nha Ram) are expanded the bridge size from 10 meters to 17.5 meters (extending each side 3.75 meters). The total investment is over 600 billion VND.

According to the Deputy Commander of bidding package 10 (under the expansion phase of PR 830) - Pham Ngoc Chien, the project has been basically implemented as scheduled, reaching nearly 70 percent of the contract volume. Construction units work throughout, including Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes with extra shifts. The unit also has a schedule to adjust working hours to suit the reality. Every day, the construction site has about 40 employees, 2 teams for constructing the bridge, 1 team for constructing sewers and ditches, 2 teams for constructing road and 1 team for installing lighting systems. Contract value is nearly 80 billion VND, completed volume is over 53 billion VND. The unit tries, maximally focuses on accelerating the work, soon putting to use, serving the development of the locality.

3. Project of transport infrastructure axis connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang, has a total length of about 54.5 kilometers, the section running through Ho Chi Minh City is about 5.8 kilometers long, the section running through Long An province. 34.5 kilometers in length and the section through Tien Giang province has a length of 14,2 kilometers. Currently, the section through Long An area has alignment. Accordingly, the route passes through the territory of 4 districts of Long An province, including Can Giuoc, Can Duoc, Tan Tru and Chau Thanh, from the intertsection of NH 50 at the point of connection with "Parallel NH 50" Km8 + 600) the route runs in parallel and is about 2km from NH 50, then the route continues to bypass Cho Rach Kien town area (about 2.5 kilometers southeast of Rach Kien market). The route will cross Vam Co Dong river at a distance of 3 kilometers downstream from the existing Ben Ba ferry terminal. From here, the route will continue to go new and cross the Vam Co Tay river at a position about 1.5 kilometers downstream from Binh Tinh ferry. The route continues along PR 827D and arrives at Binh Cach Bridge, ending the section through Long An province at Km40 + 300 of dynamic axis. The section passing Long An province has 2 parts: The road section is 34.5 kilometers long, with a roadbed size of 40 meters and 6 vehicle lanes; The bridge consists of 3 large bridges: Can Giuoc Bridge, Vam Co Dong Bridge and Vam Co Tay Bridge.

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Trung informed that this project is consistent with the future development trend of the Mekong River Delta region in general and Long An province in particular. The route "Motivation axis connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang" is invested, along with that, it will develop a lot of social services in the area. The roads in the area are also reduced, contributing to reducing traffic congestion, creating favorable conditions for socio-economic development of localities in the province and neighboring provinces, especially Ho Chi Minh city. When the route is invested, it will create opportunities for the locality to develop urban areas, industrial parks and service areas in order to exploit the region's advantages.

"Long An is considering and proposing the superior to put the project into the national road network planning, the transportation development planning of the Southern key economic region according to Decision No. 2055/QD-TTg, dated November 23, 2015 by the Prime Minister. Method of investment is that the central government supports Long An Provincial People's Committee to invest in three major bridges on the route, including the bridge Can Giuoc river, the bridge crossing Vam Co Dong river, the bridge crossing Vam Co Tay river with a total investment of about 1,998 billion VND. The remaining route and small bridges will be handed over to localities to study the mechanism and make investment by themselves"- Mr. Nguyen Hoai Trung added.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee - Pham Van Canh directs relevant departments, agencies and localities to focus on removing obstacles and difficulties, coordinating construction units to accelerate the progress of key projects on transport, soon put into use and serve local socio-economic development.

For the 2015-2020 term, Long An has set and implemented three key projects, 12 of which are under the breakthrough program of the transport sector. 3 key projects include PR 830, Ring road of Tan An city and transport infrastructure axis connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang./.


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