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Thứ 4, Ngày 15/05/2019, 06:00
Secretary of Tan Hung district Party Committee talks with people about high-tech application program
On May 9, Secretary of Tan Hung district Party Committee, Mekong Delta Province of Long An - Luong Son Cau had a dialogue with more than 100 farmers in communes of Vinh Chau A, Vinh Chau B, Vinh Loi and Vinh Buu in Tan Hung district, Long An province about the high-tech application program associated with restructuring agriculture.

The rice production model using high-tech application is a model applied scientific and technical advances synchronously to reduce investment costs, increased productivity and profit per area unit, create clean agricultural products, ensure quality and aim to a clean and sustainable agriculture.

Accordingly, the high-tech production area will use certified rice seed, 100 percent of the area is mechanized from soil preparation, spraying and harvesting; farmers are trained and instructed to produce agricultural products in the direction of VietGap and to produce under 1-must and 6-reduce program; output products are committed to be bought. In addition, farmers are supported 30 percent of the cost of buying seeds, renting implant machines and buying spraying machines.

According to the plan, Tan Hung district has had 4,500 hectares of high-tech application rice in 6 communes (including Hung Dien, Hung Dien B, Hung Ha, Hung Thanh, Thanh Hung and Vinh Chau A) by 2020.

After 3 years of implementation, the model has received positive participation from farmers in the district. Only Winter-Spring crop of 2018-2019, 682 farmer households were mobilized to replicate the model of high-tech application with an area of 2,892 hectares in the communes in the project region.

Through the implementation of the model, it shows very good results. For the pilot models, replication models and self-replicating farmers' areas reduced the average seed quantity by 20-30 kilograms per hectares; number of model rice areas developes well with less pests and diseases; it contributes to reducing investment costs, achieving higher profits than the area people produce outside the model from 3-13 million VND per hectare.

Besides, there are still some difficulties in the process of implementing the program of developing high-tech application agriculture in association with restructuring the agricultural sector: Some planned regions for high-tech development have plans to invest electric pump stations but there are no three-phase power grids; high-tech replication models have not connected production with consumption, so it has not attracted many farmers to participate in; farmers are not familiar with the use of organic fertilizers, biological products such as white mushrooms or green mushrooms to prevent brown plant-hoppers, so they are not bravely applied to production that sometimes leads to low production efficiency, and so on.


The number of areas in the model increases profits from 3 to 13 million VND per hectare

At the dialogue, farmers were also informed and instructed by the professional sectors and enterprises to provide more guidance on modern, safe and friendly environmental rice cultivation techniques.

Thereby, farmers raised their difficulties and obstacles in the process of implementing the program: It is necessary to have stable solutions for agricultural product output; the situation that farmers around the project regions spontaneously  sow the crops causes pests and diseases causing harm and affecting the areas of high-tech rice production; some farmers in the project region still keep old farming habits and practices so the efficiency sometimes is not high; Localities need to assess the true nature of the effectiveness of the high-tech application model, associated with the restructuring of the agricultural sector, etc. The farmers' opinions are received and clearly explained by the leaders of district People's Committee, professional sectors and enterprises.

In order to implement the program effectively in the coming time, the Secretary of Tan Hung District Party Committee - Luong Son Cau requested the Party Committee, local authorities to focus on leading, directing and coordinating with the relevant sectors to promote propagandize to all officials, union members, members and farmers about the meaning and benefits of high-tech application rice production; step by step change farmers' awareness and cultivation habits. We continue building and perfecting the model of high-tech application typical cooperatives; reviewing and investing in upgrading infrastructure in the regions of high-tech rice production; strengthening links with businesses to enlist the support of capital, science and technology and commit to buy output for farmers in the project areas./.


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