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Thứ 2, Ngày 19/04/2021, 09:00
Long An aims to form a high-tech economic zone
Long An near Ho Chi Minh City, located in the Southern key economic region, has many potentials and strengths in attracting investment and is leading the Mekong Delta in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). In order to effectively exploit the available potentials, Long An promotes investment attraction, aims to form a high-tech economic zone in the province.

1Long An định hướng hình thành khu kinh tế công nghệ cao.jpg

Long An holds the 3rd position in the PCI 2020 rankings. Photo: Anh Huy

Developing high-tech economic zones is an inevitable direction

Looking back at the investment attraction process of Long An province over the past 20 years, we can draw many good lessons, valuable experiences as well as shortcomings and limitations that need to be overcome to achieve the goal of maintaining taking the leading position in the Mekong River Delta region and making a breakthrough, rising to be a fairly developed province in the Southern key economic region by 2030.

The efforts of solidarity, determination and building a clean and strong political system in the 2015-2020 term of the province have created a key premise, a solid foundation to achieve important and complete achievements. presence on the fields. Outstanding achievements: The average economic growth rate in the 2016-2020 period reached 9.11 percent, reaching the Resolution target (9-9.5 percent); the largest scale of the economy in the Mekong River Delta (GRDP at current prices is about 132,000 billion VND); total export turnover in the period 2016-2020 will reach 25.3 billion USD, maintain the growth rate of 12 percent/year; The annual state budget revenue has all met and exceeded the plan, the average annual revenue growth rate will reach 12.8 percent, by 2020 the scale of budget revenue will reach 1.78 times compared to 2015. Environment investment has improved, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is always in the group of "Good" to "Very good", especially in 2018 and 2020 it ranks 3rd nationwide; The PAR Index in 2019 ranks 5th nationwide. By the end of 2020, the province has more than 12,000 operating domestic enterprises operating; attracting foreign investment over 1,000 projects with a total registered capital of 6.6 billion USD.

2 Long An định hướng hình thành khu kinh tế công nghệ cao.jpg

Leaders of the Government, ministries, branches and provinces surveyed the construction site of LNG Long An I and II Gas Power Projects

At the same time, the socio-cultural life has made many progresses; effectively solving pressing social problems. Social security policies were guaranteed and timely. The exciting thing is that over the past time, the material and spiritual life of the people in the province has been constantly improved and improved, the GRDP per capita in 2020 will reach 77 million VND, 1.5 times more than early term; the poverty rate fell below 1.52 percent. Defense - security - internal affairs have been strengthened; external activities expanded and diversified.

In particular, over the past time, due to the sharp and correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee; the drastic and timely direction and administration of the provincial People's Committee; the synchronous and active participation of the whole political system; The agreement, response and strong support of the people and businesses, Long An province has responded quickly, promptly and effectively to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, preventing external infections from occurring. copper. Gradually restore production and business, strive to achieve at the highest level the socio-economic development goals, targets and tasks in 2020, achieving economic growth (GRDP) 5.91 percent, contributing to the good implementation of the "dual goal" under the direction of the Government, at the same time enhancing and consolidating the people's confidence in the Party and State.

In addition, the strong socio-economic infrastructure has contributed positively to upgrading the transport infrastructure system of the key economic region of the province, promoting the role of regional linkage, creating a premise. attract investment, increase budget revenue and promote socio-economic development of the province.

However, looking back at the picture of investment attraction, there are still many unsatisfactory things, it is easy to see that most of the investment enterprises in the province are small, even micro, medium technology, a few are outdated, only a small percentage have advanced technology. This has the risk of causing environmental pollution and bringing added value to the economy is still low, contributing to the economic development of the province not commensurate with the potentials, advantages and expectations of the province.

In order to overcome these limitations, realizing the people's prosperous aspirations, promoting the experience of :Travel broadens the mind", the province organized a delegation of officials and enterprises to study experience in economically developed localities, attracting good investment. After the trip to Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh, we have learned a lot of valuable experiences in attracting investment and development. We realize that, in order to develop, provincial leaders must really be determined to "clear the nest for the eagle to land" and will bring along the herd of "baby eagles". From there, forming a developed industrial ecosystem with advanced technology, reducing the risk of environmental pollution and bringing high added value to the economy. When the economy develops well, there will be conditions for investment in culture - society, national defense and security, especially improving people's lives.

Applying that thinking with the solidarity and best efforts of the whole political system, in the first quarter of 2021, Long An province was recognized as the best investment attraction in the country. Long An has attracted large LNG projects from Korean investors GS with a total investment of about 3.1 billion USD; Currently, there are a number of major Korean investors coming to Long An to continue researching investment. Today, the province continues to coordinate with the Korean Embassy in Vietnam to hold a seminar orienting to develop high-tech economic zone with the participation of many large corporations from Korea, the US, Germany and India.

Long An has many potentialities and advantages in attracting investment, with Long An International Port, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City - the largest economic center in the country. In recent years, the province has been interested in investing in transport infrastructure connecting regions and localities, along with the abundant land fund, the province will propose to the Central to establish a coastal economic zone to form high-tech economic zone of the province. This will open up new pages in investment attraction, socio-economic development of the province.

Development in parallel with environmental protection

The province's determination and efforts are great, reflected in its goals, resolutions, breakthrough programs, and key projects through the recent Party Congress. In order to realize that, the human factor is needed. In the process of industrial development, in addition to improving the quality of human resources to serve industrial development and digital transformation, the province also pays special attention to the issue of sustainable environmental protection. These are two strategic and arduous missions.

Uncle Ho -  President Ho Chi Minh respectfully affirmed: "Officer is the root of all jobs", "All successes or failures are due to good or poor staff". Our Party has affirmed that people are the decisive factor, a key stage of the key. Therefore, in order to successfully convert numbers, there must be "digital people" and "digital government". In order for the industry to develop, there must be good experts and engineers, and a team of workers with high professional qualifications. Recognizing the importance of the above issue, Long An Provincial Party Committee issued a Resolution on training human resources to meet the needs of industrial and agricultural development of the province. At the same time, the Provincial Party Committee asked the heads of all levels and branches to really set an example, have a strong will and determination and must allocate enough budget resources to successfully implement the resolution.

3 Long An định hướng hình thành khu kinh tế công nghệ cao.jpg

The delegation of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Korean business delegation came to explore key projects in Can Giuoc district in March 2021. Photo: Mai Huong

At the same time, the province also advocates sustainable development, economic development goes hand in hand with environmental protection, resolutely not to exchange the environment for development at all costs. All large and small projects invested in the area must be assessed for their environmental impact and committed to environmental protection. The province will give priority to projects with an advanced average technology level or higher, and prioritize environmentally friendly technologies and clean technologies.

Besides focusing on attracting FDI, the province is also very interested in attracting domestic enterprises, to create harmonious competition between enterprises. All businesses are treated warmly - fairly - transparently, supported to quickly settle procedures and enjoy mechanisms and policies in accordance with the law.

The province will focus on improving the effectiveness of the formulation, management and implementation of the planning according to the Law on Planning, focusing on reorganizing the development space in a reasonable manner, making the best use of the linkage advantage, development of urban, industrial and agricultural regions.

4 Long An định hướng hình thành khu kinh tế công nghệ cao.jpg

Seminar: Long An - A friendly and efficient investment destination

Continuing to pay attention to improving the living environment of the people; attracting investment and economic development as a solution to sustainable poverty reduction, associated with creating good jobs for laborers. Pay attention to disadvantaged people in society to access conditions of development and other social security policies under the motto "not leaving anyone behind".

Continue to improve the capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of state management, promote administrative reform; to rectify and improve the culture, responsibility and public ethics of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees in creating and serving the people and enterprises; apply information technology in state management effectively.

Summary; the province will commit to creating an open, transparent and lawful investment environment to attract investment, thereby realizing the prosperity and wealth aspirations of the people of Long An.

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is always in the group of "Good" to "Very good", especially in 2018 and 2020 it ranks 3rd nationwide; The PAR Index in 2019 ranks 5th nationwide. By the end of 2020, the province has more than 12,000 domestic enterprises operating; attracting foreign investment over 1,000 projects with a total registered capital of over 6.6 billion USD.

Reported by Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council - Nguyen Van Duoc

 Translated by NT

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