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Thứ 3, Ngày 13/10/2020, 10:00
Traffic investment to create motivation for development
Many works and projects that are invested not only help to improve the transport infrastructure system in the area, but also contribute to favorable travel, do trade and promote local socio-economic development.

Đầu tư giao thông để tạo động lực phát triển13102020 hình 1.jpg

Provincial Road (PR) 830 is invested to create regional linkage, promote socio-economic development. Photo: Kien Dinh

Traffic infrastructure is increasingly complete

Traffic infrastructure plays an important role in the local socio-economic development. When roads and bridges are newly invested, repaired and upgraded to help goods trade and people travel more smoothly. In addition, this also creates the connection between localities and regions, creates a driving force for development.

Over the past time, Long An province has always determined the importance of traffic and took advantage of resources for investment and improvement. Especially in term 2015-2020, the province has implemented 3 key projects and 14 projects under the traffic breakthrough program. Among the 14 projects under the breakthrough program, the total investment is nearly 5,900 billion VND, 9 projects were completed, put into use and promoted their efficiency, 2 works are expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and 3 works will be completed after 2020. Three key projects are ensured their proposed plans, some sections have been completed, put into operation and used.

Provincial Road (PR) 823B (passing Duc Hoa Industrial Park 2, 3, phase 1) is one of 14 projects under the breakthrough program for term 2015-2020. The length of the whole route is more than 10 kilometers. The total investment capital is over 200 billion VND from the provincial budget, the central support and other sources. This route is divided into 2 bidding packages. Currently, the route has been basically completed, put into operation and brought its efficiency.

Đầu tư giao thông để tạo động lực phát triển 13102020 hình 2.jpg

Traffic infrastructure is increasingly completed, positively contributing to the local socio-economic development (Photo: PR 830, section passing Ben Luc district)

PR 830 - key project according to the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress (term 2015-2020). Route from Duc Hoa district to Ben Luc, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc with a length of about 55 kilometers. When the route is completed, it not only connects districts in key economic regions, creates a driving force for local socio-economic development, but also creates regional links, especially with Ho Chi Minh City (the major economic center of the nation). PR 830 consists of 3 sections, of which section 1 (from Duc Hoa to Ben Luc, 24 kilometers long, under the BOT contract) has been completed, put into use and brought its efficiency. The remaining two sections of the PR 830 route have been cleared, a number of packages have been completed and put into use. The province continues to inspect and urge contractors to ensure the progress of the work, to soon complete, put into use, to serve the province's development. In addition, the province also implemented phase 2 of the project (National Highway (NH) 1 to NH 50) upgrading from grade IV road to grade III road with 4 lanes, roadbed is 18.5 meters wide, road surface is 14 meters wide and 4 bridges are widen.

According to the representative of Long Hau Joint Stock Company (the investor of infrastructure of Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc district) - Tran Hong Son, traffic infrastructure in Can Giuoc district is increasingly perfect. The locality is always interested in investing in traffic, creating favorable conditions for the industrial park to attract secondary investors. Many companies in the area reduce the cost and time of transporting goods because the roads are fully invested and convenient, thereby profits are increased.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hang, living in Can Giuoc town, Can Giuoc district, excitedly shared: "Local roads are invested, we travel smoothly, it is easy for doing business, my family economy is getting better and better. Everyone was delighted at the change of the district. In the past, it was difficult to do business due to the degraded roads and the unsafe travel".

Chairman of the People's Committee of Can Giuoc district - Nguyen Tuan Thanh said that the traffic infrastructure in the district has always been interested in investing in the province over the past years. Many completed transport projects have positively contributed to local development. In particular, the PR 830 work, some sections passing through the area have been completed, creating a driving force for local development. Currently, the district coordinates with relevant departments, agencies and units in the work of site clearance, speeding up the progress of the project according to the proposed plan.

Creating motivation for development

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ben Luc district - Le Thanh Ut informed that traffic infrastructure in the district was increasingly perfect. In recent years, the province has paid attention and invested in upgrading some arterial roads in the area such as PRs 816, 830. The route of PR 830, the section passing Ben Luc district, has been put into use, met the needs of goods trade and people's travel, contributing to local socio-economic development.

Đầu tư giao thông để tạo động lực phát triển 13102020 hình 3.jpg

Long An continues to improve the traffic infrastructure system

Traffic infrastructure in Duc Hoa district is also increasingly perfect. Chairman of the People's Committee of Duc Hoa district - Le Truong Chinh shared that traffic is complete, creating a driving force for local socio-economic development. The district is interested in and invested in many transportation projects. In term 2015-2020, the province has invested in upgrading many arterial roads in the district such as PRs 830, 825, 823, 823B, etc. Some routes have been completed, put into use, and brought their efficiency. In addition, Duc Hoa also clearly defined the role of traffic, thereby it promoted all resources to repair and upgrade traffic routes, served the people's needs of travel and trade as well as the local development.

Deputy Director of the Department of Transport - Nguyen Hoai Trung said that the province has focused on mobilizing all resources to upgrade roads and bridges in the area, creating a driving force for local socio-economic development over the years thanks to determining the important role of transport infrastructure. The rapid development of transport infrastructure also contributes to doing the three strategic planning regions of the province. The appearance of the homeland from rural to urban areas flourishes in the direction of civilization and modernity. The Department continues to coordinate with departments, branches and localities to remove difficulties and problems, speed up the progress of works, soon put them into use to meet the requirements of the local socio-economic development.

In recent years, the province has focused many resources to improve transport infrastructure, especially in term 2015-2020. The traffic works and projects have been completed to meet the traveling needs of people, create the link between localities as well as between the province and other localities, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of the province. The province also directs departments and branches to coordinate with localities in the province to focus on solving problems and difficulties, urging the construction units to complete the works that are being done and put into use according to the plan"./. 

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Pham Van Canh


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