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Thứ 5, Ngày 18/02/2021, 10:00
High-tech agricultural development - A new direction for farmers
Immediately after the XIIth District Party Committee Congress, the term 2020-2025 was successful, Thu Thua province (Long An province) was determined to overcome all difficulties and challenges, bringing the Congress resolution to life. In which, the Breakthrough Program on Investment in Agricultural Development using high technology has been gradually implemented and received a positive response from the people.

Propaganda deeply and widely to the people

Implementing the breakthrough program for investment in agricultural development using high technology, Thu Thua has determined to choose 3 crops and 1 livestock to invest in agricultural development with high technology application in main stages (seed , engineering, cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest) to strive that by 2025, the whole district will have at least 2 agricultural production regions applying high technology on major crops and animals. In which, in 2021, the district determines to build a model of hi-tech application on the yellow apricot tree on an area of 0.5 hectares, Long Thanh commune; building 20 hectares of high-tech lemon trees in Tan Thanh commune; to build 50 hectares of high-tech sticky rice plants, Long Thuan commune and high-quality reproductive cows of F2 or more in the district (cumulative calculation is 701 heads).

1 Phát triển nông nghiệp ứng dụng công nghệ cao Hướng đi mới cho nông dân.jpg

Lemon agro-products apply high technology in production in Tan Thanh commune

With that goal, localities, especially Long Thanh communes, Long Thuan communes and Tan Thanh communes are determined to make their efforts to concretize the Resolution and propagate deeply and widely to the people. In Tan Thanh commune, the communal Party Committee develops a resolution on agriculture with high technology application. Accordingly, the Party Committee, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations organize the implementation, grasp and propagate deeply and widely the content of the Program on Agricultural Development Investment in High Technology Application to each staff, ministries, party members and people, especially integrated in the meetings of groups, hamlets and unions. Through that activity, each official, party member and people will raise awareness, create consensus in coordination and make strong changes in the implementation and implementation of the Resolution.

Along with propaganda, Tan Thanh strives to develop technical infrastructure, embankments, intra-field irrigation and drainage systems to serve people in agricultural production. Apply high technology favorably. At the same time, the commune plans to link with businesses in order to equip agricultural materials, machinery and output of lemons, to help people feel secure in production.

Secretary of the Party Committee of Tan Thanh Commune - Le Tan Duc emphasized: "In order for the Resolution to come to life effectively, the propaganda to change production practices of the people is very important. This is a long way and must go step by step with certainty. Therefore, the commune chooses the pilot area in Hamlet 3 and is determined to implement it so that the people can see the effectiveness, from there they believe to follow. In addition, the commune also focuses on transferring science - technology, linking with scientists and seeking long-term outputs for local agricultural products ".

Resolutions step by step come to life

Understanding that traditional production does not bring high efficiency, Mr. Vo Van Dung, living in Hamlet 2, Long Thanh Commune determined to apply high technology to apricot cultivation. Accordingly, Mr. Dung proceeded to treat the entire land of 1.2 hectares of alum soil before planting 3,000 apricot root plants. Mr. Dung shared: "Acid sulphate soil inhibits the growth of plants, so I pay special attention to soil treatment. I proceeded to pour the sand below to drain the alum and then pour the soil and meat before it is mixed. After that, I applied rice husk ash, coconut fiber and surrounded the base before planting apricots. Thanks to that, the apricot tree grows well; at the same time, nutrients are not lost ".

2 Phát triển nông nghiệp ứng dụng công nghệ cao hướng đi mới cho công dân.jpg

The apricot garden of Mr. Vo Van Dung's family has been gradually produced using high technology

In addition, Mr. Dung also invests in an automatic apricot irrigation system and has a schedule of caring, shaping the tree, fertilizing specifically for each stage of the apricot tree. Mr. Dung said: "Not stopping at those innovations in production, I also consulted and learned from good apricot growers, read more documents on apricot planting techniques to make my family's apricot garden more and more developed. . I believe this is the direction of success ".

Mr. Dung's household is also one of those piloting apricot planting with high technology application in Long Thanh commune, then replicating it in the hamlets. The Secretary of the Party Committee and the Chairman of the People's Committee of Long Thanh commune - Nguyen Van Bay shared: "The commune chooses to focus on piloting at earlier apricot growing households in the area, especially those in the cooperative group. Ornamental flowers show the efficiency in agricultural production using high technology, then replicate to other households in the area ".

In addition, to facilitate the implementation of hi-tech agriculture, the district strengthens the transfer of science and technology, continues to support the replication of many new effective models in production in the direction of safety. whole biology; proactively and promptly forecasting and estimating the weather situation, intensifying the implementation of measures to prevent and control epidemics; implement a reasonable seed structure, encourage and create conditions for farmers to use technical varieties and certified varieties to step by step improve productivity, quality and efficiency in agricultural production. At the same time, the district is interested in reorganizing production in the direction of developing cooperative economy in agriculture, developing agricultural production according to the value chain on the basis of promoting the development of farm and farm economy; focus on building and promoting the efficiency of the point model to create spread; consolidate, consolidate and step by step improve the quality of operations of the existing cooperative groups and cooperatives and pay attention to building the core cooperative groups and cooperatives for each region and region; special attention is paid to the investment in irrigation systems, dykes to serve production needs and climate changes, to overcome drought and salinity, to ensure prevention of salinity and freshness.

Thanks to the determination of the entire political system, especially the propaganda deeply and widely to each official, party member and the people, creating a high consensus in the implementation of the District Party Committee's Resolution, people gradually understand and believe. The idea of a new direction is agricultural production with high technology application.

In 2021, Thu Thua focused on implementing, grasping and concretizing the Resolution of the XII Congress of the District Party Committee, soon bringing the Resolution to life; focus is on completing the concretization of breakthrough programs, roadmap for the implementation of key works of the Congress's Resolution to lead and organize the implementation.

To achieve the goal of fast and sustainable economic growth, ensuring the economic structure shift in the right direction. Strengthen administrative reform, promote democracy, maintain administrative discipline and discipline. Strengthen the great national unity bloc, maintain political stability, ensure national defense and security, build a clean and strong Party and political system, and create high political determination to achieve victory District Party Committee Resolution 2021 and Congress Resolution.

It is known that the XII Congress of the District Party Committee has identified two breakthrough programs: Investment in agricultural development with high technology applications (ornamental flowers, fruit trees, sticky rice, and cows), improving the efficiency of sediment usually, site clearance, resettlement projects in the district; 4 key projects: Middle road from Thu Thua town to National highway N2 (phase 1), Bridge crossing Bo Bo canal (South bank of T3 canal), Bridge crossing Thu Thua canal (connecting Tan Thanh and Nhi Thanh communes) , Building a cultural and sports center in the North of the district./.

Reported by Ngoc Thach

 Translated by NT

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