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Water source
Water source: Long An has Vam Co Dong River and Vam Co Tay River and the interlaced system of canals and ditches connecting with Tien River which is the main water transmission and irrigation line. However, this water source is limited and contaminated with saline and alum, therefore, the water fails to meet the production and domestic demands.

The groundwater deposit in Long An is also not various and the quality is poor, mainly found at the depth of more than 200 meter. The ground water contains many ion to harden the water and reduce the quality of the water. The main water source ​​is the surface water from lakes, rivers. The clean water program funded by UNICEF supports to drill some wells in the areas with water shortage.

 Water supply:

Communication System​ supply system of Long An running through the flow of Vam Co river, Vam Co Dong River and Vam Co Tay River is also contaminated with saline and alum.

Long An is supplied with the clean water from Tan An Water Plant with the capacity of 15,000m3/day for the residential areas in the center of Tan An City and the neighboring areas. Up to now, thanks to the investments from many different capital sources such as State Budget (strategy program, program 135), loans, Unicef capital, OECF capital, all towns in the provinces are supplied with clean tapped water. The percentage of households accessing clean water accounts for 77% with the total number of 1,085,634 people.

In the rural areas, the domestic water supply source is depending on the available water sources with untreated water, therefore, the quality and hygiene of water are not yet ensured. The clean water program funded by UNICEF can only help more than 50% of the population of the province access the clean water.


The majority of the urban areas and residential areas have not yet provided with the complete drainage system. Domestic wastewater and rainwater are directly discharged to the surface water source through the traffic culverts. The province has not yet constructed the drainage and wastewater treatment system separately. The total km of the culverts is only 10.5% of the total length of the roads. The demand for the future investments for the drainage and sewerage systems is very high, especially for Tan An City, towns, small towns and other centers in the province.

 The program to mobilize all resources to construct the traffic, power, water infrastructure system serving for the industrial development has been implemented synchronously by Long An Province at all levels, sectors

 Progress of water supply projects:

 1. The projects listed in the Plan for mobilizing all resources to invest in traffic, water, power infrastructure to serve for the industrial development:

 - Hoa Khanh Tay Water Plant located at Duc Hoa Thuong commune, with the capacity in phase 1 of 40,000 m³/day, in phase 2 of 80,000m³/day, it is planned to commence the construction in early 8/2013.

 - Phu My Vinh 2 Water Supply system, located at Duc Hoa Thuong commune with the capacity in phase 1 of 50,000m³/day, in phase 2 of 200,000m³/day, the investment report is under preparation.

 - Tan Tao Water Plant: the land use criteria are considering because the plant has the construction location moved from Binh Hoa Nam commune, Duc Hue district to Hoa Khanh Tay commune, Duc Hoa district.

 -Kenh Dong Water Supply system: invested by Phu My Vinh Compnay, however, in accordance with the report from the investor, the water supply network of the company shall not take the water from Kenh Dong but use the water from the plant in Duc Hoa III – Viet Hoa Industrial Park and Hoa Khanh Tay Water Plant.

 - Tan Kim Groundwater Plant invested by Holland  Water Supply Co., Ltd. is operating with the exploitation capacity of 1,500 m³/day (in addition to the project in Truogn Binh commune, this company also has the another plant operating with the capacity of 2,000m³/day).

 - Phuoc Vinh Dong Groundwater Plant: calling for investment.

 2. Other projects

 +Bao Dinh Water Plant Project, located at Nhi Thanh commune, the planned capacity of 60,000m³/day, the investment report is under preparation by Long An Water Supply One Member Co., Ltd.

 + Water Supply Project invested by Duc Hoa Water Supply Co., Ltd, taking clean water from Ho Chi Minh City following provincial road 825 to supply water to Tan Do Industrial Park with the estimated capacity in phase 1 of 15,000m³/day, phase 2 of 40,000m³/day, the investment project is under preparation by the investor.​

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