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Thứ 5, Ngày 28/11/2019, 14:00
The delegation of Long An province learned experiences of high-tech agriculture model in Son La province
The delegation of Long An province visited agricultural models in Son La province in order to create appropriate mechanism and policies, continue to encourage cooperatives and households to produce and trade fruit trees in Long An province.

​In the working visit in Son La province, on November 27th, the delegation of Long An province visited the cooperative models associated with the key crops of Son La province such as: longan, mango, green grapefruit, custard-apple, etc. and models of growing lingzhi mushroom, strawberry in Mai Son, Moc Chau districts, Son La province. Currently, these models have brought high economic efficiency, contributing to the development of production, job creation and income generation for local laborers. 

Tham quan các HTX tại tỉnh Sơn La 271120191.jpg

Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee – Tran Van Can highly appreciates the high-tech production model in Son La province 

Tham quan các HTX tại tỉnh Sơn La 271120192.jpg 

The delegation visits the model of growing lingzhi mushroom in Hat Lot town, Mai Son district, Son La province 

Secretary of Mai Son District Party Committee – Tran Dac Thong informed: Mai Son is a key district in the development of high-tech agriculture of Son La province. The whole district has over 100 agricultural cooperatives and over 10,000 hectares of fruit trees. Along with the area development, Mai Son district is also interested in branding and product quality management. From 2018 to date, a number of district's products have been exported to China, the US, Japan, Dubai, Australia, Korea, etc. with the output of over 6,400 tons, and total estimated value of over US$ 5 million.

Tham quan các HTX tại tỉnh Sơn La 271120193.jpg

The delegation visits Chimi strawberry farm  

According to the Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee – Tran Van Can, the organization of a study tour to learn experience of fruit tree models in the localities of Son La province is to create appropriate policies and mechanism to continue encouraging cooperatives and households producing and trading fruit trees in Long An province to have more knowledge and apply it in practice, contributing to value increase and sustainable development in the future. 

Tham quan các HTX tại tỉnh Sơn La 271120194.jpg

The delegation of Long An province visits a dairy farm in Moc Chau district

On the same day, the delegation visited Chimi strawberry farm and dairy farm in Moc Chau, Son La province. This is the largest strawberry farm with technology in the North of Vietnam. This place is blessed with a cool climate all year round, creating favorable conditions for strawberry plants to grow and develop./.

Reported by Huynh Phong

Translated by Lan Vy​​​

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