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Thứ 3, Ngày 03/11/2020, 09:00
Quickly bring resolutions to life
After the success of the 2020-2025 party committee congress, the party committees and authorities at all levels in Long An province urgently embarked on the concretization, implementation and implementation of the resolution with the determination to make changes right from the start early term.

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Focusing on implementing and grasping the resolution

Information from Kien Tuong City Party Committee's Office, right after the town's Party Congress for the term 2020-2025, the XIIth Town Party Committee has developed an action program to implement the Resolution to lead and direct all levels, committees, authorities, agencies, departments, and unions to develop plans, actively coordinate the implementation within localities, sectors and branches.

The Standing Committee of Kien Tuong Party Committee issued the Plan No. 01-KH/TU on September 15, 2020 on the thorough organization and implementation of the Resolution of the XIIth Town Party Congress, term 2020-2025, The full-term working program of the town's Party Executive Committee, the Town Party Standing Committee and the full-term working regulations of the town's Party Committee, term 2020-2025.

In addition to the specific plan to implement the targets of the Resolution for the 2020-2025 term, the town also develops a plan to implement a breakthrough program on the development of agricultural programs, high-quality rice areas using high technology. The period of 2020-2025 and the implementation plan of a breakthrough program on mobilizing resources for investment in infrastructure for the development of Kien Tuong town to urban grade III.

Chairman of the Town People's Committee - Nguyen Van Vu said: From now to 2025, the Party Committee and the town people will concentrate all resources to strive to build and develop urban towns with infrastructure, synchronous, modern, civilized and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the town continues to receive and direct the development of high-quality rice areas with high technology application in the direction of large and highly competitive commodity production.

According to Secretary of the Party Committee Kien Tuong - Nguyen Minh Lam, the Standing Committee of the Town Party Committee assigned the Marketing Party Committee to print and issue 2,200 copies of the Resolution of the XIIth Town Party Congress, the term 2020-2025, equipping all Party members in the town. Up to now, the Party Committees at all levels, the authorities, the Front and the mass organizations have developed plans to deploy and implement the Resolution according to the proposed plan.

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Chau Thanh district strives to achieve a new rural district enhanced in the new term

For Chau Thanh district, in order to bring the Resolution to life soon, the District Party Committee approved the Action Program and built a full-term working program of the Party Executive Committee, the program of full-course inspection and supervision. Each comrade in the Standing Committee, the Executive Committee was assigned to be in charge of the fields, the cells and affiliated party committees to receive and direct the implementation of the tasks.

Secretary of Chau Thanh District Party Committee - Vo Thanh Phong informed that in the next term, the district will continue to implement the Resolution No. 08-NQ / TU of the Provincial Party Committee on agricultural development with high technology application associated with the restructuring of the industry agriculture; bring into full play the achieved results in the construction of a new countryside, striving to complete the commune achieving the new rural improved standards by the end of the term, and the district meeting the new rural improved standards.

In order to realize the targets and objectives specified in the Resolution, the Standing Committee of Chau Thanh District Party Committee has issued a study plan, grasped, propagated and organized the implementation and implementation of the modern resolution. In the immediate future, the district will continue to focus on performing the dual task of preventing and combating the Covid-19 epidemic in association with socio-economic development associated with the implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Construction.

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Industry remains the key economy of Can Giuoc district in the coming term. Photo: An Ky

According to the Secretary of the Can Giuoc District Party Committee - Pham Van Bon, in order to bring the district to a fast and sustainable development in the key economic region of the province, for the term 2020-2025, the district proactively reviewed and resolutely proposed to handle the projects. The judgment is behind schedule according to the approved investment policy; focus on ground clearance for key projects; implement well the resettlement, stabilize the lives of people.

"At the same time, the district strengthens the state management in the field of urban order, concentrating investment in upgrading and expanding technical infrastructure synchronously for the urban area of Can Giuoc town to improve quality of urban areas of grade IV. Continuing administrative reform, improving the business environment; coordinate to remove difficulties and problems for businesses and people; supporting key investment projects "- Mr. Pham Van Bon said.

In addition, according to the action plan of the District Party Committee, one of the district's key tasks in the new term is to continue implementing and effectively implementing the program of socio-economic development, ensuring security, order and mobilization of resources for transport infrastructure development, connection between the district and neighboring districts of Ho Chi Minh City (Binh Chanh, Nha Be, Can Gio); strive to increase the average budget for the term 15 percent; ...

Not only localities, but also departments and branches actively concretize the province's targets, goals, breakthrough programs, and key projects associated with the tasks of the sector and fields in charge. The action program of the Party Committee of the Department of Transport sets out 8 main targets, in which strive to well fulfill the assigned political tasks, with the focus on the sectoral targets according to the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress term 2020-2025.

Director of the Department of Transport - Nguyen Van Hoc said that next time, the department will continue to deploy and promptly guide documents related to the field of state management of transport - transport in the province. for agencies, organizations and people such as the Construction Law, the Law on Road Traffic, the Law on Inland Waterway Traffic, the guiding decisions of the People's Committee, ... Along with that, the department of organization completing the transport - transport planning of the branch (province, district, town, city); implementing and effectively implementing projects related to transport - transport development in the period 2020-2025, piloting transport management 4.0 and high-quality bus project; focus on load control and strictly handle acts of violating traffic order and safety.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Hoc, in the new term, the department prioritizes the investment in the development of key and breakthrough traffic projects, modern and connected works that can spread the province's socio-economic development. such as Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang Dynamic Axis, Tan Tap - Long Hau Road, Ring Road 3, Ring Road 4; give priority to the development of multimodal transport on transport corridors, border gates, ...

With the initiative and urgency in building action plans and specific plans, resolutions of the Party Congress at all levels in the province have been and continue to be widely and extensively deployed throughout the Party, the entire people, and positive impact on the results of implementing tasks by localities and units.

Reported by  An Ky

Translated by NT

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