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Thứ 5, Ngày 06/02/2020, 16:00
Long An: Discuss solutions to "rescue" nearly 30,000 tons of dragon fruits
On February 5, Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Van Canh, Director of Department of Industry and Trade - Le Minh Duc chaired a conference with Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and Ho Chi Minh City, enterprises, warehouses that buy dragon fruits to find solutions to consume dragon fruits due to the impact of acute respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

According to the report at the conference, the area of dragon fruit in the whole province is about 11,826 hectares, of which the fruit area is 9,587 hectares and the output is 320,000 tons. Last time, the consumption of dragon fruits is mainly from China, accounting for 70-80%. The rest is consumed in a number of countries and territories such as Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai, Newzealand, India, Australia, ... and consumption. domestic. Exports by non-quota routes still account for a relatively high proportion.

Due to the impact of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of corona virus, limited traffic hindered trading activities, unexploited dragon fruit output from the end of January to the end of February 2020. 30,000 tons. In particular, in stock about 2,000 tons (cold storage period not exceeding 30 days), about 28,000 tons have not been harvested.

Chairman of Long An Dragon Fruit Association - Nguyen Quoc Trinh shared that, in the current difficult situation, the Association had a meeting with the warehouse, agreed to reduce purchasing price to 10,000 VND / kg in order to reduce damage. lowest for warehouses, drivers and gardeners. However, due to a large amount of inventory and harvested goods that could not be stored, some warehouses had to be closed without purchasing, leading to dragon fruit in some orchards still hanging on the trees, causing damage to The house have a garden.

Attending the conference, many comments from the Department of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho shared the difficulties of Long An and will support "rescuing" dragon fruits through domestic consumption. . This is done by retail businesses. However, all of the current dragon fruit stagnation cannot be "rescued" and businesses have set the standard to be a quality food safety product, manufactured according to VietGap, Global Gap. The amount of "rescue" by domestic consumption many people think that "like salt to the sea", because domestic consumption will be very modest. Moreover, besides dragon fruit, many other agricultural products such as jackfruit, durian, rambutan, etc. are also difficult due to hindering trade with China.

Another solution also proposed by some delegates is to focus on consuming dragon fruits by deep processing such as plastic drying and drying.

Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Long An - Le Minh Duc said that, currently, the export of agricultural products, especially dragon fruits, to China has many risks due to no specific contract, mainly by partners. together. He recommended businesses, cooperatives and farmers in trading, exporting agricultural products to China need to have a strict consumption contract, to avoid risks. More specifically, a long-term, sustainable solution should be implemented in crop production, including dragon fruits, which is to organize production in the direction of linking and food safety in accordance with VietGap and Global Gap standards to avoid supplementary. into a major market like today.

Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Van Canh assigned Department of Industry and Trade to continue working closely with the Long An Dragon Fruit Association to grasp the situation, promptly report to the provincial leaders and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promptly direct the next solution; actively connecting businesses in the province that perform deep processing; boosting domestic consumption; Export fresh fruits to markets outside China, reducing losses to farmers.​​

Reported by Mai Huong

Translated by Lan Vy​​

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