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Thứ 4, Ngày 03/02/2021, 08:00
Tan Tru: More than 1,800 hectares of Winter-Spring rice sown out of seasonal schedule
Compared to the plan for the Winter-Spring (WS) rice crop of 2020-2021, many farmers in Tan Tru district of Long An province sow seeds 10-40 days later than the seasonal schedule. This is expected to cause serious damage if the drought and salinity occur abnormally.

Based on the forecast of saline intrusion in the dry season 2020-2021, most people in the southern districts of the province such as Tan Tru, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc, Thu Thua, and so on are recommended to sow early or switch to short-term crops. However, up to the present, many farmers in Tan Tru district continue to sow WS rice 2020-2021 despite the time of sowing according to the recommended schedule.

Tan Binh commune has the highest area of sowing out of seasonal schedule with over 470 hectares. Most of the rice areas sown out of seasonal schedule are from 10-20 days old, the rice varieties selected for sowing are IR50404, Nang Hoa, Dai Thom 8, etc.

Tân Trụ hơn 1800 lúa Đông Xuân gieo sạ trái lịch thời vụ.jpg

Many areas of Winter-Spring rice sown out of seasonal schedule are at risk of damage if drought and salinity occur

In the WS crop 2019-2020, the family of Ms. Le Thu Thuy, living in Binh Tay hamlet, Tan Binh commune, sowed 1.5 hectares of Nang Hoa rice. Thanks to the amount of water from the Nhut Tao irrigation system and the Nhi Thanh Water Station, Thu Thua district, her family's rice is not affected by drought and salinity. Therefore, this year, after harvesting the Autumn-Winter crop, Ms. Thuy decided to continue to sow the WS crop, although the local agriculture sector recommends not to sow. "Currently, the amount of water stored in the Nhut Tao irrigation system is still quite a lot, so I decided to breed the new crop. I think the drought and salinity will not affect my family's rice this year as last year" - Ms. Thuy shared.

In Binh Trinh Dong commune, Mr. Le Thanh Hoai, living in Binh Hoa hamlet, has just sown the WS crop for about 10 days. He explained the reason for the late sowing, as follows: "Because my field is deep inside, from plowing to harvesting rice all happened simultaneously with the surrounding households. In this case, they sowed the seedlings late, so I had to sow the seedlings later".

Chairman of the People's Committee of Binh Trinh Dong commune - Nguyen Hong Dung said that in the WS crop 2020-2021, the whole commune sowed over 370 hectares, of which nearly 200 hectares were sowing outside of the seasonal schedule. Some villagers did not comply with the recommendations and conducted 3 crops. In the past year, in order to take initiative in water sources for production, the commune has dredged and salvaged water hyacinths in inland canals and ditches in the area. In addition, the commune also organizes seminars to recommend and mobilize people to sow seeds according to the seasonal schedule, select varieties and convert plants suitably.

According to information from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tan Tru district, in the WS crop 2020-2021, the whole district has seeded over 3,200 hectares, of which over 1,800 hectares are sown out of seasonal schedule. The area of sowing late, rice is only 10-40 days old. Meanwhile, the salinity on the main rivers in the district is increasing and most of the sluices for preventing saline have been closed, the amount of water stored in inland canals and ditches will begin to decrease rapidly, so this rice area is at high risk of being affected and damaged.

Head of the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tan Tru district - Dang Van Tay Lo said that because the rainfall at the beginning of the 2020 season is not evenly distributed, the farmers' sowing will be affected. Along with that, after harvesting the Autumn-Winter rice crop, the farmers realize that the amount of water stored in the inner field canals and ditches is still abundant, many of them are subjective and continue to sow.

"The district agriculture sector has issued documents to coordinate communes and towns to recommend that people comply with seasonal calendars, absolutely not sow seeds after December 5, 2020. However, many people still do not comply with the recommendations and voluntarily sow seeds outside of the seasonal schedule. For these areas, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has directed, asked the district Agriculture sector to survey and hold specific data to take these areas out of the support if drought, salinity have happened and influence. Currently, in addition to promoting propaganda and recommending people not to continue sowing the WS crop, the district Agriculture sector also regularly checks the salinity situation on the main rivers to promptly inform the people. Hopefully, this drought, salinity will not be as severe and impactful as the previous years" - Mr. Dang Van Tay Lo added.

From the beginning of January 2021, salinity has appeared on the provincial rivers such as Rach Cat, Vam Co, Vam Co Dong, Vam Co Tay, and Tra river. Facing the above situation, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development requested the People's Committees of the Southern districts and Tan An city to direct local specialized agencies to regularly monitor and update the water quality situation on the website for fighting against natural disasters of the province and on reports and warnings about drought, water shortage and saltwater intrusion of specialized hydrometeorology agencies such as the Southern Institute of Water Resources Research, and the Long An Hydrometeorology Station in order to promptly inform and widely propagate to people on district and commune radio stations about the water quality situation on rivers and in the field. At the same time, it is recommended that people do not take water in areas that are already salty, take advantage of water, store water in ponds and fields when saline water has not yet penetrated inland canals; use water in an economical and efficient manner, avoid waste and polluting water sources, in order to ensure adequate supply of irrigation water for safe production and daily life.


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