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Thứ 3, Ngày 06/04/2021, 08:00
Efficience of linking production - consumption lemon GlobalGAP
To help farmers change production methods, switch from traditional farming to the application of advanced science - technology, increase value, increase the competitiveness of agricultural products and create stable output for agricultural product, and so on is the effect from the linkage between GlobalGAP's lemon production and consumption in recent years.

Instead of growing lemons in the traditional way, with little application of science and technology like many other local farmers, Huynh Hau Tien, who lives in Tan Thanh commune, Thu Thua district of Long An province, strongly associates with the Can Tho Fruit Republic One Member Limited Company to produce lemons following GlobalGAP standards for export to the European market right from the early days of converting 10 hectares of inefficient sugarcane land to growing lemons. Accordingly, on an area of 10 hectares of land to grow lemon, Mr. Tien strictly adheres to the global good agricultural practice from selecting seeds, planting, caring to harvest. In particular, he paid special attention to applying sparse planting techniques, minimizing the use of fertilizers, chemical drugs, instead increasing the use of biological drugs and organic fertilizers, and so on, contributing to to ensure that lemons do not have residues of fertilizers, pesticides, qualified and quality exported to the European market - one of the fastidious markets of the world.

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Currently, the Can Tho Fruit Republic One Member Limited Company is associating with purchasing more than 1,000 hectares of lemons, of which 200 hectares are produced in the direction of GlobalGap, the rest are produced under the TFA process

Thanks to the application of scientific and technological advances according to the GlobalGAP production standard, Tien's lemon garden helps to reduce pests, diseases, and grow well, its yield is 25 tons per hectare per year, 5 tons per hectare per year higher than normal planting. When applying scientific and technological progress according to GlobalGAP production standards also prolongs the life span of lemon trees to 10 years; at the same time, change farmers' thinking of production. Mr. Tien said: "Growing lemons according to GlobalGap standards, on average per hectare, I only plant 450 trees (normal planting is 600-700 trees); The company sent a team of engineers to guide and take care of the lemon garden regularly and support the construction of warehouses, pits for treating lemons and diseases, etc. During the integration period, to be stable on agricultural output, in which having lemon trees requires farmers to put quality, safety and food hygiene first. Therefore, production according to GlobalGAP standards is a must-to-do for farmers now and in the future".

Being an "unprofessional person" converted from sugarcane land for low productivity and low profit to growing lemon, Mr. Le Van Dang, living in Tan Thanh commune, Thu Thua district, could not be surprised, not even dare to invest much. However, since signing a contract with the Can Tho Fruit Republic One Member Limited Company, he has become a good farmer in applying science and technology in lemon production. Looking at Mr. Dang's lemon garden, the fruit is lush, green and smooth, no trace of pests, diseases, branches, dry branches, even spoiled fruit, rotten fruit, and so on proves this effectiveness.

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Mr. Huynh Hau Tien plants 10 hectares of lemons in the direction of GlobalGAP, contributing to creating clean products and increasing competitiveness in the market

Mr. Dang shared: "After the combination, the company's officers accompany in all production stages, especially the output of stable products, selling prices higher than the market from 3,000-4,000 VND per kilo, increasing profits. 15-20 percent more than before. In addition, my family also strongly converted the remaining ineffective sugarcane growing area to lemon cultivation. Now, family economy is stable, life is constantly improving, all thanks to the lemon trees".

Currently, the area of production and consumption of lemons according to GlobalGAP standards between Long An farmers and the Can Tho Fruit Republic One Member Limited Company is about 200 hectares. By the end of 2021, this area will increase to 260 hectares and continue to increase rapidly in the near future. Head of The Fruit Republic Can Tho Co., Ltd - Ho Vu Khanh information: "Currently, the associated company purchases more than 1,000 hectares of lemons, of which 200 hectares are produced in the direction of GlobalGap, the rest are produced according to TFA process. It is expected that every year, the company will increase 30 percent more lemon planting area in the direction of GlobalGap in Long An. Through the linkage between the company and farmers, the company will contribute to changing the thinking of production for farmers, towards clean production, avoiding dependence on the Chinese market, and instead targeting the European market. After a time of connecting, all people participating in the association have well observed the production process of the company, especially no farmer has left the link".

It can be seen that the linkage model between the Can Tho Fruit Republic One Member Limited Company and lemon farmers in the province is bringing about many effects and potentials, contributing to the province's development of the model associated with the Project applying technology in production of lemon trees, promoting rapid and sustainable development of local agricultural products./.


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