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Thứ 2, Ngày 28/09/2020, 08:00
Standing Deputy Prime Minister - Truong Hoa Binh attends inauguration ceremony of Long An International Port
On September 26, at Tan Tap commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province, Dong Tam Group held the inauguration of phase 1 and started construction of phase 2 of Long An International Port.

Former State President - Truong Tan Sang; Member of the Politburo, Standing Deputy Prime Minister - Truong Hoa Binh and leaders of ministries, central agencies, leaders of Long An province and domestic and international enterprises attended the event.

Lễ khánh thành Cảng Quốc tế Long An 2692020 hình 1.jpg

Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate phase 1 and start phase 2 of Long An International Port

Chairman of the Long An People's Committee - Tran Van Can said that Long An International Port is considered to have a strategic position that has brought practical values to Long An in the process of attracting investment, contributing to socio-economic development of Long An, it was worthy of being a province located in the southern key economic region with a total investment of 10,000 billion VND. Long An International Seaport located at the mouth of Soai Rap river, has received ships from 30,000 DWT to 50,000 DWT to load down, it will receive ships of 70,000 DWT to 100,000 DWT in the future.

From 1997 up to now, Long An province has attracted investment in the area and is now the common house of nearly 12,000 operating businesses, with a total registered capital of nearly 315,000 billion VND; There are nearly 2,000 domestic investment projects licensed with registered capital of over 230,000 billion VND. Long An attracted 1,059 FDI projects, total capital 6,496 million USD. The planning for developing the industrial zones and clusters in the province is reasonably distributed.

Long An has 32 industrial zones that were added by the Prime Minister to the planning for developing the industrial zones in Vietnam with a total area of nearly 12,000 hectares; in which, the occupancy rate of industrial parks in operation reached nearly 87 percent.

The approved planning for development of industrial clusters in the province has 62 industrial clusters with a total area of 3,106 hectares; of which, there are 21 industrial clusters with an area of 1,080 hectares put into operation, occupancy rate is nearly 90 percent.

Lễ khánh thành Cảng Quốc tế Long An 2692020 hình 2.jpg

Delegates perform the groundbreaking ceremony of Long An International Port Urban Area

With the advantages of geographical location, land and labor, along with the guidelines and guidance of the provincial leaders, the local government must accompany enterprises, the investment environment of Long An province is always open, attractive, which is a bright spot to attract investment in the region as well as the whole nation. Especially, Long An attracted enterprises operating in the field of industrial zone infrastructure development and investors operating in industrial parks and clusters.

From the above factors, Long An is always a locality in the Mekong River Delta region with a relatively high economic growth rate compared to the national average, the 2016-2020 average is estimated  to reach 9.62 percent. The economic structure continues to shift strongly towards industrialization and modernization, in accordance with the general orientation of the province (industry - service - agriculture). Its per capita income in 2019 reached 72.67 million VND (an increase of 7.14 million VND compared to 2018).

Lễ khánh thành Cảng Quốc tế Long An 2692020 hình 3.jpg

Groundbreaking ceremony of wharf No. 7 - Long An International Port

In addition to maximizing those potentials and advantages, Long An Party Committee and government are always consistent, determining administrative reform, improving business investment environment, enhancing competitiveness, supporting and developing businesses is one of the top important tasks, making a practical contribution to the rapid and sustainable development of the province. Long An has always continuously been ranked in the good group in the ranking of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) from 2017 up to now.

Lễ khánh thành Cảng Quốc tế Long An 2692020 hình 4.jpg

Long An International Port signs a strategic cooperation agreement with ports in the Mekong Delta region

Chairman of the Board of Directors Dong Tam Group - Vo Quoc Thang said that Long An International Port belongs to group 5 in Vietnam's seaport development plan. With the advantage of geography, being located between the East and the South West, it helps to reduce traffic pressure in the central port clusters of Ho Chi Minh City. Long An International Port will create a driving force for the socio-economic development not only for Long An province but also for the Mekong River Delta region. Long An International Port has an area of 147 hectares, water surface length of 2.6 kilometers, is invested and built into three phases with a total capital of nearly 10,000 billion VND including 7 wharves capable of receiving ships up to 70,000 DWT; warehouse system, bonded warehouse system; container yard system and other auxiliary works, etc. Particularly, the warehouse area for storage at the port is more than 400,000 square meters, serving the needs of transporting, storing agricultural, aquatic products, fertilizers, iron and steel and so on in the Mekong River Delta region and is the gateway for import-export enterprises in the Southeast region to gather and distribute goods by road, sea or inland water.

Phase 1 has completed construction of 3 wharves with a length of 630 meters. In the process of both construction and operation, Long An International Port has welcomed nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign ships in and out of the port, reaching nearly 1 million tons of import and export goods through the port. It was the most notably that the port has successfully received and unloaded many 50,000 DWT vessels. In 2020, Long An International Port continues to build wharves No. 4, No. 5, with the goal of putting into operation soon in 2021. Currently, investors are also promoting the completion of legal procedures to continue to build wharves No. 8 and No. 9 to accommodate ships of up to 100,000 DWT; bringing the total continuous length of the wharf system up to 2,368 meters, becoming one of the international ports with the largest port length in Vietnam today. The volume for cargo customs clearance is about 80 million tons per year.

Lễ khánh thành Cảng Quốc tế Long An 2692020 hình 5.jpg

Delegates visit Long An International Port

On September 26, Long An International Port officially inaugurated the first phase of Long An international port cluster, groundbreaking the urban area, whaves No. 6 & 7 to welcome ships up to 70,000 DWT, cut the ribbon inaugurated the international port system of Long An, signed strategic cooperation with ports in the Mekong Delta region. At the inauguration ceremony of phase 1 of Long An International Port, Dong Tam Joint Stock Company awarded 2 billion VND to Can Giuoc district to build houses for the poor and 3 billion VND to Fund for Long An Study Promotion Association to implement the social security program.

To celebrate the XIth Long An Provincial Party Congress and towards the XIII National Congress of the Party, Long An International Port inaugurated the Flagpole project - Long An International Port with the height of 63 meters that represents 63 provinces in the nation and the flag has an area of 54 square meters representing 54 ethnic groups of united Vietnam./.


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