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Thứ 4, Ngày 01/01/2020, 09:00
Long An's 2019 marks
2019 is a year with many advantages and difficulties, challenges for the country's economy. However, the authority, people and businesses in Long An province have strived to overcome difficulties, achieved worthy achievements in all fields, creating a driving force for the development of the following years.


The total rice area in 2019 was 506,258 hectares, the whole year's production was over 2,769 million tons

Growth rate of Region I reaches 2.64 percent

According to the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Nguyen Thanh Truyen, by the end of 2019, the growth rate of Region I reach 2.64 percent (the plan is 1.5 percent). In agricultural production, except for the difficulty in raising pigs, cultivation and husbandry were all effective. In particular, agricultural production developed towards high quality. Breakthrough program on developing high-tech applications associated with agricultural restructuring (such as mechanization in production, reduction of sowing seeds, use of certified seeds and bio-organic fertilizers, etc.) continued to be highly effective.

In 2019, the total rice area reached 506,258 hectares, the total output was over 2,769 million tons, reaching 100.7 percent of the plan (2.75 million tons); of which, the output of high-quality rice was estimated at 1.37 million tons. Up to now, the province has over 15,075 hectares of rice applied high technology in production (reaching 75.38 percent of the plan), including 100 percent of the area using high-quality seeds and mechanization in production. The results from the pilot models showed that the cost decreased from 0.8 to 1.5 million VND per hectare compared to outside the model, the profit was higher than 2 to 4 million per hectare. Especially, with the transplanted rice model associated with the consumption of rice seeds, some households in the model had a higher profit than the others from 6 to 8 million VND per hectare. In addition, some farmers also used ultra-light intelligent aircraft in spraying pesticides on crops.

Industry leads the overall growth

According to the report of the Provincial People's Committee, in 2019, economic growth reached 9.41 percent (the plan was 9.6 percent), it did not reach the set plan but still maintained at a relatively high level. In particular, the manufacturing and processing sector continued to play a key role, leading the overall growth of the economy, accounting for 45.51 percent of the provincial GRDP structure and up 14.83 percent compared to 2018.


The manufacturing and processing sector continued to play a key role, leading the overall growth of the economy

According to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can, although the economic growth rate of the province did not meet the plan, the growth rate of Region II still maintained at a relatively high level (reaching 14.45 percent). This growth was lower than the plan and in 2018 because in recent years, the growth rate of this region was high, contributing greatly to the overall economic growth of the province. Maintaining a high growth rate continuously was very difficult, so the growth of Region II at about 14.5 percent was successful. This success was due to the interest of the provincial leaders in promoting the implementation of the Government's Resolution on improving the business environment, competitiveness, support and development of businesses. Accordingly, in recent years, the provincial leaders have focused on supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups; reforming administrative procedures; improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, etc. For those reasons, the number of domestic and foreign enterprises investing in the province has increased.

Director of Department of Planning and Investment - Huynh Van Son said that in 2019, the province had more than 1,400 newly established enterprises with a registered capital of 18,672 billion VND, an increase of 19.7 percent in the number of enterprises compared to 2018. Up to now, there have been 11,305 registered businesses in the province with a total registered capital of 297,403 billion VND. The province has granted investment certificates to 185 projects with a registered capital of VND 21,408 billion VND, an increase of 34 projects; registered capital increased by 3,260 billion VND over the same period. The province has had 1,910 domestic investment projects which have been licensed with a registered capital of 216,679 billion VND.

Foreign investment in the province also increased. During the year, the province granted investment certificates to 109 projects with a total registered capital of over 320 million USD, an increase of 38 projects but a decrease of 45 million USD of investment capital over the same period. Up to now, more than 1,000 projects have been registered in the province with a total registered capital of 6,166 million USD; in which, 576 projects have come into operation, accounting for 57.0 percent of the total number of registered projects with a total implemented capital of about 3,614 million USD, reaching 58.61 percent of the total registered capital.

The whole province has had 16 operating industrial parks with an area of about 2,277 hectares, the occupancy rate has been nearly 86 percent. Industrial zones have attracted 1,514 investment projects, including 731 foreign investment projects with a total investment of 4,144 million USD and 783 domestic investment projects with a total investment of 84,385 billion VND. Besides, the province has had 21 operating industrial clusters, accounting for over 89 percent. Industrial clusters have attracted 544 projects with a total investment of 15,635 billion VND; of which, 60 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects have had a total investment capital of 209 million USD. 

One of the important milestones in 2019 of the province was the budget revenue exceeding the plan. Accordingly, it was expected that by the end of 2019, the province's revenue reached about 18,000 billion VND, of which, domestic revenue was about 14,500 billion VND, the revenue from import and export taxes was about 3,500 billion VND. According to the Director of the Provincial Tax Department - Cao Van Tao, the economic development speed of the province increased. In particular, the high growth of the industrial manufacturing sector had a positive impact on the revenue collection results; the maintenance of the state budget collection speed became more and more sustainable. In 2019, domestic revenue from production and business activities was still an important revenue, accounting for more than 50 percent of total revenue. When production and business enterprises were stable, this ratio would increase more and more in the coming years. Another highlight of the tax industry in 2019 was that the revenue from foreign-invested enterprises was quite high compared to the estimate.

phát triển giao thông312020.jpg

Provincial road 833B under the Program of mobilizing all resources to build transport infrastructure for industrial development in key economic regions was completed (the connection section from National highway 1 - Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district)

Capital construction investment also achieved certain results. In particular, 8 out of 14 works under the Program of mobilizing all resources to build transport infrastructure for the industrial development of key economic regions were completed; 3 key projects under the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress have been focused and promoted implementation progress. Provincial road 830 has been constructed and put into operation in the whole route by 2020. Tan An City's Ring Road has been focused on site clearance (section from National Highway 1 to Pham Van Ngo Street, through Tan Khanh Ward and Phan Van Tuan section connecting Nguyen Tan Chinh); Tien Giang - Long An - Ho Chi Minh City axis road has been implemented the planning project and investment plan.

In addition to economy, culture - society had positive changes, many targets met and exceeded the plan. Accordingly, the school reached the National standard according to the new criteria, reaching 49.8 percent (the plan is 48 percent); people participating in health insurance reached 90.77 percent (the plan was 86.3 percent); the communes met the national criteria set for health reached 90.8 percent (the plan was 72 percent); households using electricity reached 99.93 percent (the plan was 99.9 percent); and so on.

According to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can, in 2019, although 3 out of 26 major targets of socio-economic development of the year had not reached the plan, the province's economy still maintained stable growth, higher than the national growth rate. This was a premise and motivation for economic growth in the coming years. 

The objective of 2020 and the subsequent years is to promote economic restructuring towards improving quality and efficiency; focus on implementing 2 breakthrough programs and 3 key projects; continue improving the investment environment and improving competitiveness; implement the policy of attracting investment; control public investment and off-budget investment in accordance with the provisions of law; focus on mobilizing all investment resources for development; well implement social welfare policies, social welfare, and improve people's lives; continue administrative reform, consolidate and organize the apparatuses to operate stably and effectively in association with the reform of public-service and civil servants, thrift practice and waste combat./.


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