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Post - Telecommunication system
In recent years, post - telecommunication industry has forcefully developed. In 1990, telephone density was only 0,12 machines/100 persons, until the end of 1999, telephone density was 1,96 machines/100 persons with total of 25.631 machines.

In 2004, total of telephone machines were 109.448 machines, telephone density reached up to 7,83 machines/100 persons. Mobilephone services had also developed quite well, the number of mobile subscribers in province was 36.715 machines. Up to 2005, this number would reach 50.636 machines in estimation.
Developing border increation, bringing telephone to commune had made active contribution to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity and rural development in accordance with instruction of the Central and Resolution of Provincial party chapters. Up to now, all wards and communes of Long An have been equipped with telephone machine.

In 2004, the number of post-office was 26 offices. Network of post-office, agent, communal Post-office - Culture place in province have developed rapidly. Up to now, the whole province has had 14 post-offices at levels I+II, 11 post-offices at level III, 177 agents and 129 communal Post-office - Culture places serving for customers with many kinds of services. All of the posts from province to districts were by specialized means of transportation (car). Newspaper is delivered to readers during the day or the following day at the latest. Remittance services and express services have been developed and attracted attention of customers.

In general, recently, post - telecommunication industry has been constantly invested and developed, meeting the requirement of communication of customers.


Health care network of Long An province includes:

-  5 Hospitals for provincial level (Long An General hospital, Hospital of tranditional medicine, Hospital of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, Hospital in Moc Hoa, Hospital in Duc Hoa).

- 11 Hospitals for district level (Hospitals: Chau Thanh, Tan Tru, Ben Luc, Thu Thua, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc, Duc Hue, Thanh Hoa, Tan Thanh, Vinh Hung, Tan Hung).

- 8 regional clinics (regional general clinics: Go Den, Rach Kien and Rach Nui- Can Duoc district; Binh Phong Thanh - Moc Hoa district; Duc Hoa town and Duc Hoa Health center - Duc Hoa district; Hau Thanh Dong - Tan Thanh district; Health center in Tan An township).

- Health station: 183/188 communes, wards, towns (5 newly-established communes have health system, but do not have facilities yet).

- Total of public hospital beds: 1.535 beds.

- Total of health professionals: 2.836 persons (doctor degree: 1, master degree: 12, specialist 1: 81, specialist 2: 2, University: 533).

- The rate of communal health station with doctors: 76%.

- The rate of Doctor/ten thousand of people: 20 Doctors/10.000 persons.
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