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Industrial park
Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 19:00
Location: 5 Hamlet, Phuoc Dong commune, Can Duoc District, Long An Province, Viet Nam.


Contact: ​

Distance to traffic hubs


Ho Chi Minh city center 45km

Phu My Hung Urban center 35km

Long An Province center 18km

ICD Hiep Phuoc Port 30km

Cat Lai Port 43km

Long An International port 23km

Cai Mep Thi Vai Deep Port 74km

Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC) 42km

STRENGTHSThere are road transport systems and river transport system
Length of Vam Co River: 3.150 m.
Planned industrial park port in Vietnam's seaport system with 3 clusters of 9 berths deep water ports, ensures 10.000 - 15.000 DWT ships.
Located adjacent to Nation road 50, 35 km to Ho Chi Minh City
Completed residential area serving the demand of officers and staff
Located in an area with abundant labor force and cheap labor.


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Located at:
- East : Nuoc Man Channel
- West: Existing Residential area
- South : Vam co River
- North : Current residential areas in road 826B
INVESTMENT INCENTIVESFree of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 20% corporate income tax.
Click here for more detail
PERFORMANCE DURATIONPeriod of land leasing: 50 years (up to January 6th, 2059)
LEASING PRICE AND MODE OF PAYMENTPlease contact us for information about pricing
FACTORY LEASE PRICEPlease contact us for information about pricing
ELECTRICITY PRICEPrice offered by Electricity Company of Vietnam for voltage from 22KV to 110KV
FUNCTIONAL BLOCK- Processing industry
- Light industry
- Chemical industry 
- Construction materials industry, consumer goods industry
- High-tech industry
- Other service.
LAND USE STRUCTUREWorkshop, warehouse,yard,wharf 90.17 ha
Roads system 19.35 ha
Operation and service areas 2.66 ha
Infrastructure system 1.55 ha
Open green 15.15 ha
Residential area 15.1548 ha
SCOPE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENTSThe following business lines will be attracted in Industrial Park: 
• Project on manufacture of electronic, electrical devices 
• Project on manufacture of telecommunication cable and electrical cable
• Project on manufacture of pharmaceutical product and medical devices 
• Project on manufacture of chemical products and cosmetic (excluding basic chemicals) 
• Project on manufacture of PP bag from plastic grain 
• Project on manufacture of paint and basic chemicals
• Project on manufacture of plastic, products from plastic (domestic plastic) 
• Knot wear (without weight reduction) 
• Knot wear (with weight reduction)
• Project on manufacture and processing of garment products (without phases of washing, erasing and dyeing) 
• Project on processing of wood 
• Project on manufacture of laminated wood 
• Project on manufacture of stationary 
• Manufacture of paper carton board from rolling paper 
• Project on manufacture of soft drink 
• Project on manufacture of milk 
• Project on manufacture of food products 
• Project on manufacture of confectionary
• Project on processing of cooking oil 
• Project on processing of tea 
• Mechanical fabrication (lathing, cutting, welding etc) 
• Storage and showroom of products 
• Service and business of packages, technical accessories relating to gas 
• Project of mechanics, fabrication of machine and equipment (with plating and coating in production line, excluding fabrication and manufacture of plating and coating
• Project on manufacture of CO2 gas, with liquefaction extraction and feeding 
• Project for trading of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
• Batching plant 
• Manufacture of welding electrodes 
• Consumer goods 
• Project on manufacture of other building materials 
• Project on alimunium and steel rolling from material blank 
• Project on recycling and treatment of solid wastes of all kinds (excluding wastes from outside of Long An Province) 
• Project on manufacture of fertilizer 
• Project on manufacture of plastic grain 
• Making and processing of sport shoes
CLIMATELocated in the tropical region under the influence of sub-equatorial monsoon with high temperature and distinctively dry and rainy season in a year. Average temperature reaches 270C. Annual average humidity is relatively high, around 70% - 80%. West - South wind: from May to November; East - South wind: from December to April
- Compressive strength: 0,061 cm2/kg
- Cohesion strength C: 0,06kg/cm2
- Natural unit weight: 1,91g/cm3
- Compressibility coefficient: 0,187kg/cm2
- Internal friction angle: 3o00'
WASTE WATERFollow current Vietnam's standards
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
TRAFFIC SYSTEMMain road system : 33m in width
Internal road system : 20m in width
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEM- On-site 3x63 MVA transformer station.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMOn-site water treatment plant, capacity 4.560 m3/ day night
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMCapacity 4,200 m3/day night, meet TCVN 5945:2005 level A standards, before being discharge
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMEstablishing the modern and international standard network of Postal & Telecommunication Service; such as to equip , telephone system and ADSL provided by a Telecommunication Service and meet all demands of investors.
PUBLIC UTILITIES- Park system is planned for the whole in order to provide fresh air, prevent air pollution and create beautiful sights and comfortable working environment for the work force 
- All of tax and custom service, banking service... will be carried out convenient at Industrial Park
FREE SERVICES- Business establishment registration
- Custom and accounting registration
- Investment certificate
- Factory construction permit
SUPPORTING SERVICE- On-site custom office
- ICD port
- Standard ready-built factories/warehouses
- Petrol/liquid petrol gas supplied
- Catering supplied
- Shuttle bus to major location like Hochiminh City
- Banking, shopping area, schools and training centers, hospital, administration offices…
CUSTOMER LISTClick here for more detail

Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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