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Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 13:00
Location: Quoc Lo 50, Tan Kim Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province

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Distance to traffic hubs

Away from HCMC: 0,3 Km;

Away from City center: 19 km (Ben Thanh market);

Away from Phu My Hung town: 16 km;

Away from Saigon Port: 19 km

Away from Cat Lai Port: 26 km

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STRENGTHS- Green - clean - beautiful factory system suitable for the food and high-tech industry
- 02 national power supplies to help stabilize production
- 03 - layer security system to help secure assets
- Support Investment Certificate and sublicenses
- Multi - languages speaking staff 
- Flexible payment policy
- Develop business community inside the area
- Services are designed based on demands


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- Away from HCMC: 0,3Km
- Connected to HCMC through Quoc Lo 50
- Away from Hiep Phuoc International Port: 12 Km
INVESTMENT INCENTIVESTax exemption in the first 02 years, 50% tax reduction in the next 04 years. Corporate income tax is 20%.
Please refer here
PERFORMANCE DURATIONLeasing term up to Year 2058.
FACTORY LEASE PRICE3.9 - 4.8 USD/m2/month
INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT FEES AND OTHER SERVICESRental fee included management fee, maintenance fee and security fee.
FEE WASTEWATER TREATMENT+ Wastewater level A: 3.000 VND/m3 + Wastewater level b: 4.800 VND/m3 + Domestic Wastewater: 4.000 VND/m3
Total area: 58.000m2
Workshop area: 23.500m2
Kizuna 2:
Total area: 45.000m2
Workshop area: 30.440 m2
SCOPE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENTSAgricultural and fishery machinery;
Manufacturing household appliances, plastics, soaps;
Manufacturing furnishing materials, assembled building components;
Food processing, frozen seafood, wood paint production, plating stage in the production process of finished products in mechanics (not plating processing);
Processing industries: food processing, processing of agricultural products, seafood;
Production of fertilizer, animal feed;
Light Industry: precision engineering industry, machinery and repair of machines, equipmenr, spare parts, assembly tools;
Electronics industry, production of machines, spare parts, industrial electrical appliances;
Production of sports instruments, furnishing, office;
Textile, plastics, toys, jewelry, cosmetics;
Production of packaging, typesetting, designing samples, printing;
Casting of non-ferrous metals in small scale: production of electric cables, optical cables;
High-tech industry;
Electronics industry, media, telecommunications media.
Processing, extracting of lubricants.
CLIMATELong An in the monsoon tropical area, near the equator, temperature is high during the year, with two rainy seasons - sunny and rainy season but Duc Hoa District is influenced by rainy monsoon climate. Average annual temperature is 27.7 degrees C
TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY- Delta sediment, descending from west to east.
- Standard height of land : 2.5 m
- The loading capacity of soil: RTC = 55.1 kPa
- Underground water level: 200m above the ground.
- A stability level of surface cracks: stable
WASTE WATERAccording to current standards of Vietnam
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire protection and fighting system in compliance with the current regulations of the Goverment
TRAFFIC SYSTEMTransportation system in the industrial park has been completed.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEMIncluding 02 national power supplies: 01 from Giuoc and 01 from HCMC
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMClean water provided by Water Supply Holland Company - water supplier for the ewhole area of Can Giuoc district and Tan Kim industrial park.
Capacity: 4800 m3/date ensures enough water for manufacturing and consumption in Tan Kim Industrial park.
Water price: According to the price of Water Supply Holland Company.
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMWastewater treatment system produced and managed by Asia-Tech Co., Ltd. duction and monitoring according to USBF technology of Europe.
Treatment capacity: 3000m3 / day.
Wastewater after treatment meets standards level A (TCVN5945-95).
Wastewater treatment fee:
- Industrial wastewater: 0.24 USD / m3.
- Domestic wastewater: 0.2 USD / m3.
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMVNPT Long An is proud to become the provider of telecommunications network for Tan Kim Industrial Park with high-speed fiber optic technology to ensure communication need. Fixed telephone subscription and mobile information. ADSL internet.
PUBLIC UTILITIESProtection - Security
3-layer security system: access control station, fence with alarm, camera system in front of each workshop and professional trained and highly disciplinary security forces provided by reliable security company such as Dong Hai, Quang Trung with the local police force in the industrial park to ensure security for the whole area 24/24.
Fire protection and fighting.
Arranging adequate means of firefighting.
Regularly organize training and periodic rehearsal.
Collection of waste for treatment with waste transfer stations provided by Can Giuoc Urban Project Joint Stock Company.
FREE SERVICES- Consulting Investment, licensing procedures
- Support Investment Certificate, Branch establishment registration or new business establishment registration
- Newspaper publishing to establish the company (03 continuous series)
- Administrative Services
- Worker recruitment support
SUPPORTING SERVICE- Services of administration, IT, environmental report, shuttle bus, payroll registration, accounting, forklift, translation, office for lease, safety box
- And some services are designed according to demand
CUSTOMER LISTClick here for more detail
DOCUMENTSprofile Kizuna-Presentation- ENG.PDF

Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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