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Thứ 3, Ngày 19/08/2014, 17:00
Communication System
Until the end of 2004, roadways in province was 1.698km, in which asphalt roads were 474km, accounting for 27,9%, gravel roads were 1053km (62%), other kinds of roads were 171km (10,1%) (excluding rural roads).

​/. Road traffic :

Until the end of 2004, roadways in province was 1.698km, in which asphalt roads were 474km, accounting for 27,9%, gravel roads were 1053km (62%), other kinds of roads were 171km (10,1%) (excluding rural roads). Total length of bridge was 15.799 m long/346 bridges, in which concrete bridges were 7.099 md/123 bridges, girder bridges were 6812 md/194 bridges, others were 1889 md/29 bridges. Density of road by area increased from 0,198 Km/Km2 in 1991 to 0,285 Km/Km2 in 2000 and 0,359 km/Km2 in 2004.

Density of road by population increased from 0,667 Km/1.000 persons in 1991 to 0,957 Km/1000 person in 2000 and 1,130 km/1000 person in 2004.


In general, roadways system is prioritized to invest, helping actively to develop production and improve living standard of population. However, there also remain some roads not satisfying the demand of transportation, lacking of synchronism between roads and bridges, not forming uninterrupted branches of roads.


Most of the Southern communications network has not been increased, mainly improved, upgraded and expanded, except some rural roads. In Nothern region, the communications network has developed rapidly, contributing to reclaimation, reallocation of population. To date, traffic roads are, however, quite scattered in this region, province road only has some roads just for cars, branches of roads accessible to residential clusters have not been built yet. Therefore this has influenced to travel and organization of life of rural people.


At present, the system of bridges and roads have been built synchronously in term of capacity in most of main roads from province to district and roads to industrial zones. However, there still remain some roads with low-capacity bridges, constraining the development of cargo transportation.


In recent years, although border belt ways have been invested, they are mainly small-scale rural roads, asynchronous bridge roads, inluencing to the national defense and smuggling fighting.


In recent years, the construction of rural transportation has become a big movement, combining from the budget and contribution of population. At present, 156 over 188 communes have car roads to the center (accounting for 83%), 32 communes under 7 districts do not have car roads to center, including 18 roads with total length of 126 km and 140 bridges/6637m long.


In recent years, the investment in traffic industry has been constantly increased. However, the annual budget for maintenance is low. Therefore the roads are degrading quickly. According to economists, it is necessary for capital given priority to maintain other than to invest in building. It will bring socio-economic efficiency.


In recent years, the roadways system has been considered and invested by the province, but in general it is not extensive and synchronous, influencing to the investment attraction and socio-economic development of province.


2/.Waterway traffic:


Since 1995, the waterways network has not increased, with scale of 2.559 km. Density of waterways by area was 0,59 Km/Km2 and by population was 1,8 Km/ten thousand of people with main waterways of Vam Co river, Vam Co Dong, Vam Co Tay, Rach Cat river . . .


Besides, on rural waterways, especially districts in Dong Thap Muoi, people can travel by boats from house to house, from region to region and boats are the main means of transport, means of living of many families in Dong Thap Muoi. Communes where do not have car roads to center will travel by waterways.


However, the waterways network, at present, still depends mainly on natural advantage, not developing the existing potentials, lacking in support system such as marking buoy, local waterways signal. The phenomena of appropriation of flow and way of boats, breach of protective corridors of local waterways such as construction of house and building materials yard, holding a market, etc. have not controlled properly. Many waterways have had great siltation through development in many years but they have not dredged and influenced to travel capacity of means.


Long An has great potentials of waterways but they are difficulties and obstacles for building road traffic.

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