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Industrial park
Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 14:00
Location: Duc Hoa Ha commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province.


Distance to traffic hubs

8 km from National Highway 1A

17 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City

25 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport

3 km from Duc Hoa downtown

4 km from Vam Co Dong River

Tan Do I.P. is connected to main traffic lines: National Highway 1A, TransAsia Highway, Saigon

Trung Luong freeway, 825 Road, 830 Road,...

Convenient waterway traffic for transportation of goods, materials from the I.P. to adjacent provinces and Cambodia


STRENGTHS- Borders to Ho Chi Minh City, convenient for goods transportation
- Complete infrastructure, available for building factories
- Stable power supply (provided by Duc Hoa electricity company)
- Favorable incentives for Corporate Income tax


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Borders to:
- North: An Ha Cannel
- Southeast: Binh Loi, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City 
- West: Hai Son Industrial Park.
INVESTMENT INCENTIVES- Corporate income tax: free of tax for the first 02 years, 50% reduction for the next 04 years. 
- 17% corporate income tax is applied from 01/01/2016
Click here for more detail
LEASING PRICE AND MODE OF PAYMENTLand leasing price: USD55-65 m2
+ For factory building land: the leasing price is quoted for complete standard infrastucture land lot
+ For residental and service land: depends on their location, area, and using purposes, leasing price for residental and service land will be counted separately for each land lot.
WATER RATESPrice: VND 14,000/m3 Water source from Ho Chi Minh City QCVN 01:2009/BYT
FEE WASTEWATER TREATMENTFee: USD 0.3/m3 Calculation method: 80% of input water Accepted output wastewater from the investors' plants: type B (QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT)
ELECTRICITY PRICEClick here for more detail
FUNCTIONAL BLOCK- Factory, warehouse building area: 1.628.693 m2
- I.P's administration and service area: 22.249,5 m2
- Technical center area: 20.928 m2
- Traffic system: 188.594 m2
- Pond, park, and green areas: 230.4969 m2
- Garden apartment: 296.390 m2
- Garden villas: 71.808 m2
- Apartment building: 20.586 m2
- Public works and areas: 59.863 m2
SCOPE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENTS1. Project group for electronics and telecommunications: projects for telecom cable production; projects for electrical and electronic equipment production; projects for electrical and electronic component production; 

2. Project group for mechanical and metallurgic industry: projects for mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment production; projects for sheet metal rolling (not galvanized); projects for steel rolling (from rough shape); projects for building, repairing and assembling carriages, automobiles; 
projects for manufacturing, assembling and repairing motorcycle; projects of defined aluminum production (from rough shape). 

3. Project group for food and beverage processing: projects for seafood processing; projects for alcohol, wine production (not allowed to use treacle materials); projects for confectionery production; project for food processing; projects for beverage production; projects for bottled purified water (not allowed to exploit groundwater); projects for milk production in many kinds; projects for vegetable oil processing;

4. Project group for wood processing, glass and ceramic production: projects for plywood production; projects for household furniture production (excluding the soaking and dipping stage); projects for handicraft production; projects for sanitary porcelain; projects for enameled tile production; projects for bulb and thermos production; projects for wood processing; projects for glass and ceramic production. 

5. Project group for stationery: projects for stationery production. 

6. Project group for textile and garment: projects for undyed textile; projects for garment processing excluding the washing step; projects for industrial laundry; projects for silk and synthetic fiber production. 
7. Project group for building material production: projects for brick and tile production; projects for other building material production (slight polluting sectors). 

8. Project group for chemicals, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics: projects for vaccine production; projects for veterinary medicine production; projects for detergent and additive production; projects for chemical and cosmetic production; projects for pharmaceutical product production; projects for plastic product production; projects for package production (from plastic granules); projects for production of paints, basic chemicals in many kinds; projects for production of additives for footwear sector; 

9. Group of other projects: projects for footwear production; projects for production of tires and tubes in all kinds; projects for production of firefighting tools and products; projects for cardboard package production (excluding the forming process). 

10. Project group for energy, radioactivity: photovoltaic project. 

11. Project group for mining: projects for surface water mining. 

12. Project group for processing of farm
CLIMATELong An is located in a tropical monsoon area; temperature is relatively high all year round with two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons. Duc Hoa district is particularly affected by moonsoon climate. Annual average temperature: 27.7 degrees Celsius
TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY- Alluvium soil delta, descending from West to East.
- Ground standard height: 2.5 m
- Ground Loading capacity: Rtc = 55.1 kPa
- Underground water: 200 met under ground level
- Ground surface stability: stable
WASTE WATERFollow current Vietnam's standards
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire protection system complies with the current regulations of the Government
TRAFFIC SYSTEMInternal traffic systems: with a total length of nearly 30 km, hot asphalt concrete, high loading capacity, is connected to the external traffic system via Provincial Route 10. The main roads with cross section of 42 m , 30 m and 18 m, are planned properly, with trees line and clear sidewalks forming a complete internal traffic system. 
External traffic system: Tan Do I.P. is located next to Provincial Route 824, 825 (P.R. 10) and 830 which are connected to main traffic systems of Ho Chi Minh Highway, National Highway 1A, Xuyen A Highway,... will ease the way for goods transported to and from the I.P. In addition, the I.P is also next to An Ha Cannel linking to Vam Co Dong River provides the I.P with an advantage in transportation to Cambodia and provinces in the West.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEMThe systems of industrial electricity, wastewater and sewage collection, surface drainage, telecommunication, and fire prevention and protection, ....are placed at the plants' fence, ensuring the ability to meet the needs of production, business and living activities throughout the Industrial Park.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMTan Do Investment and Construction J.S. Company invested pipneline system leading clean water from Ho Chi Minh City with high capacity, fully supply for the demand of Tan Do I.P and other adjacent I.Ps.
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMWith the capacity of 5000m2/24 hours, receives wastewater from investors' plant at class B and provides output treated water at Class A, according to current standards of Vietnam
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMCommunication system, Internet ... are built modern synchronously to meet the need of the plants' use
PUBLIC UTILITIESTan Do Investment and Construction JSC invests service works to add value for the investors, such as :
- Office services;
- Housing for experts;
- Housing for workers ;
- Medical center;
- Kindergarten;
- School;
- Restaurant, 3 star hotel;
- Trade center, markets;
- Culture-Sport center, ecotourism and entertainment zone
SUPPORTING SERVICE1. Construction designing consultancy and implemetation: with a team experienced architects, engineers, and skilled workers, Tan Do is capable to provide the whole service package for household and industrial constructions, transportation, water supply and treatment, landscape,.... ensuring for the quality and cost saving. 
2. Supporting services for legal issues: Investments in the Tan Do Industrial Park will be supported by Tan Do Investment and Construction J.S Company in the preparation of legal procedures from investment registration until the operation period of their plant, such as: investment approval, business certificate, environment assessment report, … 
3. Financial assistance: when an investor has loan demands to pay a transfer amount/land rental or to build workshop, Tan Do Investment and Construction J.S Company will support such investor in bank loan procedures at the Asia Commercial Bank with favourable conditions and interests, using the transferred land as a mortgage.
TYPICAL CLIENTSDuy Tan Long An Plastic J.S. Co. 
Dong Khanh Textiles and Garment J.S. Co.
CUSTOMER LISTClick here for more detail

Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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