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Thứ 2, Ngày 23/03/2020, 08:00
Chau Thanh aims to improve quality of dragon fruits
In 2020, the agricultural economy of Chau Thanh district, Long An province is still developing synchronously thanks to the promotion of the strengths of each region although the weather is complicated, epidemics occur on crops and domestic animals, the effects of drought and saltwater intrusion.

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Implementing the project of 2,000 hectares of dragon fruits applying high technology, so far, Chau Thanh has 2,082 hectares with 3,465 households participating.

In lowland communes, farmers raise black tiger shrimp and white leg shrimp. The highland communes focus on planting dragon fruits. Up to now, the whole district has nearly 9,100 hectares of dragon fruit (an increase of 1,017 hectares over the same period), including 8,100 hectares of red intestine dragon fruit, the area for fruit of 7,837 hectares, the output reaches 350,000 tons (an increase of 90,461 tons over the same period of 2018).

Mr. Truong Minh Trung (living in Cau Doi hamlet, An Luc Long commune) said: "My family cultivates 2 hectares of dragon fruit, earning an annual income of 400-500 million VND". Thanks to VietGAP and GlobalGAP processes, with a product off-take contract, dragon fruit output is relatively stable. Long Tri commune has 11 households producing 11 hectares of dragon fruits according to the GlobalGAP process, which is bought by Ngoc Song Chau Company (Ho Chi Minh City) at 25,000 VND per kilo (for main crop), 30,000 VND per kilo (for off-season crop). An Luc Long commune has 4 households which are members of Dragon Fruit Cooperative of Long Hoi, cultivating 4.24 hectares of dragon fruits according to GlobalGAP process, covered by Can Tho Fruit and Vegetable Company for 30,000 VND per kilo (for main crop), 35,000 VND per kilo (for off season).

Mr. Truong Minh Trung (An Luc Long commune) said: "Producing dragon fruits according to GlobalGAP standards is not difficult, must use fertilizers and plant protection drugs according to the list, do not abuse stimulants or pesticides. The last growth stage of the left, when using plant protection drugs, must ensure isolation time. It is important to keep a production log to track product origin".

Mr. Trung added that since signing the off-take contract with Can Tho Vegetable and Fruit Company, every year, after deducting expenses, his profit is from 400-500 million VND per hectares. In 2020, Mr. Truong Minh Trung's dragon fruit production group will have 3 new members to sign a contract with Can Tho Vegetable and Fruit Company, bringing the total to 7 members with 7 hectares of dragon fruits.

Implementing the project of 2,000 hectares of dragon fruits applying high technology, so far, Chau Thanh has 2,082 hectares with 3,465 households participating (reaching 104 percent of the plan). In addition, the district is implementing dragon fruit production according to VietGAP standards for 11 cooperative groups and 1 cooperative with 293.67 hectares, 498 households to participate and continue to request the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to support the fee for 59 cooperative groups, area of 1,116.63 hectares with 1,889 households participating. In order for Chau Thanh dragon fruit to develop sustainably, in the coming time, the district will accelerate the construction of trademarks and logos for dragon fruits, complete VietGAP certification, certificate of geographical indications and origin of goods, codes, barcodes, and so on to promote trade, find export markets by official lines.

In order to improve the quality of Chau Thanh dragon fruits, the agricultural sector recommends farmers to apply clean production processes and apply high technologies to meet the requirements of the fastidious market./.

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