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Industrial park
Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 16:00
Location: Tan Tap Ward, Can Giuoc district, Long An province.

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Distance to traffic hubs

1. From the Industrial Park (IP) to

Center of Ho Chi Minh City: 30-40 km along to National Road 50.

Phu My Hung urban area – Dist. 7, HCM City: 18 km.

Green City, Tan An City – Long An: 50 km.
2. Road:

National Road 1A => the IP: 41 km

Highway of HCMC – Trung Luong => the IP: 30 km
3. Waterway & Port system:

Soai Rap river: adjacent to IP

Bourbon and Hoang Tuan ports: far from the IP 28km, vessel of 5,000 DWT, capacity of 550,000 ton/year

Long An International seaport: adjacent to IP – vessel of 50,000 – 70,000 DWT; capacity in 2020: 15 million ton/year

Hiep Phưoc seaport 

Tp. HCM: far from the IP 10 km (road) – vessel of 50,000 – 70,000 DWT, capacity of 200 million ton/year
4. Airway: 

Tan Son Nhat Airport – Tp HCM: away from the IP 65 km; capacity: 23 million passengers/year and 600,000 ton of commodities/year

Long Thanh International Ariport – Dong Nai: far from the IP 65 km (Highway of Ben Luc – Long Thanh); capacity of 100 million passengers/year and 5 million ton of commodities/year
5. Railways:

Far from terminal Saigon HCM city 60km.​

STRENGTHS1. Convenient location: Thuan Dao Industrial Park locates at the center of Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district, Long An province.
Long An is considered as a "backyard" of Ho Chi Minh city and is the key and only trading gateway between the two major economic zones of the South and Mekong Delta.
2. Transportation advantages:
Thuan Dao Industrial Park is a hub for the national traffic system (road, airline, waterway and railway) easily and conveniently such as:
- Road: National Road 1A, Belt Road 3, Belt Road 4, Highway from HCMC – Trung Luong – Can Tho, provincial road 16.
- Airline: Tan Son Nhat International airport, Long Thanh International airport
- Waterway: Ben Luc Bourbon port, Long An International port, Hiep Phuoc Port; Cat Lai Port.
3. Term of land use:
Investor is entitled to use land for 50 years and does not have any other annual land payment to the Government.
4. HR- Training:
Thuan Dao is the only IP in Mekong Delta occupies 53% of Long An labor force with 30,000 workers compared to 47,000 workers of the whole province
5. Procedures of "one stop service":
Investors are served with procedures of one stop service quickly and free of charge: investment certificate, tax code, seal, etc.
6. Free consulting service:
Investors are freely provided with the consulting services of environment, design, construction, completion, works ownership, procedures of customs, tax, banking, accounting, bank loan, investment and construction of warehouses, machinery and equipment, etc.


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- East: adjoining to provincial road 19
- West: adjoining to Long Cang - Long Dinh road
- North: adjoining to Chanh canal
- South: internal road
INVESTMENT INCENTIVESIncentive for corporate income tax : tax exemption for first 02 years and reduction by 50% for the next 04 years (income tax is 22%, and will decrease to 20% in 01/01/2016)
Click here for more information
PERFORMANCE DURATIONUntil June 20th, 2062.
LEASING PRICE AND MODE OF PAYMENT90 USD/m2 (not inclusive of VAT, depending on area and location)

1. Payment Method for land lease:
- Signing MOU: deposit of 10%
- Issueing an Investment Certificate: payment of 30% (Total: 40%) 
- Signing Contract of Land Lease: payment of 30% (Total: 70%)
- Handover of the land: payment of 25% (Total: 95%)
- Issueing Certificate of Land Use Right: payment of the rest.
FACTORY LEASE PRICE4 USD/m2/month (can be built according to customer's design).
INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT FEES AND OTHER SERVICESInfrastructure maintaining fee: 750 VND/m2.month (not inclusive of VAT)
WATER RATES9,500 VND/m3 (not inclusive of VAT)
FEE WASTEWATER TREATMENT7,500 VND/m3 (not inclusive of VAT)
ELECTRICITY PRICEAccording to the price table of the Government
FUNCTIONAL BLOCK1. Land for industrial construction: 181,04 ha 
2. Land for commercial service: 7.7 ha 
3. Land for warehouse: 29.04 ha
LAND USE STRUCTURETotal area: 396 ha
1. Land for industrial construction: 181,04 ha 
2. Land for warehouse: 11 ha
3. Land for excutive management: 14.5 ha
4. Land for commercial - service: 7.07 ha
5. Land for clue construction: 4.4 ha
6. Land for tranportation: 92.09 ha
7. Land for greenery, river: 59.78 ha
8. Land for reverve : 7.74 ha
SCOPE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENTSMixed industrial planning area (zone A) -The average industrial pollution
- Group of projects on Petrochemical
- Group of projects on mechanics, metallurgy.
- Group of projects on building materials production.
- Group of projects on electric wires and cables, telecommunication cables production
- Group of projects on chemical fertilizers, plant protection production
- Group of projects on chemicals, cosmetics

Clean industrial area (area B) -The less industrial pollution 
- Group of items processed.
- The group of consumer goods.
- The production base projects of pharmaceutical, medicinal and veterinary drugs.
Area high-tech industry (Zone C) -The high-tech industries
- Group of projects on electrical appliances, electronics production.
- Group of projects on electrical components, electronic production.
CLIMATE- Rainy season: from May to October
- Dry season: From November to April
- Average temperature: 27.2 0C - 27.7 0C
- Annual rainfall: 966 - 1,325 mm
- Average humunity: 80% - 82%
- Annual Average hours of sunshine: 2,500 - 2,800 hours
- Wind: Northeast: frequency of 60 - 70% in dry season; Southwest: frequency of 70% in rainy season.
TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY- Handover elevation: 1.85m
- Ground compression: 8 - 10 tons/m2
- Depending on location and area, pile ranges from 8 - 15m
WASTE WATERAccording to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
TRAFFIC SYSTEM1. Internal road:
- Asphalt concrete road designed by Vietnam standard H30. Route: 45; 2 x 12 m wide road surface, 5m wide range median, 2 x 8m wide sides technical corridor 
2. External road:
located in the south area designed in the east - west connects with road No. 12, National Highway 50 to provincial road 826, Provincial Road 835 and the National Highway 1A. Route 60m, 2 x 15 m wide road surface, separators in between 10m wide, technical corridor 10m wide on each side.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEM-Transformers, power 110 / 22KV, capacity 40 + 63 MVA
- Transformer station, power 110 / 22KV, 40 + 63 MVA capacity.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMCooporation with Bang Tam Company building pipelines for water supply project for 05 communes.
F 250mm main pipe system and F 200 - 150mm branch pipe system . According QCVN 01: 2009: BYT
- Capacity: 6000 m3 / day, Pipelines D 600-800.
2. Investor treats their wastewater up to B Standard – QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT. The IP continues to treat the wastewater up to A Standard – QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT.
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMThe modern telecommunication network is established according to international standards such as MDF, telephone system and high-speed internet connection supplied by the post-telecommunication provider which is able to meet all the investors' requirements.
PUBLIC UTILITIESLand area: 7.07 ha including: Custom office, Bank, Post office, Hospital, Schools, Commercial & service centers, restaurants, Canteens, Offices for rent, Sport center, Convention center, Kindergarten, Warehouses, Logistics, etc … are set up in the IP and the residential area
FREE SERVICESMaking applications for all licenses from the beginning to investor's operation.
SUPPORTING SERVICE- Consulting: Design, construction, completion, ownership of structure, customs, tax, accounting, wastewater treatment …
- Assisting: Recruiting and training, lunch meal, telecommunication, electricity, water, houses …
- Supplying building materials: fresh concrete, drain, pile, floor tile, wall tile, roof tile, sanitary wares, UPVC window, liquid paint … with competitive prices

​​Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)​

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