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Thứ 3, Ngày 28/01/2020, 17:00
Long An - Historical land
Long An has not only the simple and rustic beauty of the Mekong Delta region but also a historical land associated with the glorious feats of the ancestors.

1. In the first days of the year, we had the opportunity to go with the delegation to visit the relics of the Party Committee Base - Southern Resistance War Administration Committee (in Bui Thang hamlet, Nhon Hoa Lap commune, Tan Thanh district). This is one of the three most important bases of the South during 9 years of the resistance war against the French colonialists. The site was classified as a National Historic Site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2007.

1 Long An vùng đất lịch sử.jpg

The Party Committee Base - Southern Resistance War Administration Committee

The spacious campus area of the base is 3 hectares, including the residence of comrades Le Duan, Pham Van Bach and Tran Van Tra; Office of the Southern Resistance War Administration Committee, the Southern print workshop and Pharmaceutical preparation room. All are rebuilt from locally available materials such as clay, straw, bamboo, mangrove, and so on. These materials can withstand enemy artillery. The relic also have the tombs of Mr. Nguyen Van Sieu and Mrs. Tran Thi En, traditional houses, exhibitors, etc. Surrounding the area are lush flower gardens that are cultivated by local people.

Thanks to the story of Mr. Nguyen Van Sieu's grandson, we reviewed the important events of the history associated with this monument such as the place where the Congress of the Southern Party Committee of the Southern Party was held, the first place of Southern Radio was broadcasted, the place where the documentary film about the first film revolution of our country was shown, and many famous battles that terrified colonialists. It was also associated with the glorious feats of Battalion 307, 309; Regiment 120, 105, etc. 

2. Leaving this historic site, the delegation visited the Historic relics of Long An province (also known as Binh Thanh Historical relics, in Binh Hoa Hung commune, Duc Hue district). This is considered the base of the people, which marks the period of operation of Long An Provincial Party Committee.

2 Long An vùng đất lịch sử.jpg

Binh Thanh Historical relics

At present, Binh Thanh historical relics no longer have specific architectural works. For that reasons, Long An province invested nearly  183 billion VND for the construction of major items such as restoring and preserving the original relics of the base, working place; building memorial works, parks, landscapes and other infrastructure items; restoring the natural ecosystem as before to help visitors can visualize the landscape of the base area.

Nowadays, Binh Thanh Base no longer hears the sounds of bombs and smoke of war. On the contrary, visitors enjoy a peaceful space with rows of green bamboos and the sound of birds chirping. This is a place converging the best traditional values of patriotism, strong spirit and firm belief in the final victory of the Party Committee and people of Long An province under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

3. Back to Tan An City, our delegation continued to visit Nguyen Huynh Duc Temple and Tomb (in Khanh Hau Ward). This was the last location of the "Returning to our roots" journey at the historic sites in the spring days. The site includes an architectural complex of the tomb of the early Nguyen Dynasty with valuable antiques in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries. In addition, we also knew the life and career of a famous general Ba Giong land. General Nguyen Huynh Duc is worshiped as a predecessor by the people. In 1993, the tomb was recognized as a Historical-cultural relic.

3 Long An vùng đất lịch sử.jpg

Nguyen Huynh Duc Tomb

Currently, the tomb is kept and protected by his lineage. Upholding the family tradition, the descendant of Nguyen Huynh Duc has many successful people who contribute to building the homeland.

At the end of the journey, our delegation learned about the process of revolutionary activities and the glorious feats of the previous generation to help today's generations appreciate the value of life./.


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