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Thứ 5, Ngày 08/09/2022, 11:00
The delegation of Long An province visited the health care center and some economic establishments in Ibaraki province
Following the working program in Ibaraki province (Japan), on September 7, the delegation of Long An province was headed by Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation - Nguyen Thanh Hai visited the Health Care Center and some economic establishments in Ibaraki Prefecture.

In the morning, the delegation visited and surveyed Shiratori Health Care Center (Shiratori Center) in Chikusei City, Ibaraki Prefecture. This is one of six Health Care Centers that will receive 13 Caregivers under the Cooperation Program between Long An Province and Ibaraki Province in the near future.

Đoàn công tác của tỉnh Long An tham quan nhà ăn tại Trung tâm Shiratori.jpg

The delegation of Long An province visited the restaurant at Shiratori Center

At Shiratori Center, the delegation was introduced by Mr. Kazunari Watanabe, the Center's President, to the most general information about the history of establishment and development, the existing services as well as the current staff of the Center. Accordingly, the forerunner of this Shiratori Center is a facility to care for the disabled founded by the family of Mr. Kazunari Watanabe. Currently, Shiratori Center has a staff of more than 300 employees, providing inpatient, outpatient and home health care packages for more than 800 elderly people in Chikusei city and surrounding areas. .

After that, the delegation was taken to visit the functional areas of the Center such as the canteen, kitchen, collective living area, treatment and health care areas, etc., October/October. In 2022, Shiratori Center will receive 3 caregivers from the cooperation program between Long An and Ibaraki provinces to work.

In the afternoon, the delegation of Long An province visited the Tsukuba Agricultural Research Center, under the National Agricultural and Food Research Organization (NARO). Here, the delegation was introduced to the latest agricultural research achievements of Japan for agricultural products such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, rice, wheat, fruit trees, etc.

Some of Japan's most advanced agricultural farming models, such as the hydroponic tomato growing model, can control the temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration in the environment and especially decide the yield of tomatoes or tomatoes. The research model of genetic modification to create the first purple chrysanthemum flower in the world is also studied from this Center. Some traditional Japanese occupations such as raising silkworms for silk are also intensively researched to create high-value products in the fields of fashion, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Đoàn lắng nghe nội dung giải thích về quy trình nghiên cứu tại Trung tâm Shiratori.jpg

The delegation listened to the explanation of the research process at the Shiratori Center

Before finishing the working program in Ibaraki province, the delegation worked with the Urban Planning Management Board of Tsukuba city, Ibaraki province and was introduced to the operation situation of the Industrial Parks in Ibaraki province. policies and regulations on tax, land, environment, construction, ... for businesses when investing in industrial parks in Ibaraki.

It is known that Ibaraki Prefecture is managing 11 industrial parks; All these areas are located within a radius of 100 km from Tokyo, within a travel time of less than 2 hours from Tokyo. This is one of the major economic growth drivers of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Đoàn công tác của tỉnh Long An tham gia phần giới thiệu về việc quản lý các Khu công nghiệp tại tỉnh Ibaraki.jpg

The delegation of Long An province participated in the introduction about the management of industrial zones in Ibaraki province

According to the program, on September 8, the delegation of Long An province will hold the Investment Promotion Conference of Long An province in Japan. The event was jointly organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, the Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO) and the ASEAN Center - JAPAN Center./.

Reported by Quoc Thinh

Translated by NT

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