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Thứ 3, Ngày 09/02/2021, 08:00
Roads illuminated by tinges of blooming spring
On the arrival of spring, well-embellished roads give rise to the hustle and bustle among people.

1 Những con đường sắc xuân nở rộ.jpg

Workers of Joint Stock Company 674 are constructing the sidewalk section of National Highway (NH) 62 Route on the third kilometer-range (from bypass route of the NH 1A to the Can Dot sewer in Ward 6 of Tan An city)

In 2021, the year marks the beginning of a new tenure, numerous roads have been newly constructed, repaired, and built on by the transportation sector of Long An Province to meet the escalating needs for transportation. Especially, when roads are broadened in the coming approach of New Year, the joyful and encouraging atmosphere arrives in every corner of life!

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Traffic circle of Provincial Road (PR) 830 - Expressway - residential area of Nam Long and Water Point  in An Thanh Commune of Ben Luc district

The PR 830 can be regarded as the backbone road since it crosses industrial districts of the province, namely Duc Hoa, Ben Luc, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc. The route additionally unites Long An International Port (Soai Rap river, Can Giuoc district) with the NH 1A Route, Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway, and the NH N2 Route.  

2 Những con đường sắc xuân nở rộ.jpg

Traffic circle under Tra River Bridge and the PR 830 get bustling during the fast-approaching New Year's Days

Deputy Director of Long An Department of Transport - Dang Hoang Tuan informed that Long An transportation sector had earlier and dynamically constructed to serve the vast needs for transportation on the days of New Year  of Buffalo 2021, upgraded plenty of roads and bridges to greatly facilitate traffic participants to safely travel on lively New Year's days and ensure non-congested traffic.

4 Những con đường sắc xuân nở rộ.jpg

Ben Luc town grows hectic during the forthcoming New Year's days (Photo: the roundabout in front of Central Culture house of Ben Luc district)

That specifically results from improvements and different widening projects of the NH 62 route - performing as the artery which devotes to the socio-economic development of the province. Besides, the route joins the NH 1A and Tan An city (the economic and administrative center of Long An province) together with districts belonging to Plain of Reeds - the greatest granary of the entire country./.

5 Những con đường sắc xuân nở rộ.jpg

PR 823 connects the NH N2 with bordered communes such as Thuan Binh, Tan Hiep in Thanh Hoa district. The route is furtherly in association with bordered communes in Duc Hue District


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