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Thứ 4, Ngày 06/05/2020, 11:00
Industrial impressions
Many industrial development projects in Long An province have promoted their role and achieved efficiency. The industry of the province is becoming more and more complete, contributing significantly to the strong growth of the local socio-economy in the past time as well as promising a positive prospect in the future.

Cầu cảng dài được đưa vào sử dụng 552020.jpg

Long An wharf is put into use to create favorable conditions for industrial development

Motivation for development

Long An province has a convenient location, considered as a gateway connecting the Southeast and the Mekong Delta region; it also has borders, border gates and international ports. Besides, it is also in the Southern key economic region so there are many conditions for economic development, especially the industrial economy.

Recently, Long An has many right decisions in industrial development. The province always creates favorable conditions for businesses to invest in the area. The leaders at all levels always accompany and listen to the aspirations as well as promptly remove difficulties for the businesses.

At the same time, the province also continually improves the investment-business environment; reforms administrative procedures; promotes investment and trade promotion activities; introduces the local image; corrects the working attitude of cadres and civil servants, and so on in order to attract more businesses, making an important contribution to the local socio-economic development.

Duc Hoa district is said to be "the pioneer" in the industrial development of the province. The socio-economy of the district has been constantly developing in recent years.

Mr. Tran Huy Hung (Duc Hoa Ha commune, Duc Hoa district) said: "I was born and grew up here so I witnessed its development. The appearance of the commune is gradually changing, the life of local people is improved. The above results are due to the continuous efforts of the people and local authorities. Besides, industry plays an important role. Currently, 3 out of 5 members of my family are workers in the enterprises in the area with a stable salary".

The representative of the Hai Son Industrial Park Management Board said: This enterprise has invested in the Duc Hoa district for many years. In the process of operation, the enterprises are always timely supported by the local authority. Investment and business environment is constantly being improved. Long An has many supporting policies in line with reality. Therefore, we are very reassuring to develop production. Currently, there are nearly 400 businesses operating in the area, creating jobs for thousands of local workers.

According to Chairman of the People's Committee of Duc Hoa district - Tran Van Lanh, the attraction of investment in the district is focused by the provincial leaders. As a result, more and more businesses have come to invest, contributing to the local authorities to solve social security issues effectively, promoting the socio-economic development of the district. The economic structure has shifted in the right direction with good growth; industrial production increasingly plays an important role in the economy, contributing significantly to the local budget. The industry of the district is getting better and better. In the coming time, the district will strengthen coordination with provincial departments and branches in site clearance; creating clean land funds to attract investment; improving the business environment; removing difficulties for the businesses, etc.

Increasingly perfecting

Investing in Thu Thua district since 2008, Hoa Binh Industrial Park has filled more than 80 percent. The area of the whole area is 118 hectares with 23 operating enterprises and creating jobs for 13,000 laborers in the area. Representatives of Hoa Binh Industrial Park - Dang Trung Tin said: The province always creates favorable conditions for the businesses. Besides, the province has many preferential policies to timely support the businesses. Currently, we are calling for investment to increase the occupancy rate of the industrial zone. Therefore, we expect the provincial, branches and local authorities to support clearance of the remaining area to easily expand production scale.

Khu công nghiệp Hòa Bình552020.jpg

Hoa Binh Industrial Park has 23 enterprises, creating jobs for more than 13,000 employees

For a long time, Long Hau Industrial Park (Can Giuoc district) has been selected by many businesses when investing in Long An. This industrial park is divided into 3 phases including Long Hau (existing), Long Hau (expanded) and Long Hau 3. At present, the Long Hau (existing) and Long Hau (expanded) are 100 percent filled with more than 200 secondary enterprises in operation; in which, enterprises with foreign investment accounted for 40-50 percent.

Khu công nghiệp Long Hậu 552020.jpg

The occupancy rate of Long Hau industrial park is 100 percent

Long Hau 3 has an area of 123 hectares, has completed infrastructure. It is calling for businesses to invest. Director of Marketing - Sales of Long Hau Joint Stock Company (the investor of the infrastructure of Long Hau Industrial Park) - Bui Le Thanh Hieu said: The investment environment in Long An is very convenient, the province always supports to solve difficulties for us. Support policies are also appropriate to reality. Currently, we are calling for investment for Long Hau 3. We prioritize investors whose fields are suitable with clean and environmentally friendly technology. We hope that the provincial leadership would have more post-investment policies, expand roads, etc. to keep up with the current pace of development.

According to Chairman of Can Giuoc District People's Committee - Nguyen Tuan Thanh, the socio-economy of the district is constantly developing. In particular, the industrial economy plays an important role, contributes greatly to the local budget, creates jobs for about 50,000 workers in the district as well as surrounding areas. Industrial zones in the area are basically 100 percent filled. The district's industry is gradually improved than before.

In the coming time, the district will continue orienting and perfecting industrial development. In particular, the district focuses on site clearance in order to create a clean land fund; removing difficulties for some industrial parks and clusters to implement as planned; supporting the implementation of phase 2 of Long An Industrial Park, Nam Tan Tap Industrial Park, Long Hau 3 Industrial Park, some new industrial clusters and the wharf system of Long An International Port.

According to Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Investment - Nguyen Anh Viet, the province has many policies to support and promote investment; the investment attraction over the past time has achieved many positive results. The provincial leaders always accompany enterprises, promptly solve difficulties. The provincial leaders always accompany enterprises in order to promptly remove difficulties. The industry is increasingly playing a key role in the economy. The industry of the province is getting better and better. However, development still faces certain difficulties, especially in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Department has coordinated with departments, agencies and sectors to propose and advise the provincial People's Committee on specific support policies and solutions to remove difficulties for businesses, increase investment attraction in the province, and contribute to promoting local socio-economic development./.


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