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Industrial park
Thứ 6, Ngày 02/12/2016, 07:00
Location: See location map on Google maps Provincial Highway 830, Hamlet 3, Luong Binh commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province Contact:

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Distance to traffic hubs

Road distance
Center of Ho Chi Minh City is about 35km
Border of HCM city is about 10 km (Binh Chanh)
Tan Son Nhat International Airport is about 30 km


STRENGTHSWaste water treatment system capacity of 1,600 m3 / day - night
Complete infrastructure can build factories immediately
Two power supply stabilized production from two substations Ben Luc and Duc Hoa
There are road traffic systems and waterways
Internal river ports (Vam Co Dong River)


See location map on Google maps

- East side adjacent to Highway 830, from Highway 1A: 15 km
- West side adjacent to Vam Co Dong River
- North side adjacent to Ong Doi waterway
- South side adjacent to Cat waterway
INVESTMENT INCENTIVESFree of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 17% corporate income tax.
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Land lease guaranteed technical requirements leveling, complete infrastructure
  - Rental or transfer: 945.000VND / m2 - 1.365 million / m2 depending on the location and progress payments
INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT FEES AND OTHER SERVICES- Management service fee of industrial zone: 2,100VND / m2 / year, payable annually. - Infrastructure maintenance: 650VND/m2/month, payable monthly
WATER RATESBasing on Long an water supply company's price scale, payable monthly
FEE WASTEWATER TREATMENT6.500VND/m3, base for charging: 80% volume of water used, payable monthly
ELECTRICITY PRICEClick here for more detail
FUNCTIONAL BLOCK- Processing industry
- Light Industry
- Chemicals industry
- Construction Materials Industry
- High-tech Industry
- Service area
LAND USE STRUCTURELand for factory: 475.779,57m2
Land for technic construction: 10.950,39m2
Land for warehouses, port: 28.154,72m2
Center land: 15.360,44m2
Trees: 102.840,45m2
Land in road width (830 provincial road): 2.786,33m2
Food processing industry.
Beverage production; manufacturing confectionery.
Industrial processing of agricultural products, seafood.
Industrial processing of animal feed.
Light Industry:
Manufacturer of welding, precision engineering, mechanical processing, manufacturing, repair machinery
spare parts, tooling and assembly.
Industrial electronics, manufacturing machinery, spare parts, industrial and household electricity.
Motorcycle parts assembly.
Manufacturing sports instruments, furnishing, office.
Produce teaching aids, housewares.
Production of silk yarn, weaving - dyeing, apparel, footwear, toys, jewelry and ceramics.
Paper manufacturing, packaging, publishing, designing, printing, printing on fabric.
Rolled metal casting small scale.
Manufacture of glass products.
High-tech industry:
Electronics industry, media, telecommunications media.
Pharmaceutical industry, medical equipments.
Chemical industry:
Production of materials for chemical, pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetic ingredients.
Manufacturing cleaning products and cosmetics. Manufacture of plastic, PP plastic nut.
Manufacture of paints used in construction, interior decoration.
Canned processed oil nhon.Cong Construction Materials Industry:
Production of composite materials. Production Sound insulation materials, insulation, insulation. Manufacture of composite material instead of wood.
Refractory production. Construction plastics. Production of building materials from glass fibers.
Concrete batching plant, producing lightweight concrete blocks.
The service sector (central area):
Renting office. Postal and telecommunications. The bank. Clinics.
Business center, restaurant. Provides food service industry and canteens.
Culture sports center, gas station. Port services
WASTE WATERFollowed Vietnamese Standards
FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIONFire Prevention and Fire Fighting system must be under the Government Regulations as Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Regulations 2001, Decree number NĐ 35/2003 and Vietnamese Standard 2622:1995
TRAFFIC SYSTEMRoads: Provincial Road 830, 4th ring road planning, with 6 - to 8 lanes
Provincial Highway 10 with a width of 42 m to connect the center of Ho Chi Minh City
Waterways: internal ports with the Vam Co Dong River waterway system
Transport system in the industrial park was completed
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEMMedium voltage system of the national grid from the medium voltage 22 kV connection with Duc Hoa 110KV substation, which is provided to the fence of the factory or enterprise.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMWater use for production and daily life in the Industrial Park will supply by water plant in the industrial park, which provides assurance of quality and quantity to the investors in the industrial park.
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM- Waste water from factories is collected through the underground piping network and treated in the Sewage Treatment Plant with its capacity 1.600 m3/day in conformity to The Vietnam Environmental Standard before its falling into Vam Co Dong River. The wastewater shall be treated according to The Vietnam Environmental Standard.
POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM- Establishing the modern and international standard network of Postal & Telecommunication Service with 5000 lines; such as to equip and install MDF, telephone system and ADSL provided by a Telecommunication Service and meet all demands of investors.
PUBLIC UTILITIES- Drainage of rainfall and drainage of dirty water are separated 
- Park system is planned for the whole in order to provide fresh air, prevent air pollution and create beautiful sights and comfortable working environment for the work force 
FREE SERVICES- Business establishment registration
- Factory construction permit
- Preparation of documents and application for establishment of legal entities.
- Preparation of documents and application for investment certificates. Planning for the Business project.
- Consult documentation for construction permit.
- Advising DTM report / environmental commitment.
- Making application letter for land use rights transfer.
- Support the implementation of the project loan.
  - Supply of Bottled Water
  - Provision of industrial meals
  - Hiring employees
CUSTOMER LISTClick here for more detail

Source: Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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