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Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 11:00
Location: Binh Tien 2 Hamlet, Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province



Distance to traffic hubs

To National Highway 1A 11km

17 km to the center of Ho Chi Minh City

25 km to Tan Son Nhat International Airport

3 km to center of Duc Hoa 

4 km to Vam Co Dong river 

Hai Son Industrial Park is connected to the important roads such as Highway 1A, Xuyen A highway, Saigon 

Trung Luong freeway, Provincial Road 825, 830 ...

Convenient roa raffic and waterway for transporting goods and supplies from the Industrial park to ports, neighboring provinces and Cambodia


STRENGTHS- Geology very well include soil, clay, gravel, under basement so the investment costs for the construction of factories reduced, low compared to other regions is 30%.
- Completed wastwater system.
- Border with HCM city, conveniently in freight traffic.
- Complete Infrastructure can build factories immediately.
- Main roads leading into the industrial park 26 m wide, including margins, two sidewalks with many shade trees, the side road 22 meters wide.
- Stable power supply (Power by EVN Duc Hoa)


See location map on Google maps

- North: An Ha canal
- East: Binh Loi, Binh Chanh District, HCMC
- West: Hai Son industrial zone.
INVESTMENT INCENTIVESFree of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 17% corporate income tax.
Click here for more detail
LEASING PRICE AND MODE OF PAYMENT- Prices sell / lease of land:
Land leased is guaranteed to be properly leveled with completed infrastructure 
- Leasing prices: time varying.
INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT FEES AND OTHER SERVICESManagement fee : 0,03 USD/m²/tháng (chưa bao gồm thuế VAT)
ELECTRICITY PRICEClick here for more detail
SCOPE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENTSMechanical, metallurgy; textile, apparel; food processing, beverages; chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics; type processing, glass manufacturing, ceramics; electronics manufacturing, telecommunications; Group projects in electronics, telecommunications: the manufacture of tools, equipment and components for electrical, electronics and telecommunications, project manufacturing household electrical equipment, cable production project communication; group projects on mechanics, metallurgy: projects that build, repair and assembly of rolling automotive, motorcycle, project manufacturing, assembly, repair, motorcycle, industrial engineering projects : manufacture of machinery, equipment and spare parts for industry, agriculture, forestry (not a stage of molding, forging, plating), project rolling aluminum and steel from ingot materials (non-public paragraph smelting, plating), projects production of metal products and fabricated metal products from raw materials embryo (not a stage of cooking, preparation, plating), projects production of motor vehicles and other means of transport; group projects on weaving, dyeing and garments: Knitwear (not reduce weight, not dyed), the project produced textiles, textile, apparel, footwear; Project group on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics: PP production of plastic resins, production of packaging, pharmaceutical production, chemical production projects cosmetics: Detergents, project bottling and packaging vaccines and veterinary drugs (no mixing stage), projects production of paints used in construction, project manufacturing plastics, rubber and plastic products, rubber plastic materials, plastic scrap (unprocessed latex); group projects in woodworking, glass, ceramics: woodworking projects, artificial plywood, wood substitute materials, production of ceramic products, glass; group projects food processing, beverage: food processing projects, food production projects bottled water, beverage, chemical transfer projects, production projects ice, projects to extract, bartender; Other group projects including concrete mixers, welding rod production, packaging and printing, medical equipment manufacturers, materials furnishing, household plastic, project manufacturing jewelery, furniture imitation jewelery and related details, the project of printing and reproduction of recorded media, project leasing warehouse, factory Built with the correct lines on the nature of the zone trades were approved, storage of goods, logistics, business exhibitors and products, project manufacturing, new materials, equipment manufacturing projects, spare parts for electricity production.
CLIMATELong An is located in a tropical monsoon and equatorial area with stable and high temperature background around the year and it has two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons but Duc Hoa dst. is affected by monsoons with more rains. Annual average temperature: 27.7 degrees Celsius
TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY- Delta sediment, descends from west to east.
- Land height: 2.5 m
- The ability of the soil load: RTC = 55.1 kPa
- Underground water level: 200m above the ground.
- A stable level surface cracks: stability
WASTE WATERFollow current Vietnam's standards
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
TRAFFIC SYSTEMIndustrial Park Road Network:
* Main road:
- Hai Son - Tan Do street is connected to Provincial road 825 11mx2 wide, wide range separates 2m wide sidewalks 4,5mx2.
- Street No. 2: 16m road presence, wide sidewalks 5mx2, width of 36m, the length of 1.583m.
- Road No. 4: 16m road presence, wide sidewalks 5mx2, width of 36m, length 1.670m.
- Road No. 7: 16m road presence, wide sidewalks 5mx2, width of 36m, the length of 1.448m.
- Road No. 9: 16m road presence, wide sidewalks 5mx2, width of 36m, the length of 1.522m.
- Road No. 10: with 16m road surface, sidewalks 5mx2, width of 36m, the length of 1.483m.
* Secondary road:
- Road No. 1: 14m wide road presence, wide sidewalks 4mx2, width of 32m, 660m length
- Road No. 3: 14m wide road presence, wide sidewalks 4mx2, width of 32m, length 1.306m
- Road No. 5: 14m wide road presence, wide sidewalks 4mx2, width of 32m, length 1.383m
- Road No. 6: 14m wide road presence, wide sidewalks 4mx2, width of 32m, length 1.314m
- Road No. 8: 14m wide road presence, wide sidewalks 4mx2, length 1.356m.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEM- Electrical system: from Duc Hoa station 110/22 KV - 40 + 63 MVA 22 kV line through the 825 provincial road leading into Hai Son Industrial park.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM- Water supply factory (groundwater) meeting vietnam' standard .
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM- Completed waste treatment system
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMThe modern telecommunication network is established according to international standards such as MDF, telephone system and high-speed internet connection supplied by the post-telecommunication provider which is able to meet all the investors' requirements.
CUSTOMER LIST- Dong Quang Textile company, Dong Quang vibrant company.
- Duong Vinh Hoa Packing company
- Tuan An company 
- Thanh Cong plastic company
- Chan Hung company
- Gia Huy Thinh company ....

Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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