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Thứ 3, Ngày 13/04/2021, 08:00
One commune one product program: Towards building sustainable new-style rural
One commune one product program (referred to as OCOP program) was born. It is very important to the process of building a new-style rural. Through this program, it will contribute to restructuring the rural economy, increasing added value and aiming for a sustainable commercial enterprise.

1 Chương trình mỗi xã một sản phẩm Hướng tới xây dựng nông thôn mới bền vững.jpg

Safe vegetables of Muoi Hai Safe Vegetables Cooperative have been selected to develop the OCOP products

Developing key products of each locality

Tan Binh Commune, Tan Tru District, Long An Province is not only famous for historical and cultural relics but also recently for its products made from moringa, a rich and nutritious plant for health. According to the Director of Vuon Nha Minh Company Limited - Pham Ngoc Anh Tuan, currently, on average, the company produces about 500 kilos of moringa powder each month, creating stable jobs for some local people with an income from 6-7 million VND per person per month. In order to meet the needs of the market, he is mobilizing local people to expand the production scale of moringa to create raw material areas for the company. Up to now, Vuon Nha Minh branded products have been gradually standing firmly on the market, present in most supermarkets in major cities in the country.

Mr. Tuan said: "In addition to products such as moringa tea, moringa oil or moringa powder, the company also coordinates a number of food processing companies to create new products such as moringa porridge, moringa instant noodles, and so on to diversify the company's products. Currently, the company completes the procedures to review and recognize OCOP for the products. It is believed that products will be recognized and consumers will increasingly believe in using them in the near future".

2 Chương trình mỗi xã một sản phẩm hướng tới xây dựng nông thôn mới bền vững.jpg

Moringa products of Vuon Nha Minh One Member Co., Ltd. are increasingly welcomed by consumers

In March, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) held a meeting to evaluate and rate OCOP products and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for recognition of 3 3-star products of Thanh Hoa district, including Khap Phuong lime wine, Quang Vinh cajeput flower honey and Quang Vinh longan honey. In recent years, lemons are considered a fast growing crop and bring high economic efficiency to Thanh Hoa district. However, the output problem is the concern of the lemon grower and the local Agriculture sector. Stemming from that situation, the Director of Thuan Binh Agricultural Service Cooperative (Thuan Binh commune, Thanh Hoa district) - Bui Van Khap and his wife - Le Thi Phuong have researched and created the products of lemon wine which are both economical and productive for local lemons.

Mr. Bui Van Khap shared: "The cooperative currently grows 40 hectares of seedless lemons, certified for GlobalGAP standards and has a purchase contract from an enterprise to export to the European market. However, the production process inevitably states that lemons have unqualified designs for export such as lemon skin color irregular, lemons bigger than specifications, etc. For lemons with unqualified designs, Cooperatives sold outside at low prices. Because of this fact, my wife and I think about making lemon wine products to take advantage of products that do not meet export standards. Currently, lemon wine products are consumed through retail agents in the province. In the coming time, I will bring lemon wine to trade fairs and exhibitions inside and outside the province to find customers and build a more sustainable output".

3 Chương trình mỗi xã một sản phẩm hướng tới xây dựng nông thôn mới bền vững.jpg

Lemon wine product from Khap Phuong (Thuan Binh - Thanh Hoa)

Head of the Thanh Hoa District DARD - Nguyen Kinh Kha informed that the district chose the Khap Phuong lemon wine, the melaleuca honey and longan honey from Quang Vinh establishment to suport and develop in the OCOP program in order to exploit well the potentials and advantages of the locality. This program will contribute to supporting branding and branding establishments for products. In the coming time, the district will coordinate with provincial departments and agencies to organize training and guide households to grow lemon and beekeeping to ensure food safety, step by step develop lemon areas and expand beekeeping for honey in the district.

The right direction in branding products 

According to the information from the Coordination Office of the provincial new-style rural construction program, the province focuses on production, raising income for people, promoting the OCOP program as an effective solution to develop product groups at the level of commune, district, town and city. At the same time, to step by step bring the trade enterprise movement into depth, efficiency and sustainability.

Muoi Hai Safe Vegetable Cooperative (Hamlet 4, Long Khe Commune, Can Duoc District) is one of the leading units in implementing the OCOP program with safe vegetable products highly appreciated by consumers. With the desire to develop local vegetables and provide customers with quality vegetable products that are safe for daily meals, Muoi Hai Safe Vegetable Cooperative constantly applies scientific and technical advances to manufacturing; at the same time, it supports the long-term safe vegetable consumption, creating motivation for local farmers to increase production and increase income.

4 Chương trình mỗi xã một sản phẩm hướng tới xây dựng nông thôn mới bền vững.jpg

Kim Hue's grilled pork sausage and spring rolls products are recognized as 3-star OCOP products

Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Long Khe commune - Nguyen Thi Nhi said: "In the commune, there are over 160 hectares of vegetables of all kinds. This is considered a crop that brings high and stable income for the people in the commune. Muoi Hai Safe Vegetable Cooperative's products have been selected to develop and recognize OCOP, contributing to building brand and promoting the development of the local vegetable region. At the same time, this is also a rebound to contribute to helping the locality to reach the destination of the new-style rural commune in 2021".

The provincial OCOP program has been implemented and performed since 2018. This is an effective and practical program for the people, the core content of the program for building new-style rural and advanced new-style rural contributes to the introduction of typical products with potentials and strengths of the province to the consumer market inside and outside the province. The goal of the program is to develop internal resources and increase the value of agricultural, non-agricultural and advantageous services in each locality. This is very important to Long An when the industry, service and trade of the province are still in the development stage, the consumer market is small, many products of good quality but not known by many people. The output is not ensured, the product value is not high.

Deputy Director of the DARD - Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh said: With the drastic direction of the Party Committee and authorities and the enthusiasm of organizations and individuals to participate, by the end of 2020, the province has 11 products recognized OCOP by the Provincial People's Committee. In which, Vietnam Cordyceps Cultivation and Processing Company Limited (Thanh Loi Commune, Ben Luc District) has 4 4-star products, including cordyceps nutritional powder, cordyceps herbal tea cordyceps, premium cordyceps Oolong tea, dried cordyceps. White Wine Production and Business Joint Stock Company (Phuoc Loi Commune, Ben Luc District) has 5 4-star products, including Go Den wine 31 percent, Go Den wine 41 percent, Go Den green base wine 31 percent, Go Den base wine 31 percent, Go Den gold wine 41 percent. Kim Hue sausage establishment (Tam Vu town, Chau Thanh district) has 2 3-star products, including Kim Hue pork sausage and Kim Hue pork baked rolls.

In 2021, the DARD continues to coordinate with the Provincial Coordination Office for the new-style rural Construction Program to assess, evaluate and classify OCOP program products according to the criteria such as product and community strength, ability marketing, product quality, etc. After evaluating and classifying products, the province continues to build programs and plans to widely advertise and introduce throughout the country, contributing to improving value for local OCOP products.

"The OCOP program is not only meaningful in production development but also helps the locality to solve important problems in poverty reduction, job recruitment, promoting the creativity and intelligence of the people, building linkages of the sustainable community economy. This is considered the right direction in building product brands, enhancing competitiveness in the market, and most importantly, increasing people's income, actively contributing to implementing the program building for new-style rural commune"- Ms. Khanh added./.

"The OCOP program is not only meaningful to production development but also helps the locality to solve important problems in poverty reduction, job recruitment, promoting the creativity and intelligence of the people, building linkages for sustainable community economy".

Deputy Director of DARD - Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh

"The district chooses Khap Phuong lemon wine, cajuput and longan honey products of Quang Vinh establishment to support and develop under the OCOP program. This program will contribute to supporting establishments to brand for their trademarks and products".

Head of Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hoa district - Nguyen Kinh Kha


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