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Thứ 5, Ngày 22/09/2022, 09:00
Duc Hoa: Industry contributes to local socio-economic development
Industry increasingly asserts its leading role and position in the economic structure, making an important contribution to the development of Duc Hoa district, Long An province.

Favorable environment for industrial development

As a key district for industrial development of the province, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Ninh province, Duc Hoa has many conditions for development, especially industrial economy. Over the years, local leaders have always clearly determined that Duc Hoa's key economy is located in area II (industry - construction), so there are many right and reasonable decisions in attracting investment to the area. Not only the province focuses on calling for investors, but the district also strives to promote investment, administrative reform, working style, and create a favorable environment to attract businesses to invest and operate. movement in the area. From the right decisions, the industry - construction sector promoted its efficiency, contributing to the socio-economic development of the district constantly. At present, the economic structure continues to shift strongly in the direction of industry - construction, trade - service development. In which, industry - construction contributes 92.23 percent, trade - service contributes 5.55 percent and agriculture contributes 2.22 percent.

cơ cấu kinh tế của huyện Đức Hòa.jpg

Industry - construction contributes 92.23 percent to the economic structure of Duc Hoa district (Photo taken by Tan Duc Industrial Park)

According to General Director of Tan Duc Investment Joint Stock Company - Phan Nhat Nam, Duc Hoa has a very good location and investment environment. Investment companies in the district are always created favorable conditions by the locality in the process of operation. Currently, the company invests in the Tan Duc Industrial - Service - Urban project in Duc Hoa Ha and Huu Thanh communes, with a total scale of more than 1,140 hectares. The company compensates for site clearance nearly 100 percent.

Phase 1, Industrial Park attracted nearly 150 enterprises, of which foreign investors accounted for more than 40 percent, phase 2 attracted nearly 60 investors with the proportion of foreign investors more than 60 percent. The company recommends that the province continue to pay attention to overcome limitations in traffic connections, compensation prices, promote the training of skilled labor force, meet production and business requirements, contribute to creating favorable in attracting investment.

According to the representative of Hai Son Co., Ltd., the company is given favorable conditions in attracting investment. Leaders of provinces and districts always listen and promptly solve difficulties and problems of enterprises. Since then, the Company has assured to develop production and business. Currently, the Company has expanded its scale and invested in a few new projects in Duc Hoa district (besides Hai Son Industrial Park) and other districts in the province. Hopefully, the company will continue to develop further to contribute to the development of Long An in general and Duc Hoa district in particular.

Contributing to local development

Not only making practical contributions to the economy, creating many jobs, industrial development also helps people stabilize their lives. Mr. Tran Van Hong (My Hanh Bac commune) shared: "If in the past, my family only relied on income from growing beans and raising livestock, now the main income is the salary of workers working in a household. The family has an additional income of more than 10 million VND each month, enough to cover daily living expenses and even save a part of it.In addition to other incomes, my family's economy is more stable".

Chairman of the People's Committee of Duc Hoa district - Le Truong Chinh informed: In recent years, the economic structure of the district has tended to develop strongly in the field of industry - construction and the industrial economy has increasingly affirmed its role, location, makes an important contribution to the development of the locality.

Công nghiệp góp phần giải quyết việc làm cho hơn 154.000 lao động trên địa bàn.jpg

Industry contributes to creating jobs for more than 154,000 workers in the area

The district focuses on implementing many activities to promote the development of investment, trade and service partnerships; focus on the whole political system to support enterprises in site clearance. The district proposed the province to invest in building many traffic routes connecting with industrial zones and clusters; participate in the coordination of industries to create a breakthrough in attracting investment; propose the Provincial People's Committee to make strong adjustments in the direction of healthy investment environment.

The approved industrial land area is nearly 6,200 hectares, including 13 industrial parks and 20 industrial clusters. In which, 13 industrial parks have a total area of nearly 5,200 hectares, 6 industrial parks have been put into operation with an area of over 2,000 hectares, 978 enterprises, the average occupancy rate is 41.76 percent. 20 Industrial clusters with a total area of nearly 1,000 hectares, 10 clusters come into operation with an area of 595 hectares, 540 enterprises, the average occupancy rate is 90.92 percent. Currently, in addition to the Industrial Park and Cluster, there are about 3,440 enterprises.

Despite the important contribution, at present, industrial development in the district still faces certain difficulties and limitations. To solve this problem, the district proposed a direction to focus on maintaining and improving the growth rate of annual average production value; continue to coordinate to remove difficulties in industrial development site clearance; strictly manage industrial - handicraft production establishments located outside industrial zones and clusters to ensure proper operation of permitted industries and environmental sanitation. Leading the investment in capital construction to meet the requirements of socio-economic development in the district; implement the annual basic construction work in accordance with the procedures, progress, and quality assurance, in which, priority is given to allocating capital for key projects of the Resolution of the district Party Congress, projects under the program breakthrough,...

At the same time, the district sets out the development orientation of the locality from now to 2025 and a vision to 2030 in the field of industry construction, focusing on promoting production development of enterprises in the zones. The current industrial cluster; promote the completion of infrastructure of industrial zones and clusters that are behind the investment schedule; promoting and calling for domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in connection with industrial zones and clusters of the province, attached to the system of concentrated industrial zones of the southern key economic region, especially Ho Chi Minh City.

The district creates favorable conditions for development links between industrial zones and clusters in the industrial development chain, towards the formation of specialized or key fields for each industrial zone or cluster. At the same time, the district focuses on embellishing, repairing and building new public and civil works, mainly public facilities, resettlement areas, residential clusters, lines, building houses for the people, public welfare works, especially construction of infrastructure and production and business facilities for industrial zones, clusters, new urban areas, satellite residential areas - industrial logistics - service services, centers and commercial - service zones.

Reported by Chau Son

Translated by NT

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